EyeLuvMe False Lashes + Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive Review

Eyelashes can't be separated from gyaru makeup style. Just like Tiffany says, "forget diamonds, false lashes are a girl's best friend!" If you follow me on Instagram you must have seen some pictures of these incredible false lashes I posted a while ago. I got this from EyeLuvMe which offers free worldwide shipping if your order is $25 or more and $1.99 flat rate shipping, which is really a good deal. They have both synthetic and human hair eyelashes, as well as some other false lashes tools. The first time I saw their prices on the website, I was in awe. One pair of eyelashes was only less than $2. I remember purchasing a pair of Dolly Wink lashes just few days before I ordered from EyeLuvMe and you guys know how pricey Dolly Wink falsies are and I felt a bit cheated (though Dolly Wink lashes are precious). But then again I thought $2 false lashes? Really? How bad would they be? Those questions popped in my mind, but they proved me wrong when I got them in the mail in exactly 2 weeks since I ordered the lashes. I was in love with the quality of the lashes, I still am. Now let's see why I'm so satisfied with these falsies.

Geo Princess Mimi Lens Review

Some people asked me via email and comments about the circle lenses I'm wearing, where to get them, and other details, so I decided to make a review post about these Geo Princess Mimi Lens (Bambi series). I've been using Princess Mimi lenses since around two years ago. At first I had the chocolate pair and after a while I got the sesame grey and I loved it and after half a year or so I decided to try out the apple green as well, and until now I'm still wearing this apple green color. I fell in love with these lenses ever since the first time I saw the ads of Tsubasa Masukawa wearing these lenses. And I thought this is it. I've tried many circle lenses brands and designs with different diameters and colors, and I gotta be honest Geo Princess Mimi is definitely my favorite. Well, I haven't changed to other brands and designs ever since I wore this, that's gotta count for something. Now, let's look what it's like.

Etude Dear My Milky Gloss Review

Hello! I'm back with another Etude House product this time. I've been dying to get a new lip gloss that's glossy and less glittery and sticky. In case you didn't know, well yes I'm a fan of 2NE1, and I've seen many posters and ads of Dara when she was endorsing Étude House with shinee and I've always wanted to try their lip products. Their lipstick and lip gloss look really pretty and shiny on Dara's beautiful lips so the ads really worked as I couldn't wait to try one for myself. So I got this cute Dear My Milk Gloss in MPK03 shade. It looks like a mild pink. I personally don't like any pink colors makeup but the orange nude ish shade (MBE102) was sold out and this pink one was the only one left. Etude House products really sell well huh... Now, let's see more of this product.

Liebster Award

My blog has just been nominated for the Liebster Award, thanks a lot to the gorgeous Milky Rabbit. Thank you for nominating me :) The purpose of this award is to give chance to new and growing blogs with less than 200 followers to be recognized and gain more exposure.

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