Cute & Cheap Nails on Tmart

tmart nails

Guess what I'm doing on New Year's Eve? Yes, sitting down in front of my laptop, typing up this post in the middle of the noisy fireworks and new year party. Haha but anyway today I want to share about nails. I used to love painting my nails, a lot. I liked drawing on them and making them look cute but unique. However, thanks to work and other stuffs I usually always on a rush and barely can apply my makeup on time, so obviously I barely have time to do my nails. I have a drawer full of nail polishes and nail art accessories but it's just getting hard to do my own nails lately. I only do my nails on special occasions like when I'm going to events, parties or weddings.

Even so, I still love nail art and trying new nail polishes on my free time. This time I have a nail polish and false nails review on this post. They're from Tmart, a China based e-marketplace that carries a lot of products from many categories from gadgets, accessories, makeup brushes, to wigs and nails. They have mostly low price with free worldwide shipping.

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Etude House Princess Etoinette 2 Hand Cream Review

Hi guys! Wow that's such a long title and I already shortened it as the real name is Etude House Princess Etoinette Blooming Perfumed Hands in White Peony. O___O yep not going to put all that as a title lol anyway today is probably the first time I blog on my phone. That's cause my camera died (I forgot to charge after taking tutorial photos yesterday) and I just use my phone to take photos once I got this brand new hand cream from w2beauty

As you know Etude House released their Princess Etoinette 2 last month, and so far I got the lipstick and hand cream cause I don't think I really need the other products (I'm really restricting myself to buy more and more products I barely use) cause I'm saving to buy a new laptop haha. Cosmetic products really don't help me to save as they keep coming, especially Etude House. 

Anyway, I notice my hands been a bit dry lately as I barely take care of them. I'm a person who tends to get lazy when it comes to applying hand or body lotion. Some are just a bit creamy and sticky for my liking so usually I end up going out without any. But as I age, I begin to wonder why my hands are so dry lately and what if they start to wrinkle?! Of course I wouldn't want that to happen. Oh gosh I think I type and blabber more when typing on my phone (like I always do when texting). But yeah, the first time I saw the Etoinette 2 hand creams I had been dying to get it for my poor hands. And after 2 weeks of waiting, it finally arrived! So I'm going to do a quick review on this post. 

Lolita Wig Review

sololita gyaru lolita hair

Everyone around me knows my love for gyaru hair and makeup, but if you ask which fashion style I prefer between lolita and gyaru, I'd pick lolita any day. I love everything with bows, ruffles, lace, and anything cute. Though gothic lolita may be my favorite lolita style, but I also love sweet hime lolita. And lolita dresses and accessories are even harder to get for me, so usually I stick with hime gyaru instead. Anyway, I was so thrilled when I got the chance to review one of the cute wigs sponsored by SoLolita. I picked the cute multicolored lolita wig. It arrived in about 2-3 weeks, right before christmas holiday. It was quite fast shipping, considering I usually get things shipped from China for more than a month. Now, let's see more about this lovely wig.

Princess Etoinette 2 Crystal Shine Lips Review

etoinette 2 crystal shine lips

First off, merry christmas everyone! May you have a great day with your family and loved ones.

If you're Etude House fans, you must've known that they just released their latest Etoinette 2 collection last month. They're like the sequel of the popular Etoinette series and they're as pretty and classy of course, and I just had to get my hands on the lipstick at least, as I'm a fan of their previous first Etoinette lipstick as well. I've reviewed the first Etoinette lipstick before. I posted on facebook a while ago when I got this product, I asked you which color you think I might get and only 1 person answered it right if I'm not mistaken haha. If you know me I'm not a fan of vibrant lipsticks cause I love nude colors so much for my lips. Just recently I got brainwashed into getting more pink lipsticks, and this time I took the challenge and got the red one instead. Me and red lipstick were unimaginable but I'm glad I did get this color. There are 3 available colors available for this lipstick, nude, pink and red. I don't know why they didn't release more colors like they used to, but I saw the other colors and they were also gorgeous. But I will be talking specifically about the red color on this post.

Beauty Bloggers Holiday Collaboration

As I previously stated on my latest fashion post, I collaborated with 4 other beauty bloggers to make a christmas collaboration post. I'm sure some of you know and follow them already, which means you might already see and read their latest xmas posts as well. On this holiday edition, we write different type of posts and showcase our own skills on specific areas (except me). As you can also see we mainly use red and green, to emphasize the Christmas feel. 

