Etude Dear My Milky Gloss Review

Hello! I'm back with another Etude House product this time. I've been dying to get a new lip gloss that's glossy and less glittery and sticky. In case you didn't know, well yes I'm a fan of 2NE1, and I've seen many posters and ads of Dara when she was endorsing Étude House with shinee and I've always wanted to try their lip products. Their lipstick and lip gloss look really pretty and shiny on Dara's beautiful lips so the ads really worked as I couldn't wait to try one for myself. So I got this cute Dear My Milk Gloss in MPK03 shade. It looks like a mild pink. I personally don't like any pink colors makeup but the orange nude ish shade (MBE102) was sold out and this pink one was the only one left. Etude House products really sell well huh... Now, let's see more of this product.

The packaging is pretty cute, as expected from Etude House. It's slim and light, easy to carry around in your purse. At first glance, I thought it would be so pink. I was terrified as I know I wouldn't like having too pink lips. As seen on the wand, it looks pretty pink and fortunately it wasn't the pink shade I don't like. The wand is soft and sturdy and comfortable enough to apply on the lips.

On my hand it looks like this, pretty soft yet visible and pink. I'm glad it's not too shiny and glittery. It's a bit sticky and it has fruity scent.

On my lips it looks more pale and less pigmented. But it looks so mild and natural looking and I love it. My lips are usually so dry but after I put this lip gloss on, it looks normal and healthier, and decent. It lasts about few hours if you don't lick or bite your lips often. But I have to reapply after I eat and drink so... well it's pretty good.

They have 8 shades in total as seen on the picture above. The end result would look better if you apply the lipstick and then the lip gloss. But for me the lip gloss alone is enough as I don't really like having too shiny looking lips and not a thick one either :)


- Mild and soft
- Not too sticky
- Fruity scented
- Natural looking
- Cheap


- So far nothing


If you need a natural looking and not glittery lip gloss, this is the one. It doesn't dry your lips, stays for good amount of hours and has several pretty colors available. Would I repurchase? Well yes, but a different color most probably. Overall, it's a good buy.

What do you think of this product? :)

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  1. u have a natural pinkish lips.. *envy*

    1. Haha no I don't ^^ I have dark lips that's why I always need nude ish color lipstick and lip gloss ;) it looks pale pink thanks to this étude lip gloss~

    2. have u used nude lips before applying the lipgloss? the color is so vibrant >.< love how it looks on u..

    3. No ^_^ I applied it on bare lips. But it was a tad to pale and pink to my liking so I applied a nude lipstick afterwards (I didn't post the photo on this post) and it looked way better <3 This lip gloss is a bit transparent but pinkish ^^ You should try it ^^

  2. Thanks for the review^^
    The color is so nice (;

    1. Yes I like this pale shade but the other colors are also nice you should try it out :3

  3. I love Etude House especially their eyebrow pencil #2. This colour is so pretty on you.

    xoxo Lina

    1. Thank you Lina ^^ I've never tried their eyebrow pencil before but I agree I also love Étude House, especially their packaging <3


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