Diamond Princess Nose Makeup Review

Defined pointed nose is surely beautiful. I always envy people with pretty nose as I don't think mine is. Sometimes when I post a picture on facebook some people would comment and joke "where's the nose?" lol it's pretty annoying and humiliating sometimes. And there are times I wonder if I should get cosmetic surgeries lol but no, I refuse to get nose job as I'd prefer to be natural all the way. Anyway, I didn't really use nose shading before because the area around my nose tend to be oily at noon, but this nose powder got good reviews so far and I've always wanted to try Diamond makeup line so I was like, why not? 

I got this Japanese nose powder from Reine Dollshop and I was so excited the moment I opened the package. This product comes in two types, Princess Nose and Doll Nose. Princess Nose (which I got) has white highlight while Doll Nose with beige highlight. Too bad I don't have the other color as I found the brown color is a tad bit too light to my liking but oh well, it works to contour my nose. Now let's see this product closer. 

Packaging. I have to say the packaging isn't so flattering. But what matters is the inside, right? In the back of the package, it says Diamond Nose Makeup プリンセスノーズ (Princess Nose). However I find the palette is simple and easy to use. It comes with a good quality cute little brush too and the bristles are really soft.


Talc, Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Isotridecyl Isononanoate, Iron Oxides, Triethylhexanonin,  Silica, Dimethicone, Dipentaerythrityl Hexahydroxystearate, Methylparaben, Hydrogen Dimethicone, Aluminium Hydroxide

As you can see there are three colors, pearly white for the highlight and light & dark beige for the shadows. How to use it? It's really easy. First, apply the light beige lightly into the corners and sides of your top eyebrow to your nose. As it's pretty light you may see it's not so noticeable. And then brush the dark beige shadow between the inner sides of your eyes, and brush a bit again around the sides of your nose if the light beige shadow is too light for you. And last, drag and brush down the white highlight on the center of your nose, from the top to the tip of your nose. The width depends on how small or wide you want your nose to look like. I have wide nose so I thinify the width of my nose with the help of the white highlight so I only put a thin line on the center of my nose. And after that blend the shades on your nose to get a natural look.

It seems complicated but once you do it, it's not as complicated as it sounds. Here's me after I applied this Diamond Nose Makeup Powder.

I like the end result cause in photos, I have nose now lol. Well, even though the photos don't do justice, but it looks better when I see it in the mirror. So I'm so satisfied with this purchase. I also find this on sale on Pinky Paradise for $19.99 and Diamond Beauty for 1,050 Yen~


  1. This product looks awesome! I've never heard of this before and I too suffer from a lack of a nose bridge :( Thanks for the review, I didn't know that the company that makes Diamond Lashes also makes Nose Contour powder. Now I'm tempted to check this out!

    New follower here by the way! Since I've been hearing Google Friend Connect might be gone, I followed via Bloglovin as well! :D


    1. Yes, it's the same company as the Diamond lashes you reviewed on your blog ^^ Yes you totally should check it out, it works wonders so far, your nose will be more visible :D Thank you for following, I've followed you too :) <3

  2. Much love,
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