Red Heart Christmas Look

Now that Christmas is coming very soon, it's a perfect time for me to do another outfit post. Christmas is my favorite holiday! It gives me such warm (though it can be chilly) and happy vibe whenever I think of Christmas. Christmas is also a perfect time to gather and spend quality time with family and friends. This year I will be spending Christmas with my family and relatives. While the event may be more homey and casual, I still want to look pretty and different. It's Christmas after all. Out of all Christmas colors, I pick red as my favorite. Red is actually one of my favorite colors in any season. So anyway, I chose to be bold and beautiful with sporting red outfit from I Love Sexy. As I said few times before, I always have a thing for heart stuff. And this outfit comes with red glittery heart with gold frame attached on the dress, it also comes with a big red heart hair clip (my favorite!) 

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Barbie Circle Lens Giveaway Winner

Hi guys yesterday my giveaway ended and today I will be announcing who the lucky winner is. After cutting out some cheaters entries (took me a while!) I could pick the winner via rafflecopter. 

Congratulation to Gin! Please send me an email to claim your prize within 24 hours or a new winner will be chosen :) thank you for everyone who joined this giveaway. Also big thank you to UNIQSO for sponsoring this giveaway. 

I still have one running giveaway to win $30 gift card for 2 winners, and another future giveaway soon so there's still another chance to win! 

I will be back for a fashion post very soon so until next time :)

2NE1 Missing You Makeup Inspired Tutorial

2ne1 missing you makeup

Hello everyone. I'm back with another 2NE1 makeup inspired tutorial, in collaboration with my beauty blogger friends. Few weeks ago 2NE1 released their latest single MV called Missing you and I just love the song (as always) and their styles in the MV. The song is more mellow and heartbreaking one, not my favorite genre of music from 2NE1 cause I always love their powerful songs more, but the lyrics and melody were so beautiful. You can check it out here. 

And so, me and some beauty blogger friends collaborated to make a 2NE1 inspired makeup tutorial for this Missing You MV.

CL - Junjun from
Minzy - Yomi from Gwiyomi Style
Dara - Shayne from Queen of All You See
Bom - Misa

Visit their blogs to read the full tutorial of the other girls~

Dressale Christmas Giveaway

Hi, lovelies, I have a FANTABULOUS GIVEAWAY for you! Have you heard of Dressale? It is one of my new favorite places to shop nowadays! They have the best selection of beautiful on-trend dresses (party dress, wedding dress, cocktail dress, evening dress, even prom dress), shoes, jewelry and more. You will be amazed entering into their website cause their dresses are really gorgeous. Christmas is coming very soon and now they are giving away 10 dresses every week to their huge fans. 

Irwan Team & GHD Hairstyling Day at Lafayette Galeries Fashion Event

If you are my facebook, Google+ and instagram followers, you must have known that I went to this fashion show with Rini a while ago, October 26th to be exact, yes almost 2 months ago and not a while ago lol what I've been doing? I've posted most of the photos on my social media that I nearly forgot I haven't blogged it. My memory keeps failing me OTL  But anyway, we went to Lafayette Galleries in Pacific Place to get our hair done. Yes, not to watch (or participate) the fashion show, but we were there to get our hair style by Irwan Team who were also responsible for all the models hairstyles as well. There were three main hairstyles they were showcasing for the fashion show, mohawk ponytail, curly vintage style, and braids. 

Barbie Puffy 3 Tones Review

Around a month ago, UNIQSO hosted tag friends circle lens giveaway on instagram with Barbie Puffy 3 Tones as prize. Fraulein kindly tagged me and Rini, entering the giveaway. So I returned the favor and joined the giveaway as well, tagging both Fraulein and Rini. And guess what? We won! Haha we were lucky! We could choose any color we wanted, so I chose green. Last time I had Barbie circle lens was 2 years ago I believe and while it made my eyes bigger, it irritated me so I stopped. But I heard and saw many good reviews on this particular series, I was excited and nervous at the same time. But I was glad when I got the vials on my hands. It looks so pretty I keep staring at them, the design reminds me of my favorite kiwi fruit.

Bubblegum Doll Look + Makeup Tutorial

I know Halloween is over and maybe you wonder why costume post again? Cause this costume is beyond cute :D Around a month ago I received this adorable costume set from lovely people of iLoveSexy and I was inspired to do a makeup tutorial that fit this look as well. The tutorial is mostly my usual dolly eye makeup though. I got few requests to post my dolly eye makeup and I finally got the time to do it now, so here it is. 

Everbuying Giveaway Winner

I promised I will post a makeup tutorial & outfit post, but my giveaway just ended few hours ago so I have to announce the winner first. First off, thank you to Everybuying who sponsored this giveaway, and second thank you to everyone who participated. As usual, there are some people who cheat. But after wiping out the cheaters entries, rafflecopter picked one lucky winner.

