Koji Dolly Wink Eyebrow Mascara Review

Lightening eyebrows is very essential for gyaru makeup. I've been using this fantabulous eyebrow mascara for a while already and I should've posted this review ages ago but there's always distraction so here it is, finally, Koji Dolly Wink Eyebrow Mascara #1 Milk Tea.

I can't express how much I love this Japanese product because it feels weird having jet black eyebrows while my hair is blonde. It comes in three shades, #1 Milk Tea (copper blonde), #2 Mocca (brown), and #3 Cocoa (dark brown). So I hunted some online shops and finally got the shade I wanted which is Milk Tea.

Normally I don't use eyebrow pencil because I have with thick eyebrows which I just need to shape nicely. But ever since I colored my hair I think it would be nicer to have eyebrows with the same color. And I love this product because its really easy to use and so efficient and it's not time consuming at all.

Let's look at it closer. 

Urban Decay Mariposa Palette Review

I'm sure many people know and love Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes. One of their famous palettes people love is Naked palettes. But it's not the only gorgeous palette UD has in store. Take a good look and you'll find Urban Decay Mariposa palette beautiful. I got this from the amazing Reine Dollshop on facebook. And wow how I love them. They informed me once I made my order on Monday, that they would send my palette on Friday but to my surprise, the lovely item arrived on Wednesday. You don't know how excited I was the moment I got the cute little package even though I was sick at the time. 

Honestly I'm not into eyeshadow palette that much because shades I ever use are gray and black. Yes I love smokey eye makeup and not so much into other colors. But I decided to get it because the color swatches are just too cute. It has 10 shades with an absolutely beautiful purple packaging they don't know how much it attracts my poor eyes instantly.What I like about this palette is it looks like my pastel pencils case I had when I was in elementary school, so simple but cute and light. Not too big not too small, it fits right into my purse. 

Now, moving on to the palette. Let's take a closer look.

Urban Decay De Slick In A Tube Mattifying Gel Review

Urban Decay De Slick series have been popular for a while, especially for those with combination and/or oily skin (like mine). I've been waiting forever to get this one but I wasn't able to get this until recently and I only got the travel size because I refused to wait for another month for the full size to be in stock. I desperately needed this tube for my oil mine T-zone. D:

A little introduction about Urban Decay. Their store first opened 15 years ago when pink, red, and beige dominated the beauty world. People barely had any idea of purple, hot pink or tosca eye shadows or nails. Urban Decay screams unique. Their products appear in many magazines every month. They’ve even stolen some prestigious packaging awards out from under brands like Avon and Revlon. It's no secret that Urban Decay is popular amongst makeup addicts out there. Aside of their unique colorful packaging and designs, they offer great quality of each and every products they launch. 

It claims to be a lightweight gel that keeps skin matte and oil free all day long. Now let's see closer what it looks like and if it does what it claims to be.

Make Me Chic Wishlist

Do you like heels? I know I'd prefer high top sneakers any day because they won't literally kill my poor feet. However, for someone short like me, I do admit high heels make my legs prettier, although I can't stand wearing them and standing or walking for more than 3 hours. I do find platform shoes are more comfortable though, especially the one with chunky heels. 

My best friend's wedding is coming up and we need to find a pair of pretty but comfortable shoes for the D-day. We ordered handmade shoes so when I was looking up for cute wedding shoes online, I coincidentally found this website makemechic.com and the moment the main page was opened I knew I would be hooked. And I was right. I didn't know how many hours I got stuck on the website clicking here and there, staring at the amazingly cute but edgy looking shoes. I've always liked ankle boots and platform shoes so there are a lot of them in my wishlist. But what amazed me is the price...

Diamond Princess Nose Makeup Review

Defined pointed nose is surely beautiful. I always envy people with pretty nose as I don't think mine is. Sometimes when I post a picture on facebook some people would comment and joke "where's the nose?" lol it's pretty annoying and humiliating sometimes. And there are times I wonder if I should get cosmetic surgeries lol but no, I refuse to get nose job as I'd prefer to be natural all the way. Anyway, I didn't really use nose shading before because the area around my nose tend to be oily at noon, but this nose powder got good reviews so far and I've always wanted to try Diamond makeup line so I was like, why not? 

I got this Japanese nose powder from Reine Dollshop and I was so excited the moment I opened the package. This product comes in two types, Princess Nose and Doll Nose. Princess Nose (which I got) has white highlight while Doll Nose with beige highlight. Too bad I don't have the other color as I found the brown color is a tad bit too light to my liking but oh well, it works to contour my nose. Now let's see this product closer. 

I Still Can't Even...

For the very first time, I'm going to rant here about this one guy who offends this girl -- who happens to be my co worker-- with his comment. Well, technically they're both my co workers. I have nothing against both of them and I'm not that tight knit close to any of them either. But I just felt like I had to defend her even though she didn't ask for it and it might not actually a big deal to some, but not for me it was so rude and uncalled for. But I'll keep this short and not so wordy.

So I was just playing with my phone in my office (yes I was being lazy lol) and there were always some guys sitting around. And that one guy was sitting near my desk when this girl entered. I saw he darted his eyes on her for some seconds until he said "hey you look slimmer in that outfit." I already raised one eyebrow at his unnecessary comment. 

BRTC Jasmine Water BB Cream Review

Hello I'm back again to review about this new BB Cream I just got recently, BRTC Jasmine Water BB Cream. I purchased it from Chrystelle Belle as they always have most of the items ready to ship. 

So BRTC is a science based Korean cosmetic brand, applied to sensitive skin in a safe and efficient manner. BRTC has developed, certified & patented Blue Phyto Complex from the Blue Flowers of Lavender, Cornflower, Borage, Chamomile (the building blocks of all BRTC products) to soothe and moisturize today's modern skin. 

Ancient Romans used lavender's superior detox effects by adding it into bath water, cleansing their wounds. The actual origin of the word 'lavender', Latin "Lavare' means cleansing. BRTC combines lavender and other Blue flowers for its powerful holistic skincare properties. Lavender helps accelerate new cell growth and balances sebum secretion. It also has superior anti-oxidation properties and trouble and dry skin control. 

As hormones perform core physiological functions to protect the body from environmental stress and regulate the human body, the plant ingredients extracted from the Blue Phyto Complex perform similar functions. This patented complex protects the skin from UV rays, wind, and other environmental stress exhibiting superior protecting power from environmental damage. Now, let's take a look.