Skin79 Diamond All Day Sun Powder Review

This time I will review Skin79 Diamond All Day Sun Powder Review. Yes it's such a long name for a loose powder. Skin79 claims it to be a "sheer powder with all in one puff. The fine powder adheres lightly to the skin to keep the skin feeling soft all day, while providing the easy and convenient blocking of both UV A and B rays." I don't disagree with their statement as I am rather satisfied with this product, from its packaging to the end result.

Now let's see how it looks like. 

It comes with a hot pink medium-almost-small box. What's with Skin79 and hot pink? Well, I won't complain as I like the color.

Yes, it's a Korean product. Skin79 is famous for its BB cream line, and this time I'm also curious about their loose translucent powder and I decided to try it out. It is 13g so it's pretty light. When you open the pink box, it will look like this.

Doesn't it look pretty? Like a pink diamond on the cap but it is actually a bit small. Your dressing table would look prettier if you put this sun powder on it. No, seriously, I don't know how many times I admire the packaging and show it off to some friends, even to guy friends that end up looking at me like I'm such a kid with new Barbie house. But anyway, it might be a bit risky to put this in your makeup pouch or in your purse. For some reason, it looks risky. But actually it's pretty safe. The lid locks well if you twist it to the left. Just make sure it's locked properly before you put it in your purse. You don't want this diamond powder go to waste. 

When you twist the diamond knob to the right, you'll unlock the puff. The puff is soft and easy to use. You just need to unseal the transparent film that covers the holes. 

Main Ingredients:

* Blooming Jewel Complex (express gorgeous skin)
* Diamond Powder (moisturizes skin and brightens complexion)
* Natural Mixture Extract (relaxes skin and trouble skin care)
* Porous Powder (sebum controlling)
* Coenzyme Q10 (protection of skin)

It has 30 SPF and contains diamond powder, but you barely see the diamond particles. It states amethyst and ruby in the ingredient list, which makes your skin looks a bit glittery glowy, in a good way. It's light so you can use it daily. It is good for all skin types. But I do have oily skin around my T-zone and usually it looks shiny like a mirror after spending 4-5 hours outdoor, which is really not good since it's quite hot in Southern Asia and I need to blot few times a day. But fortunately this loose powder has great oil control. It claims to last all day, but for people with oily/combo skin like me, this powder helps you control sebum and prevents your face looks shiny within few hours. It also doesn't clog pores. I tested and my face didn't turn like an oil mine at least for 7-8 hours, and that was what I needed. It stays longer for oily combo skin, and it might last all day for normal skin (please let me know in the comment section if it doesn't stay longer for normal skin). 

The best part I love about this loose powder is it doesn't look cakey. It looks very natural, especially once you apply it on foundation/BB cream on your face. Your skin feels smooth, soft, and flawless like you don't put anything on. Your face don't feel tight, heavy, or dry. But you need to be careful not to dab the powdered puff too much. You don't want to look like a ghost if you have fair white skin. 

My ratings

Packaging: 5/5
Color: 4/5
Texture: 4/5
Oil Control: 4/5
Smell: 4/5
Size: 3/5
Overall: 4/5

Here is me after I put on Skin79 Vital Orange BB cream and set it with this Skin79 Diamond All Day Sun Powder.

I loved the end result. And I got it for around $15 (plus shipping fee) on Amazon. I didn't buy many powders in the past as powders price is usually higher than BB cream while I don't use them often. But I am amazed at how cheap this amazing powder is considering it's a high quality powder (for me at least). You can also buy this Skin79 Diamond All Day Sun Powder on eBay or Amazon. For my Indonesian readers, you can simply order this powder from Skin79 Indonesia.


  1. Many people is raving about skin79 products. though, I've never tried even one of their BB Cream, but I think it haz a promising quality. thanks for your review ^^

    1. Yes I had no idea what skin79 is when my friend mentioned the super beblesh balm BB cream at first. I thought it was an irrelevant product as I've never heard about it cause I only knew etude, missha, faceshop back then. But now it's one korean brand I love the most for its quality :3


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