Chrome Hearts Forever Ring

The design is to my liking, simple yet gorgeous. With the Chrome Hearts engraved to the ring. It looks thick and pretty. I first notice this ring when I saw 2NE1 girls wear it on their anniversary. And since then, I've been eyeing on it on some websites that sold it until, it sold out.

Oh yes I've been craving for this cute ring since a while ago and while googling I finally found it on rakuten. But I'm so unlucky with measuring rings, seriously. Whenever I order rings online, it turns out to be oversize or way too small. Either my fingers are still growing or they shrink based on my mood. It's around $324 on Rakuten. But what a bummer! It's currently sold out :( Oh well, let's hope they will restock this ring. 


  1. Love Chrome Hearts! G-Dragon and Taeyang are advertising their stuff on their instagram too. Btw, the white font is kind of hard to read. Maybe use a dark shade font =)

    1. Thanks for letting me know. I kept forgetting to change the font color ^^ Anyway yes, GD and Taeyang are like their models or something they keep flashing their Chrome Hearts collections :D


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