Urban Decay Mariposa Palette Review

I'm sure many people know and love Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes. One of their famous palettes people love is Naked palettes. But it's not the only gorgeous palette UD has in store. Take a good look and you'll find Urban Decay Mariposa palette beautiful. I got this from the amazing Reine Dollshop on facebook. And wow how I love them. They informed me once I made my order on Monday, that they would send my palette on Friday but to my surprise, the lovely item arrived on Wednesday. You don't know how excited I was the moment I got the cute little package even though I was sick at the time. 

Honestly I'm not into eyeshadow palette that much because shades I ever use are gray and black. Yes I love smokey eye makeup and not so much into other colors. But I decided to get it because the color swatches are just too cute. It has 10 shades with an absolutely beautiful purple packaging they don't know how much it attracts my poor eyes instantly.What I like about this palette is it looks like my pastel pencils case I had when I was in elementary school, so simple but cute and light. Not too big not too small, it fits right into my purse. 

Now, moving on to the palette. Let's take a closer look.

It comes with a sturdy plastic case. Once you take it out of the case, I literally stop and stare to admire the unique and beautiful packaging. It's not your ordinary palette. It looks like a palette made of tin with beautiful butterfly frame. How many times did I say beautiful again? Okay it IS beautiful. The purple frame reminds me of Anna Sui designs but again I love anything with butterfly. The only thing I don't like about this I find it a little difficult to take the palette out of the purple frame case.

Look at this beauty. I feel like displaying this somewhere in my room the second I see it.

The back of the purple case. You can see the ten shades here with some description and ingredients. 


The palette is 10 x 0.8g. And as you can see once you take out the palette it doesn't look big and bulky. You can simply slip it into your purse. Though I don't see the need to retouch the eyeshadow once I put it on.

 Now the inside, how cute is that? It looks like it's stick with some "beautiful butterflies" decals. 

The palette gives you a pretty and small eyeshadow brush. The bristles are soft, not stiff at all. And again, with butterflies on the brush <3

Now this is the swatches. The colors are all cute and some are just natural and good for your everyday look while some look glam and edgy, perfect for a night out. The skimp shade isn't so visible on my skin, that's because it's almost the same shade as my skin. But it's pretty and will look great on darker skin even more. But I use Skimp as my base color. My favorite shades gotta be Haight and Gunmetal. It is well pigmented and shimmery. It is long lasting too.

I put on Haight and it looks a bit light blue under this lighting but it's actually dark mint green. And I put on thick eyeliner so maybe you don't see the Haight color clearly. 


- Well pigmented
- Cool variety of shades
- Cute packaging
- Small and light
- Good price


- A bit powdery
- Difficult to take out of the cardboard case frame thingy
- No mirror


I think it's a really good buy, worth the price, and I love the shades. The best thing is it stays all day and night until you take it off.

Camwhore time~

For my Indonesian readers, you can get this amazing palette from Reine Dollshop. And you can always grab it from the official website and amazon.

 Which shade do you like the most?


  1. Oh really lovely palette.
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  2. I really like the colors in this palette great review, it's so detailed!


    Xiang Jiao @ Pursiko.com

  3. what a pretty palette!! thank you <3


  4. Urban Decay seriously has the best palettes, I haven't bought any other palettes other than UD lately. I have the Urban Decay Feminine Palette and it has Gunmetal and Skimp as well. Gunmetal is super lovely and great for smokey eyes :D

    1. Yeah Gunmetal is one of my favorites, especially for smokey eye makeup :D Haven't really tried the other colors but they look pretty. Naked palette is pretty natural too ^^

  5. Oooww Misa Lee you are so so so so cute ! (◕‿◕✿)

  6. "Cool post!
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