Congratulations, Yna Bronozo! Please send me an email within 24 hours to claim your prize ^^

Thank you everyone. But for the others, you can still join my other giveaways: Barbie circle lens giveaway and $50 Cosmetic Love gift card giveaway :D

$50 Cosmetic Love Gift Card Giveaway

Well hello again, guys! Christmas is coming soon and I know my collab Christmas giveaway with Ashley just ended, but I was invited to join another collaboration giveaway by some of my favorite fellow beauty bloggers. This time you can win $50 gift card from Cosmetic Love. Cosmetic Love is a Korea based online store that carries a lot of Korean makeup and skincare brands. 

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Blogger of the Week @ Price Panda

price panda blogger

Hi guys last weekend I was notified by Price Panda Indonesia as I was featured as one of their Bloggers of the Week. They also introduced me as a blogger who loves Japanese culture including anime, manga, gyaru and lolita style, and I blog about beauty, skincare, and Japanese culture that I love. So I was thankful since I've even never been nominated as blogger of the day anywhere lol. But in case you haven't heard before, I'm going to introduce what Price Panda is like. 

Have you ever hesitate to buy something online cause you think there might be other websites that sell the product a little bit cheaper? I know I have, a lot of times. I wish there was a website that allows me to see which online store sells products in my wishlist with price comparison and make my online shopping life (I'm an avid online shopper!) waaay easier. And that's what Price Panda is for. They provide comparison with the latest product prices. From the website, customers can just browse around and find products they want to find and see the price. And if they want to purchase them, Price Panda simply directs them to the specific online store that sells that product. They also write reviews about their partner websites so people can read about their service and  additional info about the stores, aside of product reviews. Even though mainly they carry electronic gadgets brands, they also have some beauty products on the list. And from Price Panda, I just found out that there's Maybelline lipstick for IDR 35,000. I swear I saw it retails a bit pricier. 

Other than in stock products, they also put coming soon products, like the PS4 in the picture above, also with detailed review and specification. I really find Price Panda helpful as I've been eyeing for new laptop and got confused and lost in the comparing process, and glad to see a lot of laptop brands and types along with the price comparisons and payment methods. And I'll go with the new ASUS laptop (I love ASUS :D).

Price Panda isn't only available in Indonesia, but also in the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and Mexico. You can also find their mobile app for iOS and android :D 

Etude House Minnie Kissing Lips Review

etude house minnie lipstick

With the amount of requests I got for this product recently, finally I have time to sit down and work on this review. Yes, as you guys may know, a while ago Etude House collaborated with Disney (specifically Minnie Mouse) and released Etude House x Minnie collection. I know the products from this collections were sold like hot cakes. The packaging is too die for just like other Etude House products. Among the other products, this lipstick caught my eyes the most, mainly cause of the cute polkadots. But when I saw the promotional pictures, I fell in love with the Bubble Pink shade. I'm not really a pink lips person but couple of friends (coughMarxieandRinicough) convinced me I need pink lipstick (especially when taking pictures) haha I remember a while ago when taking selca with Rini, I looked as dead as a corpse cause I was wearing nude lips lol. Then Marxie reminded me day and night to get more pink puppies lippies. There are 2 shades available for this product: red and pink. I never imagine myself with red lips since the nightmare I had when I was a kid (younger me wearing red lipstick as a flower girl was horrendous I still couldn't look at that childhood photo again, not that I remember where I put that photo anyway lol). 

Actually I was so excited to get this bubble pink lipstick until I saw Rini's and was shocked when I twisted the bullet. Cause it looked hot pink instead of cute light pink like the swatch. So I was like uh okay I changed my mind. I eventually got this lipstick though XD And was even more shocked when I swatched it, I even began to hesitate and worry. I'll explain more about this in details after the jump.

UNIQSO Christmas Deals

Hi guys! I'm back to write about promo deals on UNIQSO. Currently, they offer free international shipping & surprise gifts this Christmas on all big eye circle lenses & color contact lenses; when the order amount exceeds $35 only. UNIQSO also launches a brand new "Xmas GIFT BOX" with seven different gift items.

UNIQSO, an online home of big eye circle lenses and color contact lenses offers "Free International Shipping" & Xmas gifts on all orders of big eye circle lenses and color contact lenses, along with other big eyes makeup accessories. The "Christmas Gift Box" contains seven beauty accessories; intended for successful "Kawaii / Gyaru Look". This offer is valid only until Christmas.

