Etude Juicy Cocktail Gradation Nails: Angel's Kiss + Mint Frappe

First of all, I want to say happy (belated) Lunar new year! May you all have prosperous year! I should've done this review couple days ago as I just purchased some stuff for me to use for the Lunar New Year. But here it is, there are Skin79 Spider Mist, NYX Circa Lipstick, Etude Creamy Liner, and Etude Nail Polish which I will review one by one on my upcoming posts. But, for now I will review this amazing gradation nail polish by Etude. 

I've always loved pretty nail art I've seen in Japanese magazines. However I always have a hard time collecting the materials needed like the rhinestones, cute 3D decorations, etc. I don't even have that much time in my hands to look up online which nail polish I should get, or do I need dotting pens, or glitters, or even stickers or the colors. I don't have much experience drawing on my nails. The only time I draw is obviously on papers and my notebooks. Which colors would match the others? Which nail polish brands are good and won't chip so soon? Those were in my mind everytime I attempted to go to the stores and browse for cute nail polishes to start decorating my nails. Especially, couple of weeks ago I broke some of my nails (after I had grown my long nails to be as long and pretty as the fake nails I saw in the Japanese magazines). I lost hope in starting the nail art hobby. I know I don't need long pretty nails to start polishing my nails and do nail art but I don't think I like the idea of using fake plastic nails. 

So one day I was just browsing online and found a really cute nail polish line by Etude. Etude House has always been pretty and pink ish. I love nearly all of the Etude House stores I've seen in the malls. They all look cute and princess-like. I saw some of the bubblegum colors nail polish they launched but I've never actually tried to get it until recently. So here it is.

Etude House launched this gradation nails line in six color types: Screw Driver, Kiss of Fire, Violet Love, Mint Frape, Princess Mary, and Angel's Kiss. I purchased the Angel's Kiss and Mint Frappe.

So basically it's three nail polish bottles in one pack. Packaging is somewhat cute and interesting. It's very easy to use. There's also direction how to apply them in the back of the package. You get three bottles: the base transparent ish white with some glitters, the silver and colorful glitter as second coat, and the bigger bling bling glitter as the last coat. The end result is a little different from what shown on the packaging, but I believe there's no right or wrong in this.

I tried to show my nails off but it's not so visible with the flash. My room was dark, so yeah... Well as I said the end results may be different from one to another, depends on how you apply them and what kind of style do you want it to be. You can apply it as thin as possible for the base color fully and apply the second color from the half of your nail, and then apply the last glitter coat on the tip of your nails evenly, making a nice shiny glittery look. But as in for me, I apply the base and second coat twice each. I was quite surprised of how thin and nearly not visible the base coat is on my nails. So instead of making a gradient between the base and second coat, I reapply the second coat on top of the base coat, that means, yes, I apply the second coat on my whole nails so it makes defined white silver ish glittery nails. And my favorite part gotta be the last coat, the big silver glitters. I apply it on the tip of my nails. And instead of applying normally, I kind of apply and stick all the glitters until I can't see the second coat on the tip of my nails. I love the end result.


Here is my favorite, Mint Frappe. The colors are so cute and mint ish. I personally think this one is easier to blend and I absolutely love the end result. I feel like an aquatic princess with the mint frappe nails.


As you can see, the mint frappe looks more define and gradient ish on my nails. I personally prefer the mint frappe more than angel's kiss. But if you want it to be simple and not to bright visible, angel's kiss would be perfect for you. It is really nice if you're too lazy to find the matching colors on your own as it comes in one set. It works for me. Other than the strong smell, I like everything about this nail polish. I got them from local Etude House store for $10 but you can also get them online for cheaper price here. 


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