Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings Shoes

So, I've been eyeing on the oh so beautiful gorgeous Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings sneakers. They look absolutely amazing. While the wings may seem funny and weird to some, well, I love them wings. In June 2008 Adidas collaborated with the infamous designer, Jeremy Scott, to run this Jeremy Scott for Adidas line. It becomes best sellers for Adidas. Every designs are really unique and wonderful. It's like you can wear a pair every day depends on your mood and where you want to go. Well, if only I can afford all the sneakers, from the simple black and white to the so colorful rainbow ones, I would go anywhere with just wearing those high tops.

Jeremy Scott also designed some of his precious shoes for his celebrity friends.One of them being 2NE1 and I absolutely want those pretty colorful wings high tops.

There are also many other interesting and cute designs. What's neat is the high tops are pretty unisex looking so both men and women, and even kids can wear them. I also found the glow in the dark sneakers which would be useful if you're going to a music concert or movie theatre. I imagine I wouldn't be lost while finding my seat in the dark after I come back from the toilet. Especially the wings sneakers look really stylish and extraordinary, who wouldn't want a pair?

And so, after craving, wishing, praying, window shopping while drooling a lot for the past years, I decided to spend some cash to get a pair. Normally I won't ever spend a dime on sneakers, like seriously I'm not a sporty person. But now that I'm pretty sick of high heels cause they practically hurt my poor feet, I find it comfy to wear sneakers, especially high top sneakers. Once I tried them on (while wearing a one piece dress) I felt like I could walk and jump comfortably and still looking unique and stylish. I got the silver one like the one on the top picture. It's really high quality with the cute silver Jeremy word thingy in the bottom part of the shoelace. And it's so very comfy! Although I have to be honest, I notice some people tend to look at my winged shoes whenever I'm wearing them at crowded public place. But I couldn't ask for better shoes. These are all what I need whenever I have to walk for hours.

this is me wearing the sneakers, excuse my short chubby legs >_<

You can also check out and get your favorite high tops on the official website or you can also get them here:


  1. Did I read 'glow in the dark'?! Definitely checking those out since i already have glow in the dark shoe laces xD

    1. Haha really? Glow in the dark shoe laces? That's cool XD Yeah they do have glow in the dark shoes you should check it out ^^

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