NYX Studio Liquid Liner Review

I'm all about thick black eyeliner, I don't think I can go out without it. Well, not really, unless it's emergency then I have to. Colorful eyeliners aren't really what I'd use daily, or even monthly to be honest. I think the last time I applied one was probably two years ago. But this time, I was open to the idea of color liquid liner again after I got one from Sociolla a while ago. It's NYX Studio Liquid Liner in XT Blue. It looks like cobalt blue to me, and the moment I received it I was in love with the color based on what I saw on the packaging. Then I wonder what kind of look I'd do using this color liner, as my usual gyaru makeup look is normally more of neutral colors with brown, bronze and pink. I rarely do blue, especially cobalt blue. But then working with colors on my face can be fun, when I'm not in a rush or being lazy.

Anyway, back to the product, on the packaging, it already says that it has dramatic color payoff but of course I wouldn't believe it until I try it firsthand. So keep reading to see more about this product. 

Shopping Experience at Sociolla

There's nothing more satisfying than scrolling, browsing things you need or don't even need but you want them anyway. For me, I get that satisfaction every single time from online shopping. Don't get me wrong, I like shopping, looking at new things and even trying the products physically in person. But there's always something exciting about shopping at ease, without any hassle at the comfort of your home. At least that's how it is for me. 

I always like it when I find new online stores that look interesting and promising. And this time I found an Indonesian based online store called Sociolla. I actually found it for the first time (yes I might be living under the rocks for the past year) when I won a prize from Canmake Makeup Contest few months ago. One pf the prizes was shopping voucher from Sociolla. At the time, I had no idea what that was, but after my first visit to their website, I learned that they carry a lot of western brands like The Balm, Bourjois, Real Techniques, Maybelline, Guerlain, Philosophy, and even asian brands like Canmake, Laneige, History of Whoo, SK II, Dr Jart, Menard and more. I actually had a hard time picking which I should get and try from the shopping voucher I got. But I like how the website is easy to navigate and I can easily find what I'm looking for with the nice interface. 

So before I ramble even more, I'm going to show you what I got from Sociolla. 

Etude House Princess Fantasy to Let Your Pink Out Event

On last December 2015 I was invited by Etude House for their latest store opening in Central Park, Jakarta. It was Etude House's 38th store in Indonesia, and the 16th one in Jakarta. While most Etude House stores so far are just like normal stores where people can browse, try out products and buy, this new store in Central Park Mall has a different concept than the rest. It has Princess Fantasy Experience House kind of concept where customers can feel the princess experience in the makeup studio, while getting makeover there. It's the first one in Jakarta. 

Read more for more my day at Etude House and its pinkness after the jump! 

Skinfood Argan Oil Silk Hair Essence Review

As someone with bleached (not to mention damaged) dry hair like me, I always wake up with tangled and messy hair when I wake up in the morning. No matter how I brush and make my hair super smooth before bed, I always wake up with weird tangled hair it's giving me headache lol. The only day I am free with that kind of hair is after I wash my hair and use hair serum. Despite having this kind of hair, you can say I'm always pretty lazy when it comes to hair treatment. When I go home from work or outside, all I want to do is just rush to bed and rest or curl in bed watching dramas or playing games. The only hair products I use are mostly hair mask (during hair washing) and hair serum (after hair wash). I know Korean skincare products are extensive not just toner and moisturizer, but also to essence, serum, ampoule, cream, etc. Apparently there's an essence product too for hair. At first glance I thought why should I use it when I already have my usual hair serum? But seeing how bad my hair condition is, I know I should try this hair essence, especially since it contains argan oil. 

Argan oil is known to be very great for skin, face and hair. It is a really good moisturizer, and rich with vit A and E. It is also packed with omega 6 fatty acids, antioxidants. Argan oil in pure form is also good for skin toner and exfoliating, also reducing sebum in your skin! But its benefit not only for skin, but also hair including as leave in conditioner and deep conditioner treatment. It is also able to tame any frizzy hair, making hair more manageable and luscious. While I know this product doesn't have pure argan oil (simply because from what I know, argan oil can cost really expensive), but the fact that it contains argan oil alone already convinced me that it will definitely help my tangled hard-to-manage hair. 

So let's skip my babbles and read more about the product.

Mini Xmas Giveaway Winner

First off, merry christmas everyone! Hope you're all having fun today~

And as my mini xmas giveaway just ended, today I will announce the winner. Congratulation to Shinta Dwi Asmarani!

This is the winning entry. And I will email you today, please respond within 48 hours to claim the prizes and include your shipping info too! 

Thank you for everyone who've joined my mini giveaway. I'll do other giveaway again next time~ This is it for now. Once again, have a merry christmas and happy holidays~! I'll be back with a new review very soon <3

W.LAB Honey Beam Cushion Review

Just when I thought I was finally done with cushion makeup, nope not yet. I am back with a new cushion makeup from W.Lab, a Korean based cosmetics brand. I haven't heard about this brand before so I was so curious to try this. While I can't really find more information about the brand itself (because their main website is in Korean), but I found and learned more about the w-honey beam cushion. As the name suggests, this cushion product contains more than 44% island honey extract and manuka honey. It claims to have triple function, UV protection with SPF 50+/PA+++, whitening, and anti wrinkle, certified by Korean food and drug ministry. It also promises moisture and coverage upon application. Plus, it has gold packaging. If you haven't already noticed, I always have a thing for anything gold, especially cosmetics packaging so at first glance, I already fell in love with this product. But keep reading please to learn more about this product!

Mini Xmas 2015 Giveaway

Christmas is finally coming very soon. It's an unplanned one, but I am having a quick giveaway for my readers due this coming Christmas. As I mentioned before on my previous post that I'll be giving away a pair of my latest favorite circle lens, Vassen Jewel Brown, that I just reviewed last week. There are also 2 more prizes from Etude House to complete this mini giveaway. This giveaway will last for 19 days (if my math doesn't fail me) until December 24th 2015 PST. 

Keep reading to see more details about the giveaway :)

Vassen Jewel Brown Circle Lens Review

Hello, everyone! I'm finally back with a new review. It's been too long since my last circle lens review. That's because I've been repurchasing and wearing the same circle lenses I've shared on my blog before, all from Vassen. I think I've been a loyal Vassen user that 80% of my circle lens reviews on this blog were from Vassen. But this time finally I decided to try another Vassen circle lens I've never tried before, which is Jewel in brown color. I noticed I normally opted for either gray or unique colors in the past like gold, purple, pink etc. But lately I feel like I need more natural circle lenses colors as usually my eye makeup can be too much and I think natural colors like brown would balance my look more. Or maybe as I age, I want to look more natural? Either way, I'm loving this brown so far!

Now let me show you how it looks like more after the jump :) 

Wedding Dress Inspirations II

Even though I'm not wearing engagement ring yet, but I'd like to be ready when the time comes and it would be nice if I don't need to worry and freak out which wedding dress I'd wear. Last year I posted the first wedding inspiration post, and when I looked back it seems I was so into fairytale princessy-like wedding dresses. But this time I'm going to share a different set of wedding dress collections that I find beautiful and elegant, perfect for that one big day.