I Still Can't Even...

For the very first time, I'm going to rant here about this one guy who offends this girl -- who happens to be my co worker-- with his comment. Well, technically they're both my co workers. I have nothing against both of them and I'm not that tight knit close to any of them either. But I just felt like I had to defend her even though she didn't ask for it and it might not actually a big deal to some, but not for me it was so rude and uncalled for. But I'll keep this short and not so wordy.

So I was just playing with my phone in my office (yes I was being lazy lol) and there were always some guys sitting around. And that one guy was sitting near my desk when this girl entered. I saw he darted his eyes on her for some seconds until he said "hey you look slimmer in that outfit." I already raised one eyebrow at his unnecessary comment. 

And then the girl didn't know what to react, obviously. Well I know it was supposed to be a compliment but she wasn't sure what to say. Then all she could say was "oh really?" And I couldn't help but to state, "she's always been slim anyway." To my surprise, he responded "nah, she's usually fat." OMG I was so tempted to stomp his feet that weren't so far from my desk with my heels, and I regret I didn't.

I told him how rude he was and that he shouldn't have said that to someone, or anyone. I was so speechless that he thinks it was nothing bad and he said "I'm just stating the fact that she's not slim." I seriously don't know how there's someone like that. Yes, everyone is entitled to their opinion but is it necessary? I know if I were her I'd have cried. Well, maybe not in public but yes being called as fat or skinny can be annoying, at least for me. And as far as I remember, I never call anyone fat or bony. I don't really recall any other guys who can be so blunt and dense and stupid like that.

So as I shook my head in disbelief that it just happened (I was being dramatic I know lol) I tried to say calmly and carefully since he's a co worker after all, that he shouldn't say that and he might hurt someone's feelings with his words. But it seems like he didn't like to be corrected, by a younger girl especially, so he kept insisting that she was usually fat. I was like homg seriously!! I'm not sure if he's dense or stupid or stubborn. But I was pretty tired arguing about what he should and shouldn't say to him cause he seriously didn't think he was wrong. And for the last time, I told him to just mind his business and not being so nosy about other people, which the girl agreed. I mean, why a guy who's not even related or involved in any relationship with that person had the guts to critique and offend that person? 

I don't know if I was a drama queen, but maybe it's cause I'm also a girl that I can't stand still seeing another girl being called fat. He told me I was being weird and too much. And I'm sure I did the right thing, telling him to respect others and be careful with his words cause he can hurt others verbally. Cause up until now I'm still wondering how can someone be so senseless. Alright I'm gonna end my rant here for now, sigh.

 Do you think I did the right thing or do you also think I was being too much and dramatic?


  1. it's not wrong to defend fellow girls and I guess you're brave to stand by that girl :)

    1. Thank you, Lyn that's the least I could do

  2. First off, I'm glad I found your blog, because I really like it!
    And secondly, I think it's amazing what you did for that girl. That guy definitely deserved to be corrected for his horrid behavior.

    I don't think I could have done it if I were in your shoes. I'm quite shy, after all. But it's so great of you to help her out. I wish there were more people like you around (and less people like him!)

    The Girly Gamer

    1. Hi Michelle, thank you for your visit :) I personally think I should've snapped more but considering he is my co worker I didn't want to be as rude as him. I actually wanted to tell him how skinny he was that he scared me haha but I didn't cause I would be just the same as him if I did that. I'm glad you agree with me though. And I was really shy too honestly until I felt that sometimes I have to stand up and speak for myself and other people if needed. I'm sure you will do the same thing too ^^

  3. YAYYYY RANTS! .... Sort of sad that I enjoy these.
    I definitely think you were right to attempt to correct the guy. Maybe it's different where you are from, where people think it's ok to openly criticise people on their appearance, but in Australia, comments like that are considered disrespectful and if that happened in the workplace, it's definitely something the boss will pull you aside and speak to you about your attitude towards your co-workers.

    I think you're super awesome for saying something. I can understand why the guy may have been annoyed at being corrected, but at least you pointed it out to him so there's a chance it may sit in the back of his mind next time he acts like an ass, rather than let it pass and act like everything was ok.

    1. You do enjoy rants haha. Yeah that's what I heard. Unfortunately it's not like that where I come from :( But yes I glad I did it too. I just can't stand still seeing people like him going around and telling people about that kind of stuff. And good thing I haven't heard any of those comments coming from him again so far, not sure if he did it behind my back but yes haha I guess it works for now XD

  4. Much love,
    "You have an awesome blog <3


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