First Christmas Giveaway Winners

Hello guys! My joint giveaway with Ashley has just ended. Thank you for everyone who participated. And rafflecopter has picked two lucky winners!

I hope the picture shows up properly in the right size cause right now I'm using mobile app to pick the winners and post this announcement.

Okay anyway congratulations to Winda Trisuci and chocobunnii13! We've emailed the winners and please respond within 24 hours to claim the prizes or new winners will be picked ^^

Once again thank you for everyone who joined our giveaway. For the others, I still have 2 running giveaways you can join: fashion set giveaway and circle lens giveaway :D 

Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion Review

etude house precious mineral any cushion review

Hello again! As promised, today I'll be reviewing Etude House Any Cushion. Air cushion products seem to be the latest beauty trend in Korea lately as almost all mainstream Korean cosmetic brands release their own cushion products, from Holika Holika, Laneige, Etude House, IOPE, Elishacoy, etc. Amore Pacific also released their CC cushion lately. BB, CC, and foundation with cushion are usually packaged in a compact with mirror, becoming girls' latest travel buddy. The quick and practical application makes cushion makeup easy to use during the day or daily activities. It doesn't take more than 5 minutes to fully apply it on the face. The air puff is usually provided as well, applying base makeup just got easier. 

This product is the first cushion makeup I have and use, so I can't say much about other brands, but I quite follow the cushion trend through other product reviews, some love it, some dislike it. But one of the most affordable cushion products in the market is obviously Etude House Any Cushion. I was introduced to this product during Etude House 5th Anniversary Event last month. It claims to be 6 in 1 multi functional foundation that gives sun protection, moisturizing, whitening, skin tone correction, wrinkle care, and oil control. I finally got to try this baby as well. So let's see if it lives up to the hype.

Etude House 5th Anniversary Event

Last October 17th (gosh that was more than a month ago!), I was invited to Etude House Indonesia 5th anniversary event which also celebrated the launching of Etude House Almight Foundation Any Cushion. It was held on Ratatouile Bistro & Bar. I was so excited to go there cause it's Etude House after all, how cute it would be? But to my disappointment, I was stuck in traffic and late to the event. And by late, I mean 1 hour late. How terrible was it? I was so anxious in the car. And I was more anxious once I reached the H Tower, on the way to Ratatouile, I could tell how crowded it was from the sounds. The moment I stepped in, yes it was full house. There were tons of people, from the media mostly, and some were bloggers. But I couldn't find an empty seat so I had to roam around and could just take pictures. It was quite dark inside though so I had no luck, until I met Sasya and before anything else, we took picture first lol. And then she directed me to a really nice empty seat in front of hers, at the very front row, kinda awkward there XD But fortunately I was able to see what was going on the stage once there. The moment I arrived (since I was super late), some beauty bloggers were having a 10 minute makeup challenge using Etude House Any Cushion and other Etude House products.

Lashious Lashes Gyaru Eyelash #158 Review

Eyelashes has been an essential part of my makeup routine. I feel my eyes bald/naked without some crazy eyelashes. There are tons of eyelashes from various brands and types, but I prefer bold and dramatic over natural looking lashes lol. If I have to pick my favorite eyelashes, compared to Dolly Wink that everybody loves and adores, I would prefer either Eyemazing or Diamond (or both), but most likely Diamond cause it's just my style lol, the Glamour Lash (グラマラス) at least. But when I go to formal events, of course I'd tone it down using less dramatic lashes. But choosing eyelashes can be tricky too, I believe pricey eyelashes supposed to have better quality than cheaper lashes. But in reality, I got less pricey eyelashes that I like more than some eyelashes from more popular and pricey brands. 

So when kind people from Lashious Lashes sponsored me a box of eyelashes and asked which one I'd like, I chose this eyelashes no. 158. They have other natural style eyelashes, but I fell in love at first sight with eyelashes #158 haha it's just so gorgeous (to me at least) and Diamond-like. Keep reading to see more of this amazingly soft and beautiful eyelashes.

Guest Post: UNIQSO Discounts & Xmas Giveaway


Big eye circle lenses and big eye contact lenses are the famous fashion element these days. Big eye circle lenses originated from Korea where the then celebrities welcomed the trend warm-heartedly. The trends of wearing big eye circle lenses increased even more after the appearance of Ulzzangs and Gyarus with circle lenses. Today, big eye circle lenses and big eye contact lenses are considered an important fashion tool to improve your looks. Even though they are not FDA approved in the states there are several western celebrities who have been wearing big eye contact lenses for a long time now. Find out here some of the famous celebrity inspired looks. 

