Hair Extensions Clip-In Review

Have you ever wondered what you'd look like with different hair color? Well, I have, a lot of times. Just like other asian girls, I was born with deep black hair and for what seemed like 23 years or so I had black hair until my cousin asked me to be her hair model for her portfolio (she was an aspiring hairstylist back then, she works with one of the well known hair products companies now) and I agreed, I thought it was time to change my hair color like I've wanted. Black hair is exotic they say, but I guess I'm someone who tends to get bored of the same thing over and over again, in this case, black hair. At first I got dark capuccino color which honestly I didn't like. Then my hair got blonde highlights and I began to like blonde and light platinum ish colors for some reasons. And after that, my hair became so dry from the bleaching so I got medium brown color and didn't touch bleach for almost a year. But a year later, which was 2 years ago I decided to get blonde hair until now. 

I notice people look at me when I walk in the street with this hair as if I'm some weird bimbo wannabe. At first I felt so insecure and I didn't like it, but as time goes by, I get used to it. I really don't care about what people think of me now. However, there's still a tiny bit part of myself that wants to experiment other colors. I still like light colored hair, but I'd like to add more colors like tosca or hot pink. I'm loving lavender and pink colors lately and I know I won't be able to dye my hair pink or purple entirely unless I move to another country or something if I don't want people to stare which is pretty impossible at the moment. So, I decided to purchase some hair extensions clips. 

Yes, hair extensions clips on. It's really easy and takes less than three minutes to put them on. And...

Dodo Palgantong Theatrical Powder Review

Dodo Palgantong Theatrical Loose Powder, or now widely known as 3W Clinic Professional Powder is a Korean loose powder by Palgantong. Now what and who is Palgantong?

"Palgantong is developed under dodo company since 1999. The most popular product is Theatrical powder which gain reputation with award from shops and magazines. In Japan, average 15,000 boxes were sold. It is very popular among Koran Movie Stars and 4 out of 5 Korean ladies had tried this amazing power." -

It is known that Korean and Japanese actors and actresses use this long lasting powder. As you know those celebrities are used to the stage lights and have to be outside for long hours filming and performing. This powder claims to be long lasting with great oil control.

Etude Juicy Cocktail Gradation Nails: Angel's Kiss + Mint Frappe

First of all, I want to say happy (belated) Lunar new year! May you all have prosperous year! I should've done this review couple days ago as I just purchased some stuff for me to use for the Lunar New Year. But here it is, there are Skin79 Spider Mist, NYX Circa Lipstick, Etude Creamy Liner, and Etude Nail Polish which I will review one by one on my upcoming posts. But, for now I will review this amazing gradation nail polish by Etude. 

Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings Shoes

So, I've been eyeing on the oh so beautiful gorgeous Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings sneakers. They look absolutely amazing. While the wings may seem funny and weird to some, well, I love them wings. In June 2008 Adidas collaborated with the infamous designer, Jeremy Scott, to run this Jeremy Scott for Adidas line. It becomes best sellers for Adidas. Every designs are really unique and wonderful. It's like you can wear a pair every day depends on your mood and where you want to go. Well, if only I can afford all the sneakers, from the simple black and white to the so colorful rainbow ones, I would go anywhere with just wearing those high tops.

Skin79 Diamond All Day Sun Powder Review

This time I will review Skin79 Diamond All Day Sun Powder Review. Yes it's such a long name for a loose powder. Skin79 claims it to be a "sheer powder with all in one puff. The fine powder adheres lightly to the skin to keep the skin feeling soft all day, while providing the easy and convenient blocking of both UV A and B rays." I don't disagree with their statement as I am rather satisfied with this product, from its packaging to the end result.

Now let's see how it looks like. 

Skin79 Vital Orange BB Cream Review

So here it is, finally. Skin79 claims to be the first ever to launch BB creams in South Korea. And I personally love this brand more than others I've tried before. I've been using the previous version the hot pink Skin79 Super BB Cream which was my favorite, until I found this orange BB cream. 

Upgraded Sunscreen with UVA and UVB protection SPF50. Strengthen's skin NMF and maintain balanced skin condition. Osmopur-N and Vital-V Complex soothe and protect skin from harmful environments for a moisturized, healthy skin. 

Chrome Hearts Forever Ring

The design is to my liking, simple yet gorgeous. With the Chrome Hearts engraved to the ring. It looks thick and pretty. I first notice this ring when I saw 2NE1 girls wear it on their anniversary. And since then, I've been eyeing on it on some websites that sold it until, it sold out.