Hair Extensions Clip-In Review

Have you ever wondered what you'd look like with different hair color? Well, I have, a lot of times. Just like other asian girls, I was born with deep black hair and for what seemed like 23 years or so I had black hair until my cousin asked me to be her hair model for her portfolio (she was an aspiring hairstylist back then, she works with one of the well known hair products companies now) and I agreed, I thought it was time to change my hair color like I've wanted. Black hair is exotic they say, but I guess I'm someone who tends to get bored of the same thing over and over again, in this case, black hair. At first I got dark capuccino color which honestly I didn't like. Then my hair got blonde highlights and I began to like blonde and light platinum ish colors for some reasons. And after that, my hair became so dry from the bleaching so I got medium brown color and didn't touch bleach for almost a year. But a year later, which was 2 years ago I decided to get blonde hair until now. 

I notice people look at me when I walk in the street with this hair as if I'm some weird bimbo wannabe. At first I felt so insecure and I didn't like it, but as time goes by, I get used to it. I really don't care about what people think of me now. However, there's still a tiny bit part of myself that wants to experiment other colors. I still like light colored hair, but I'd like to add more colors like tosca or hot pink. I'm loving lavender and pink colors lately and I know I won't be able to dye my hair pink or purple entirely unless I move to another country or something if I don't want people to stare which is pretty impossible at the moment. So, I decided to purchase some hair extensions clips. 

Yes, hair extensions clips on. It's really easy and takes less than three minutes to put them on. And...

Couple years ago I had wanted to cut my long hair super short because it had been too dry thanks to the bleaching, so I bought long full head hair extensions clips. I got one wide hair extensions clip on, it was very long and heavy, but I loved the small clips for the side parts of my hair. It was 2 inch wide and 16 inch long. So a while ago I was browsing etsy and found this awesome store that sells many kinds of hair extensions and I got the hot pink hair extensions one.

One set has two pieces of human hair extensions. The seller claims it as "real 100 % superior grade Double Wefted clip in human hair extensions" which made me like... really? at first but once it came to me, these have been one of the most cherished essential items I ever had. Nah, seriously, the hair texture is soft and silky. It's 2 inch x 18 inch (46 x 5 cm) length, fit perfectly for long hair. Each piece has metal snap combs that she manually sews in. The metal snap is nice and sturdy. It's been months and it still stays perfectly. Here's how to place the hair extensions.

  • Section your left and right side hair into a top and bottom layer (around the eyebrow level but it's up to your liking), take the thin top layer and clip the top section up. It doesn't have to be sectioned in half like in the picture if it's just a small thin hair extensions because you'd want the hair extensions to pop between your real hair. Like the hot pink I got, I like to place it under a thin layer of my real top hair so it looks like I got pink highlights.
  •  Open the snap and then push the clip down into the teased hair, press it on top of your hair, flat against your scalp.
  •  Once it's secured, remove the clip on your top hair and let your real hair blends with the hair extensions. 
It's that easy. I always love how it makes me look different with them on. The best part is I don't have to color my hair funk colors like hot red or shocking blue and end up damaging my hair and have dry end split hair. I can put the hair extensions on depends on where I go and whom I go out with, so it's pretty nice.

Some friends compliment me when I put these hair extensions on.They say it really looks good on me and matches my hair color. They ask me where I purchased it from and they are kind of surprised when I tell them it was shipped from Columbia. I got the package within 2 weeks though, so it was a good deal. You can also style the hair extensions along with your real hair however you want, since it's human hair after all. You can curl or straighten it. But after 5-6 uses, you should wash the hair in a cold water and put mild shampoo and condition it too just like real hair. And after you're done you can put it on clothes hanger and let it air dry. One last collage of me with the hair extensions.

I bought this hair extensions set from Tressa on etsy, she also offers international shipping. Before I ordered it, I asked couple of questions to her and it was nice how she explained kindly and friendly. I am thinking of getting a set of another color too. Haha I just can't get enough with one color. It's always nice to have some other colors I can wear depends on my mood, I guess...

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