There exist two extreme groups about big eye circle lenses-one which is too actively involved in using circle lenses without any precautions and safety considerations, whereas the other group is a fear-monger. We need to understand that big eye circle lenses and big eye contact lenses should be taken as “medical-devices” rather than a mere fashion accessory. As long as you are taking care of your circle lenses along with proper care of your contact lens cases there lays no harm wearing them. If you find yourself in a dilemma and are reluctant to try circle lenses; we recommend you to read these “Myth & Facts about big eye circle lenses and contact lenses

Fortunately, big eye circle lenses are not only a fashion necessity but also serve to the functional needs. Big eye circle lenses come in prescription too, hence can be used as vision correction. There are many advantages of preferring contacts over glasses. To name a few, big eye circle lenses help you transform and modify your looks. They also remain unaffected by weather conditions unlike glasses.

UNIQSO is an online store that is busy spreading the knowledge about big eye circle lenses in masses and advocates this KPOP trend. Therefore to help penetrate the culture of wearing circle contacts, uniqso keeps launching various promotions where you can get a chance to win big eye contact lenses for FREE. If you already wear contact lenses, you only need to submit your pictures at the UNIQSO Facebook page or if you are a makeup artist/ blogger win free big eye circle lenses by registering with UNIQSO. You can also get makeup inspirations with big eye circle lenses and create an enticing look.

uniqso giveaway

UNIQSO has sponsored a giveaway for Misa’s readers. One lucky reader will win a pair of Barbie circle lens of their choice from UNIQSO.


1. All you need to do is to LIKE Uniqso on Facebook
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4. Leave a comment under this blog post with the link where you share the post. Also mention the brand you want to win.

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You can also join this giveaway via Rafflecopter. Just login, do the mandatory tasks to join. And then you can earn bonus entries from the extra tasks.

Please, don't follow to unfollow later once the giveaway ends cause it's unfair to my original followers. And don't cheat cause I always check the entries :) This giveaway will end on December 17th. Good luck everyone ^^

Limited to 100 Units only- First Come First Serve Basis

UNIQSO wishes everyone a Very Happy “Christmas”. Avail 11% discount in “Current Promotion” on all products. Your eyes are worth it ^_^

Elishacoy Always Nuddy CC Cream Review

New CC creams from various brands keep coming out to the market, from IOPE, Mizon, Holika Holika, Peripera, to Chanel, Smashbox, and many more, but Elishacoy seems to be one of the first Korean brands that released their CC creams. If you read my introduction to Wishtrend, you'd know that this CC cream was on my wishlist back then, and that was several months ago. And thanks to Wishtrend, I finally got my hands on this fabulous looking CC cream. Even when I saw the promotional pictures I already fell in love, I love any cosme products in a tube, and classic white and gold, and this is it.

Elishacoy is a Korean brand, though it's may not as well known as other mainstream brands like Etude House, Tonymoly, Holika Holika,etc. but this brand has many great makeup and skincare products with pretty packaging. Some of the highly rave products are its CC cushion, Pore Solution Kit and Always Nuddy BB cream, as well as the CC cream.

The CC from this Elishacoy Always Nuddy CC cream stands for Complete Correction. When applying several layers of cosmetics in a hot and sunny day (it's always summer all year here where I live), it is easy for makeup to be heave and overlayered. Elishacoy Always Nuddy (Nudy? lol) CC cream is a light tinted product that offers hydration, wrinkle reduction, whitening, and glowing effect all at once. Healthier and clearer skin can be expected when applied continuously. This CC cream claims to be a 10 in 1 formula. Yes, ten, doesn't it sound promising? It has color encapsulated spheres that burst when it's rubbed on skin, and change color, blending into the skin. It claims to be hydrating skin with 20 skin moisture ingredients. It also gives healthy glow to the skin upon application. I always stare blankly (while drooling) whenever I see those beautiful Korean actresses with dewy glowy natural looking skin in K-dramas. Who doesn't like glowy natural skin? Well I know my skin is shiny after 6 hours, but I still want that kind of healthy glowy face too. But CC cream can be tricky for me as I have blemishes I would love to conceal cause most CC creams I know offer light coverage. But don't worry, I will show you in this post how to use CC cream, looking natural, while still covering blemishes. So keep reading :D

Kanebo Kate Super Sharp Liner S Review

I've been a religious gel liner user until I saw this product online. I've always thought gel liner was the best eyeliner for me as it's really easy to draw using brush, but then I lost the brush I got from Etude House Drawing Show Creamy Liner and had to use separate angled brush to apply the gel eyeliner which I felt quite disturbing since the brush I have is too long and not so practical for my always-on-the-go situation it barely fit inside my bulky makeup pouch. So I was looking for marker or pen eyeliner. There are too many pen eyeliner in the market from brands like Dolly Wink, NYX, Faceshop, Etude House, and many more I got confused which one I should try lol. I was looking at Kanebo products and found this Kanebo KATE Super Sharp Liner S. 

