Dodo Palgantong Theatrical Powder Review

Dodo Palgantong Theatrical Loose Powder, or now widely known as 3W Clinic Professional Powder is a Korean loose powder by Palgantong. Now what and who is Palgantong?

"Palgantong is developed under dodo company since 1999. The most popular product is Theatrical powder which gain reputation with award from shops and magazines. In Japan, average 15,000 boxes were sold. It is very popular among Koran Movie Stars and 4 out of 5 Korean ladies had tried this amazing power." -

It is known that Korean and Japanese actors and actresses use this long lasting powder. As you know those celebrities are used to the stage lights and have to be outside for long hours filming and performing. This powder claims to be long lasting with great oil control.

I have combination skin, but my T-zone is very oily during the day, after around 4-5 hours outside. I normally have to blot 3-4 times daily. For my daily make up routine, I apply BB cream and set it with loose powder, instead of pressed powder to help my face stay matte and reduce shine. I've been a bit experimental with powders as good powders really make a difference. And I decide to give this powder a try after I read what it claims to do. This powder line has two color options.

I have fair medium asian skin with yellow undertones, and Light Beige seems a bit too ghostly on me, so I got the Natural Beige one. If you have fair skin with pink undertones, you should get the Light Beige. However, if you are unsure whether no. 21 would match your skintone or not, let's be safe and get no. 23 instead.

I ordered this online and the moment I got it, I unwrapped the bubble packaging and saw the box. I was quite surprised by the size. Yes it is 30g but the size of the powder is just too good to be true for a powder that doesn't cost so much. At first glance, it looks like baby powder I had when I was a kid. Well, then I look at it and it reminds me of my grandma's loose powder lol. I open then cap and find the nice big powder puff. The puff is pretty soft and I don't need to use my own powder puff because I'm content with the puff they provide. But I do use smaller sponge to apply on certain areas like nose and under my eyes because the powder puff is pretty huge.

Peel the seal off and you can use the powder. The holes on the plastic protector is regularly big so it wouldn't be hard to get the powder out to apply it on your face. However I find it easier to open the plastic lid and apply suitable amount of powder right away because I'm very impatient.

I dab my face with the powdered puff (after I apply BB cream/foundation) evenly from outer to inner part before I blend the powder. Usually my BB cream gives me a bit white ish glow and sometimes I look so pale with just my BB cream. But after I apply this Palgantong loose powder, I look more natural and not so pale anymore. I look healthier and my face doesn't feel heavy at all. It gives natural sheer finish which I really like. It doesn't clog my pores. You can also apply this alone without any foundation if you want, especially if you have good complexion, it works the same although I advise you to put on base, primer, and foundation first for a day out and to get matte finish. What I notice after I apply this powder is I don't need to blot my shine a lot a day. I just need to blot twice max when it's really humid and hot, but normally I only blot once around 2-3 PM which is a huge difference. 

This is me with Palgantong loose powder on. Does this powder have good coverage? I would say no. It sets the face, yes but coverage is minimum. It does make my face look and feel smooth, but there's almost no coverage. But I don't need coverage on loose powder as I have BB cream / foundation and concealer to do the job. Does it crack? No. Does it make my face cakey? Well, since I am oily around my T-zone, yes it's cakey after 5-6 hours around my nose area. Will I repurchase? Yes, as this powder is the one of the best for my daily use so far.

I hope this review helps :)

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