Urban Decay De Slick In A Tube Mattifying Gel Review

Urban Decay De Slick series have been popular for a while, especially for those with combination and/or oily skin (like mine). I've been waiting forever to get this one but I wasn't able to get this until recently and I only got the travel size because I refused to wait for another month for the full size to be in stock. I desperately needed this tube for my oil mine T-zone. D:

A little introduction about Urban Decay. Their store first opened 15 years ago when pink, red, and beige dominated the beauty world. People barely had any idea of purple, hot pink or tosca eye shadows or nails. Urban Decay screams unique. Their products appear in many magazines every month. They’ve even stolen some prestigious packaging awards out from under brands like Avon and Revlon. It's no secret that Urban Decay is popular amongst makeup addicts out there. Aside of their unique colorful packaging and designs, they offer great quality of each and every products they launch. 

It claims to be a lightweight gel that keeps skin matte and oil free all day long. Now let's see closer what it looks like and if it does what it claims to be.

The packaging attracts me the most. It's like love at first sight because the tube is purple. (Purple is one of my favorite colors lol). Anyway, open the silver cap and you see the gel.

The gel is color neutral and looks nearly white, but it blends well on the skin. It has a different and kind of weird texture (in my opinion) kind of sticky at first but not so silicon-like. Apply this mattifying gel after moisturizer and base, and before you apply any foundation or bb cream. The gel smooths on the skin though which is really good and makes your skin matte and soft upon application. Once you apply it, you'll feel its texture and how nice it feels on your skin. It doesn't turn into tiny balls when you apply and roll it on your skin. The moment you apply the gel, it tightens your pore and gives you soft finish and suddenly you don't see anymore shine and excess oil. 

You can also apply this gel on naked skin and over makeup. When I first got this product, I was wearing full makeup and it was noon so I could see some shine around my nose and inner cheeks under my eyes. And then I dabbed some dots of this gel on the shiny areas, and poof no more shine.

As you can see in this picture, it's not photoshopped by the way. You can see my dry lips and zits lol I tend to grow zits on my chin. But there's no shine on my face. I was amazed of how the gel absorbed the oil on my face right away and made it matte as if I just applied the makeup. And then the next day I tried my usual makeup routine, cleaned my face and then put some moisturized and then I applied this primer. It did make my skin softer and flawless and make it easier to apply my bb cream. The only thing I don't like is my bb cream dried within seconds once I put it on, so in order to prevent that, I had to quickly apply my bb cream properly before it dried. But the result is still the same. It is able to keep my face matte longer than any primers or makeup ever could. I don't need to blot my face until 7-8 hours later, and only that once in a day.


- Doesn't contain parabens and sulfates
- Not silicone like
- Great oil control
- Absorbs excess oil and reduce shine
- Lasts 8+ hours unless the weather is really humid
- Gives soft finish
- Less blot film needed
- Not flaky


- Quite pricey


Whether you have crazy oily skin or combination oily skin, you'd love this product. It does what it claims to be, a mattifying gel that helps your face stay matte and shine free for long hours. I must say it's quite pricey $28 for the 20ml full size one but it's worth the price.

You can order Urban Decay De Slick In A Tube from their official website for $28 excluding shipping fee, or on Sephora.


  1. I've been wanting to get this for a while but not really heard anyone talk about so wasn't sure if it would be any good, thanks for you're post you have described it very well and i will be buying it now :) also followed you.

    Claire xx

    Claire does beauty

    1. Thanks beautiful <3 and yes it's really good! But when I apply bb cream on top of it, it tends to be patchy somehow but I'm still experimenting with it :) and it makes your skin matte for long hours so totally worth it :)

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