Esqido Mink Lashes and Companion Eyelash Glue Review

My makeup style may have slightly or not so slightly changed over the years, but my love for false lashes remains the same, if not stronger. I used to collect a lot of thick and long false lashes and stack wearing them which not only makes my eyelid feel heavy by the end of the day but also create that super fake lashes look. I mean we all know I'm wearing falsies, but those synthetic lashes really can look unflattering in person. And since the end of 2016 I started buying more mink lashes. Even though most of them are too natural and short for my liking, but I love wearing some that are on the thicker and longer side. I'm still and always on the hunt for more crazier, longer, thicker mink upper and lower lashes on the market so I was excited when a little while ago I was contacted by Esqido, a company that carries our falsies needs, to try some of their products, a pair of beautiful premium mink lashes that I chose and this brilliant eyelash glue.

Without further ado, let's look more into these babies!

Online Shopping in the US Just Got Easier

online shopping mymallbox review

Living in Indonesia can be inconvenient at times, especially when all I did was online shopping when I couldn't find the things I needed and wanted here. I resorted to ebay, amazon, and other online stores that's sadly located mainly in the US. Though they actually cost more cheaper than some of what some local sellers offer, but the international shipping fee is something I always need to reconsider again and again before I make a purchase. I mean, if I need to buy 5-7 products from 3 different online stores and different online shopping platforms, then my shipping fee would be 3 times pricier. Not to mention the extra charge for the custom duty and stuff. Knowing how it works here, I'm pretty sure the custom duty fee would be half of the product value so I never really want to shop from the US, even though many of the things that I want are based in the states. I'm lucky enough my boyfriend never complain about the amount of my shopping bags he has to pack among his stuff in his luggage everytime he visits me. But he doesn't come here every month so I can only shop through him once a year (sadly) and how exactly I can wait for a year to get the stuff I need? I can't.

I was excited when I heard about MyMallBox. It is a package forwarding company that surely is a big help for non Americans to shop and get their packages safely to the rest of the world. I got my items in 2 days after MyMallBox shipped it so I couldn't be more excited. 

Read more to learn more about this and get extra credit to your balance for first use.

LED Mirror Review

led mirror review

Hello again~ 

As you can see from the title picture above, yes, this post is not going to be about beauty or makeup related. But this post might be relevant to you girls (and guys) who want to add another twinkling mirror on your vanity. You may already have 3-4 mirrors standing on your dressing table, not to mention few other compact mirrors you already store in your drawers. But we can never have too many mirrors, am I right? I've been looking for LED mirror for a while now. Mostly are huge and expensive, totally out of my budget range while the rest that I found are overpriced. I have my ring light that I place between my desk and the wall, but it's just too much and too bright to use when I need to put my makeup on once the sun is down. I do have my table lamp (also LED) but the light isn't enough for my glam makeup prep lol while the lighting on my room isn't that ideal either. So, I'm glad to have found this fancy but affordable mirror!

With that being said, if you're still interested to know more about the mirror I just got here, please read more :)

Princess Pinky Gemini Night Circle Lens Review

circle lens brown review

When it comes to circle lens, lately I prefer to wear natural colors like brown. I have only brown colors mostly with 1-2 grey and green colors in my circle lens collection. While in the past I used to want only big circle lens with thick black rims to emphasize and enlarge my eyes, lately I want smaller (around 14.5mm) diameters circle lens. I guess I grew up? lol 

Anyway, today I'll be reviewing Princess Pinky Night Gemini circle lens in brown color. Initially I wanted to try the grey color but the brown circle lens on the ad was so beautiful and I ended up getting the brown one. If you're interested to see more of this circle lens please read more.

Must Have Lead Free Lipsticks

I love makeup so much! Especially recently, I love playing with various makeup products and colors even more. I think I put on makeup more than I ever did before. I know some makeup products can be real dangerous for not only my skin, but also health in the long run. I admit I didn't thoroughly read the ingredients list of the makeup and skincare products I've been using lately, until I read various articles about the dangerous ingredients that are found in many daily cosmetics and toiletries that people, including myself, use everyday.

As a makeup addict, I've heard some of the dangerous ingredients that shouldn't have been in one of the many products that I use. I read about them countless times before, especially ingredients like paraben, talc, mica and the likes. But after reading more about it these past few weeks, there are just more than that. That is including lead, an ingredient that's often found in most lipsticks. I read more about some lippies products that's been known as products with the most lead, and I was shocked to see some of the mainstream cosmetics brands like Maybelline, L'oreal, NARS, and Revlon are included in the list. I'm sure there are more brands whose products contain lead which can affect our health. And that's just one of the 7 known dangerous ingredients.

Keep reading to learn more. 

Valentine's Day Makeup Tutorial

valentine day makeup tutorial

Hey everyone! For the first time ever on my blog, this post will be in both English and Indonesian so please read your desired language ^^ But I apologize for my weird sounding Indonesian in advance.

Hai semua! Untuk pertama kalinya di blog ku, post kali ini ada dalam dua bahasa, Inggris dan Indonesia jadi silakan membaca bahasa yang di inginkan ya ^^ Tapi sebelumnya aku minta maaf untuk bahasa Indonesia ku yang mungkin terdengar aneh.