As many of you may know, Kanebo is a well known Japanese producer of cosmetics that has been around for about 125 years. They have several brands like Lunasol, Sensai, Impress, Blanchir Superior, Coffret D'or, and KATE. KATE has more urban, trendy, and cool style, targeting younger market segments. I heard good things about Kanebo KATE since some years ago and this is one of the products I try from this brand. This product comes in 3 shades, black BK-1, grey BK-2 and brown BR-1, I got the black one. And actually I didn't expect much from this pen liner cause honestly I still thought gel liner would be more convenient for me but this sharp liner prove me wrong. 

Read more about this product.

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable #015 Review

Lips lips lips. Lately I always look for lip products cause I still haven't found the right pink shade lipstick that I like and suits my dry lips. This product is probably one of girls' favorite lippie as I've seen the reviews everywhere and my friend, a lip junkie, introduced this product to me some months ago. I thought the idea of jumbo lip crayon as lipstick is pretty unique. I know a lot of brands release their own lip crayon products which is great and actually a quick and accurate way to apply lipstick especially on a rush (I'm always on a rush lol). I went to try this on Revlon counter and got confused which shades should I get cause there are just too many colors! Whenever I'm out to hunt some lipstick, my hands naturally grab the nude colored ones but then Marxie's image in my head always reminds me to get pink colors. And I end up taking this pink lipstick from Revlon. 

Now let's see this product more.

First Christmas Giveaway

Now that Halloween is over, the next holiday (which I'm sure) we look forward to is Christmas, right? Well, there's thanksgiving too of course :) I was talking with my good friend Ashley from OBViobsessions about the upcoming Christmas. It is only a month away and this will be our first Christmas since we start blogging. So we were like hey why we don't collaborate for a christmas gievaway? And so here we are, hosting a giveaway for all of you. This giveaway opens internationally from today until November 27th. Yes only 20 days, but that's because we consider the shipping and we want the winners to receive the prizes at least before christmas since these will be our christmas presents for you guys.

So now without further ado, let's see the giveaway prizes.

Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser Review

As someone with combination oil skin, I can never stand still when I find another primer that promised better oil control and pore erasing. I just had to get and try it. It irks me so much when I see oil spots ruining my nose makeup when I've been outside for several hours. So I'm always looking for any oil free primers I can find. I was looking for new primers when my Shu Uemura POREraser emptied. Instead of getting another one, I got this Maybelline Pore Eraser cause it's more affordable and I always wanted to try something new, bad habit I know. There are just too many shine control primers from different brands, from Benefit Porefessional, NYX Shine Killer, Laura Mercier Oil Free primer, and many more. Then I found this Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser. I'm not that up to date to non asian cosmetic brands but Maybelline is one of the easiest drugstore brand I can get pretty easily here. Lately I've been using their Baby Lips too for my chapped lips. And I didn't know they have this Baby Skin as well. 

From what I see, this primer seems to be Benefit Porefessional's dupe. Correct me if I'm wrong. From the color, tube, packaging and function it resembles Porefessional in many ways, except for the price cause it's way cheaper. I read from some other reviews that this Pore Eraser primer isn't that much different from Benefit Porefessional and that's why I decided to try it. 

Everbuying Fashion Set Giveaway

Now that my Rosy giveaway has just ended, now it's time for another giveaway. If you're my facebook followers, now you know why I asked that certain question on my facebook some weeks ago. Yes, it's actually to decide which I would choose as your giveaway prize ^^ This time I'm collaborating with Everybuying for this giveaway. is a leading global online wholesale retail company operating in the international wholesale market specializing in electronics and contemporary fashion. By closely following the very latest trends and developments in European and American fashion, has enjoyed years of continuous growth by faithfully serving a worldwide customer base of thousands of satisfied customers from over 200 countries since 2006. With more than 100,000 diverse product lines for the international market encompassing the very latest in top-quality products, such as the latest in cheap Android cell phones, cheap Android tablets, cheap car DVD players, cheap LED lighting, all kinds of cool electronic gadgets, cheap dresses, affordable fashion wedding dresses, cosplay costumes, outdoor equipment and many more great products.

This giveaway opens internationally and will run for 30 days. Everyone has different preferences in fashion, so we prepare 3 different fashion sets. The lucky winner will get to choose one of the three available fashion sets as the prize. 

