Skin79 Vital Orange BB Cream Review

So here it is, finally. Skin79 claims to be the first ever to launch BB creams in South Korea. And I personally love this brand more than others I've tried before. I've been using the previous version the hot pink Skin79 Super BB Cream which was my favorite, until I found this orange BB cream. 

Upgraded Sunscreen with UVA and UVB protection SPF50. Strengthen's skin NMF and maintain balanced skin condition. Osmopur-N and Vital-V Complex soothe and protect skin from harmful environments for a moisturized, healthy skin. 

First of all, I love the packaging. It has no difference from the hot pink one obviously. The only thing changed is the metal on top of the bottle. Hot pink BB cream has silver metal and the orange one has gold metal which looks more legit.

I love the pump as well. Though it has no bottle cap, but the pump is pretty hygienic and you can easily pump it and get pea size cream out. And if you put it inside your makeup pouch you don't need to worry if it gets pressed accidentally and leaks some cream out because it's a bottle and the only way to get the cream out is if you press the top gold part of the bottle. So I have to say it won't accidentally get pressed, unlike some BB creams in tube packaging.

The only part I don't like about the packaging is I can't really see how much I've used and the remaining cream inside. But I guess it doesn't matter much as you can pretty much figure it out from the weight. Oh, and its volume is 40g.

Moving on to the BB cream itself, it's thicker than Super Beblesh Balm BB Cream (the previous hot pink version), almost feels like a foundation. This BB cream is good for you girls with oily skin and combination skin, as well as dry skin with wrinkles and age spots. The color is also different for vital orange BB cream. While the hot pink BB cream is rather gray ish and might look a bit dark if you have fair complexion, this one has lighter color with yellow tone. And of course it blends on your skin, just not as easy and quick as the hot pink BB cream. You just need to dab tiny pea size on your face evenly and spread it gently. It has a bit of smell but I barely notice.

I especially love the coverage on this one. I was bummed to see how low coverage the hot pink BB cream has. So getting higher coverage with vital orange BB cream is a plus especially if you have pimples, scars or redness or even some red purple veins on your face.

If it doesn't fully cover your blemishes on your first layer, simply wait around 5 minutes after you first apply the BB cream and dab some more on the desired area to get more coverage.

You can see the difference once you apply Vital Orange BB cream. It gives you dewy finish. Plus, it has 50 SPF so you don't need to worry about the sun protection while you're outside. You can also set it with loose powder to get even better result and let the BB cream last longer. However I do not recommend it for you girls with oily skin as oil control is not so great on combination-oily skin, just like its previous version Hot Pink BB Cream. But it stays longer and slightly better if you apply base and oil free primer before the BB cream.

My ratings:

Packaging: great

Hygiene: great
Color: okay
Coverage: great
Texture: good
Oil control: okay
Overall: good & recommended

Here's me after I applied this BB cream on.

to get this amazing BB cream :)
It is only $16.49 on amazon, that's where I got mine. So it's a must have BB cream with affordable price. You can also check it out on eBay they offer free shipping. For my Indonesian readers, you can simply check out Skin79 Indonesia
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  1. I love love LOOOVEEE the packaging. I've been eyeing a few of the skin79 bb creams but am quite happy with my current foundations. At the moment, I'm just looking for one with no or low SPF so I don't look so white in photos. But I reallllly like this packaging. I feel like the bright orange will cheer me up in the morning when I go to apply makeup. Thank you for the review though. Will definitely consider this.


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