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and with that, I and my friend, Via from All About Via blog are making a Valentine's Day makeup look. Honestly for the past few years I didn't care much about Valentine's day makeup as I never had a date on that day since 2013 lol. Well, because my boyfriend is never here around February so my Valentine's Day is usually around June-July when he comes here. That's why I never really bothered with looking great on Valentine's day haha (not that I look great on June/July cause I don't really dress up unless I have to when he's around). This year is no exception. I still have no Val's day date, but that doesn't mean I don't want to doll up. I feel like I dolled up more often recently for no apparent reason, except for the reason that I love playing with makeup so much lol. Anyway, this look of mine might be a little too much for some but this will fit also for anyone who's not doing anything special on Valentine's Day, like me. It may be a bit too glittery and over the top but hey not only people with dates can doll up and looking pretty on this day.

Valentine Day kali ini sudah dekat dan karena itu, aku dan temanku Via dari All About Via membuat makeup untuk Valentine. Sejujurnya selama beberapa tahun terakhir ini aku nggak begitu peduli tentang makeup di hari Valentine berhubung aku ngga pernah nge-date di hari Valentine sejak tahun 2013 haha. Karena pacarku ngga pernah ada di sini pada bulan Februari jadi hari Valentine ku biasanya sekitar Juni-Juli saat dia datang ke sini. Karena itu aku ngga pernah peduli akan berpenampilan cantik di hari Valentine (biarpun aku tetap ngga kelihatan cantik saat hari Valentine ku di bulan Juni-Juli karena aku memang jarang dandan saat pacarku ada disini kecuali ada acara atau hal lain yang membuatku harus dandan). Tahun ini bukan pengecualian. Aku masih ngga punya date di hari Valentine, tapi itu bukan berarti aku ngga ingin berdandan. Rasanya aku lebih sering dandan akhir-akhir ini tanpa alasan yang khusus, selain karena begitu sukanya aku bermain dengan makeup haha. Anyway, tampilan makeup ku mungkin agak sedikit berlebihan untuk beberapa orang, tapi ini juga cocok untuk siapapun yang ngga punya acara spesial di hari Valentine, seperti aku. Ini juga mungkin terlalu ber-glitter dan berlebihan tapi hei ngga cuma orang-orang yang punya acara dan pacar aja yang bisa berdandan dan terlihat cantik dan spesial di hari Valentine.

If you're interested to see how I created this look, please read more. 

Kalau kamu tertarik melihat gimana aku membuat tampilan ini, silakan dibaca terus ya.

OPI Axxium & Madam Glam Soak Off Top Gel Review

opi axxium madam glam soak off top gel nail review

The world feels like a much brighter place when you see your dull freshly filed and buffed acrylic nails gets sealed by your shiny top coat. At least that's how I feel every single time. I always look forward to getting to that last step everytime I am making new nails because I just love how shiny and beautiful it looks afterwards. But for the longest time, I've used normal nail top coat. About a month ago I decided it was time for me to invest on gel nails and LED lamp for better results. I ordered Madam Glam soak off top gel on their website around New Year because they were having 50% off for most of their products. It was just a perfect chance to get it because I had heard sooo many good things about Madam Glam and saw too many review videos and liked what I saw. But the shipping from the UK took a long while (thanks DHL!) that for almost 3 weeks it got stuck in Germany and I only received the parcel one week ago. So yeah it took a month to get here. I was anxious and impatient that I ordered OPI Axxium top sealer from a local shop here 2 weeks ago while waiting for Madam Glam. So I end up with two gel nails now and I think it'd be interesting to compare both products. 

Both look almost similar, all black with white fonts. I also made a mini review video for this post as well. But I figured I'd write more about it on this blog cause I don't really do great job explaining things verbally. So keep reading if you want to see more about these two products! 

Hera Easy Styling Eyeliner Review

hera easy styling eyeliner review

Hera is one of Korean high end brands that I've always wanted to try. I heard great things about this brand, from their lipsticks to bb cushions since 2 years ago. Last year, I decided to try their eyeliner because I'm quite an eyeliner addict, I always want to find new eyeliners that might stay on better on my eyes. I had good experience with IOPE eyeliner, so I always want to try other eyeliners from similar brands like Hera. I was totally excited to try this product, especially because this eyeliner has a quiet unique mechanism which I will show you more in this post.

Keep reading if you're interested to find out more about this product.

Canmake Strong Eyes Liner Review

canmake eyeliner strong black review felt tip

Initially, I wanted to write and publish this post last year, a month after I tried this product. But due to some RL circumstances, this post had to be delayed until now. I've had this eyeliner for a year now and before I even start this full review, I just want to say this is my most absolute favorite eyeliner ever! It's quite similar to my previous favorite felt tip liner which was IOPE Line Defining Eyeliner that I posted before. Since early 2016 until recently, I only used this Canmake eyeliner after my IOPE eyeliner ran out so I guess it says a lot how much I love this liner and how it works on me. 

So despite it's been too long since I got this eyeliner, I still want to share the greatness about this product to you. Keep reading to find out more about this eyeliner :D