Rosy Giveaway Winners!

Hello guys! Today my giveaway has just ended, few minutes ago to be exact. For once I finally can announce the giveaway winners perfectly on time (unlike my previous giveaways) haha I hurriedly pick the winners right after it's ended. Thank you everyone who've participated in this giveaway. I'm so thankful for your supports for my blog though I haven't been so active this past month due to some irl stuffs. 

Tsukiyo Soap Sayonara Acne & Kappa's Treat Review

Hello lovelies! How was your Halloween? Seems like everyone had fun going all out with crazy creative costumes I wish Halloween was big at where I live but in the spirit of Halloween I also wore cute costume on Halloween and took some photos and sent them to my boyfriend (the only think I did to celebrate it) haha. 

Anyway, I'm back with another review, it's another soap brand called Tsukiyo Soap. But I assure you this one is going to be different. Why? Cause all the soap products are vegan handmade soaps from natural ingredients. Most of the ingredients they use are olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil, goat milk, and real (not artificial extracted essence) fruits and vegetables. Their products are mainly categorized as face and body soap, and body soap (not for face). Tsukiyo Soap owners are Japanese lovers (like me!) so some of their product names are Japanese like Sayonara Acne, Hime Sama etc. But overall, most of the product names are all so cute and creative. Each soap has different functions and colors. You can see all the products and its descriptions on their facebook and etsy store

The soaps I'll be reviewing are Sayonara Acne (for acne care obviously) and Kappa's Treat (for oil control).

Ageha Icy Grey Review

ageha circle lens review

After a week I'm finally back with another circle lens to review. This time it's Ageha in Icy grey color, it's from Japan manufactured by Dueba. I got this from Japan Softlens for only around $18 (IDR 178,000) cause they're having 34% off. I was looking for a new gray circle lens with bigger diameter and stumbled into this beautiful circle lens. Japan softlens carries some other Ageha circle lenses, Vivian circle lens, 1 day Loveil circle lens, and even Ayumi Hamasaki eyelashes! I was actually shocked to see a local store selling Ageha circle lens cause I've been dying to try it since early this year after I found it online and the price in that Europe/US online store is really ridiculous I don't think it was worth it. If you visit Japan Softlens website, you can see try classified their Ageha circle lenses into 3 categories, Lunatia series, big eyes series, and model selection series, which is the one I picked. Out of the other series, I find the Ageha Icy grey the most beautiful, not only the color but also the design that I decided to try it. But for your information, Japan Softlens circle lenses are hyped as the most comfortable circle lenses ever that you can wear up to 16 hours without having to use eye drop. 

Now let's see if it lives up to the hype.

Skin Life Foaming Facial Wash & Face Lotion Review

cow style

I'm always amazed how Japanese people's skin look so smooth and flawless. I don't know if it's Jakarta's humid weather or it's my skin but breaking out is nothing new for me. Even though I always use the same makeup routine everyday, and even I use hypoallergenic products. My biggest concern, aside of my oily T zone, is definitely my acne prone skin. Ever since my terrible breakout early this year, I've been taking care of my face really diligently every night before bed. My skin condition is getting better, but I still get acne at least once or twice a month. I really hate it when pimples show up on my nose especially. And then I was introduced to Cow Style.

COW BRAND is a long seller brand in Japan with a history of over 100 years. COW STYLE signifies daily life with peace of mind through Cow Brand products with the catch phrase "Life with Cow Brand Soap", and provides a lifestyle based on Japan quality (ease, safety, good quality) and Japan taste (material, scent, texture). One of the secrets of their quality products is the everlasting commitment to the soap-kettle saponification method, a soap-making technique that requires a lot of time and care, but rewards them with natural moisturizing factors that cannot be achieved otherwise.

They have many soap, hair products and cleansing products, but one of their well known product series is Skin Life Medicated Acne Care. I get to try two of the Skin Life products, which are its Foaming Facial Wash and Face Lotion that's especially meant for people with oily and acne prone skin. I've been using these 2 products for the past month religiously and now let me share the reviews with you.

Geo Circle Lens Giveaway Winner!

First off, I'm terribly sorry for the extra delay of this giveaway winner announcement! It was supposed to be last week but there was so much going on last week that I wasn't able to sit down, turn on my laptop and open blogger. But today, I'll announce the lucky winner who gets to choose one pair of Geo circle lens from Angel Contacts. The lucky winner is..........

VIKI KAYIMA! Congratulations! I've just sent an email to you, and please respond within 48 hours or a new winner will be randomly picked :)

Thank you for everyone who've joined this giveaway. For the others, don't be disheartened. I still have one ongoing giveaway and another future giveaway (which I've asked opinions from some of you on facebook) that you can join soon.

Until next time :D 

Geo Holicat Barbie Cat Hazel Review

I know some people don't really like or can't really wear flashy colorful circle lens cause of work or school or other reasons. So today I'll be reviewing a brown lens from Geo Lens which is Holicat Barbie Cat, sponsored by Eye Candy's as review purpose. Eye Candy's is one of the largest online circle lens store. It carries varieties of circle lens brands, Instax, cosmetics, wigs and accessories. 

This Holicat series was one of the latest Geo circle lens. It's available in 5 natural but pretty colors: Barbie Cat Hazel, Cutie Cat Brown, Funky Cat Blue, Lovely Cat Choco, and Sexy Cat Gray.

Each colors have different designs, that's what make this series unique. I know some people prefer natural circle lens they can wear everyday. I must say the colors Holicat offers are different from some other Geo Lens series, and this series is especially meant for people who wants to have natural color eye that pops out. There are 3 shades of brown colors in this series: hazel, brown and chocolate. I pick the hazel one cause I've always wanted hazel eye color (my eye color is dark brown) and I've never tried wearing hazel circle lens before. Well, or I must say the hazel circle lens I had before didn't give me hazel color on my eyes. Moreover, this series seem to be inspired by cat, or cat eyes at least. You know how I love cat eye makeup right? So I was excited to try this Holicat lens. Read more to find out about this circle lens.

Lioele Dollish Veil Vita BB Cream Review

Everyone surely wants to have that smooth texturized flawless doll like skin. I sure do. But there are times especially when I just wake up in the morning and I barely have time to put much makeup to get that flawless skin without visible humongous pores and acne scars. During that crucial hour ( 7.30 am for me) I don't really want to open my eyes and have time to apply all my face products. But I was so excited to find this miraculous BB cream that has all I need, especially to shorten my daily morning routine.  Lioele is a Korean brand that's been everyone's favorites in terms of cute princessy packaging, after Etude House I guess? But they also carry a lot of really good cosmetic and skincare products. Actually this is the first time for me to try Lioele product even though I heard good things about their products. I saw mixed reviews about this BB cream, but I wasn't disappointed when I tried it. If you notice, I've been using this in most of my recent makeup tutorials. 

Read more to find out about this dolly BB cream.

Pond's New White Beauty Jernih Putih Merona Relaunch Event

Couple weeks ago I was invited by Pond's and Female Daily to Pond's White Beauty event at Mulia Hotel. The purpose of this event was to introduce the new formula of its White Beauty Translucent Pinkish White products. On September 25th, Pond's released their latest inovation in skin treatment. The new Pond's White Beauty Translucent Pinkish White is a skin brightening cream line that was specially formulated and designed for all skin types with natural ingredients such as Korean gingseng and saffron that's proven to brighten and beautify skin. If you're addicted to Korean dramas and variety shows, you'd know how Koreans value their gingseng that they'd want to consume ginseng drinks everyday if they could. Saffron is also known as the most expensive spice in the world. Now you know how rich the ingredients in these White Beauty products, right? But I came pretty early as I was the third beauty blogger to sign the guest book. The friendly and lovely people from Pond's then greeted me. While waiting for my friend Aullia, I constantly texted Rini who was supposed to come to the event but couldn't make it thanks to her work. 

The ballroom was decorated with white, red, and pink just like its theme: Pinkish White. And after a while I got to talk to some other beauty bloggers until Aullia came. Then we took series of pictures (a lot) before the event started. We took pictures like there was no tomorrow lol using polaroid, digital camera, and phone camera. It was like photoshoot madness. Anyway...

There are 4 new products in this new line:

1. Pond's White Beauty Translucent Pinkish White for all skin types.
2. Pond's White Beauty Translucent Pinkish White Even for Sensitive Skin. It contains green tea and it's also dermatology tested, perfect for sensitive skin. 
3. Pond's White Beauty Translucent Pinkish White Spotless for Acne Prone Skin. It contains spotless complex which was dermatology tested and very perfect for oily and acne prone skin.
4. Pond's White Beauty Translucent Pinkish White Advanced SPF 15. It is a moisturizer and sunscreen in one. 

At first, the host, Nadia Mulia opened the event with brief introduction about the products. People, well girls used to wish to have fair skintone but now we may think that to have just white or very fair skin isn't enough cause sometimes it looks pale with no color. Now many girls want to have bright, clear and fair skin but with more natural blush to achieve the popular "no makeup" look without actually applying too much makeup.