EyeLuvMe False Lashes + Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive Review

Eyelashes can't be separated from gyaru makeup style. Just like Tiffany says, "forget diamonds, false lashes are a girl's best friend!" If you follow me on Instagram you must have seen some pictures of these incredible false lashes I posted a while ago. I got this from EyeLuvMe which offers free worldwide shipping if your order is $25 or more and $1.99 flat rate shipping, which is really a good deal. They have both synthetic and human hair eyelashes, as well as some other false lashes tools. The first time I saw their prices on the website, I was in awe. One pair of eyelashes was only less than $2. I remember purchasing a pair of Dolly Wink lashes just few days before I ordered from EyeLuvMe and you guys know how pricey Dolly Wink falsies are and I felt a bit cheated (though Dolly Wink lashes are precious). But then again I thought $2 false lashes? Really? How bad would they be? Those questions popped in my mind, but they proved me wrong when I got them in the mail in exactly 2 weeks since I ordered the lashes. I was in love with the quality of the lashes, I still am. Now let's see why I'm so satisfied with these falsies.

This was the first pair I tried and I absolutely love the natural look. It has transparent elastic band and on the days I want to look natural but pretty without eyeliners, I put this on.

This is the back of the packaging. Click the picture for bigger size. You can see how to put the lash on if you've never apply false lashes before. I also find their eyelashes are too wide for my eyes so I measure the width and cut the strip to fit my eyes.


I also got 2 synthetic false lashes as well, Alayna and Carla, which I haven't tried but they look nice and pretty so I took them as well.



I actually nearly couldn't find the difference between Rose, Letty, and Ally because these three have the same natural looking with elastic transparent band. But they do look like real eyelashes so if you put them precisely and if people don't stare and pay attention too much, these lashes look like your real eyelashes. It's really perfect for daily use.

This is lower lashes, and also human hair, and also one of my favorites from EyeLuvMe. It looks so long and unnatural from this photo alone but once I put them on, I really wish I didn't have to remove them from my lower eyes forever.

And this pair is my top favorite. Not only it looks pretty, but it really stands out without being too dramatic and fake. It defines my eyes as well and I love it.

I also got Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive from EyeLuvMe. I always use Eye Putti eyelash glue before which is really good and light, but I gotta be honest, I love this Revlon glue more. When I apply the glue on the lashes strip, the white glue turns blue to my surprise, but the moment I put the strip on my eye, I barely see the glue liquid anymore, it just turns transparent. If you read my previous post when my shoe broke when I was in a mall with my friends and I had to fix it using my eyelash glue, well this is the glue. It really sticks well, but doesn't mean it's hard to take off or painful when you remove the eyelashes. I don't feel any pain when I remove my eyelashes. So yep, I always take this eyelashes glue anywhere now, just in case :)

This is me wearing Ally. I posted this on my Instagram before too. You can see my real lashes there under the falsies. I applied these falsies when I was at work so I didn't curl my real eyelashes and they didn't blend together lol. But you barely see the eyelash band, right? It's a bit noticeable in person but unless people look at you in such close distance, no they won't notice it.

I was wearing Hope (upper lashes) and Josie (lower lashes) on these photos. I don't know how my skintone looks the same but my hair color looks different on each photos. But anyway, yes I really love my eyes on these photos. It's nothing extravagant but they still define my eyes and I'm pretty amazed because normally I can't stand seeing my eyes without eyeliner on, but these lashes are really magical.

One full photo of myself with Hope and Josie.

What I really love about EyeLuvMe lashes is one pair can be used up to 5 times or more. I know I've used Ally for my daily use 4-5 times already, I can't remember but it still looks decent. And I also love how shipping only takes 2 weeks and that's fast considering it's international shipping to the other side of the world lol I know sometimes it takes longer than that for international shipping cause I got things from China or Korea around a month or more. And they also give you 10% discount on your second purchase (and that's why I'm gonna place my order after this tee hee).

What do you think about these lashes? You can check them out on EyeLuvMe website :D

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  1. those lashes are beautifuuulll...
    can you do a tutorial about how to use lower lashes? thx.. XO =)

    1. yes they are beautiful and natural ^^ and yes I will make a tutorial pretty soon <3

  2. i heart lashes!!! Love the Ally ones. Looking great dollface <3

    xoxo, Lina


  3. WOW!!!! Those false lashes are wonderful!!!!!


    Bye Bye


    1. I agree <3 those lashes are amazing. When I'm not lazy I always put them on :3

  4. Thank you so much for your lovely comment!!
    I follow you now on facebook!! Follow me too!



  5. Wow that lashes make looks like a lovely doll!
    Nice brand of lashes!



  6. Your eyes are so pretty!
    I love the look of falsies. However, I can never put them on properly- a little uncoordinated lol


    1. Thanks so much Carmen ^^ at first it was so hard for me too but once you get the hang of if, it'd only take you some seconds to put it on properly :D

  7. Awh great post! And your super cute too, new follower!

  8. Ahhh omg thank you for linking me, you're too sweet, Misa <3
    You're so lucky you got all these lashes for such a good price. Ally looks gorgeous for everyday wear and Hope looks so glam! They look so comfortable too :D

    1. Haha you're welcome, Tiff <3 I like that quote of yours so it stuck in my mind haha. You should try and order it too. They're really good and comfortable to wear :D I still need to try out the others as well xD

  9. I've tried so many times to apply bottom lashes but it's so fiddly! I really love your blog, would you like to check mine out ~ perhaps we could follow each other? ^-^

    -Emily xx

  10. these lashes look really nice on you! i think my favorites are ally, letty, and rose. i really should find other lashes to wear.. i mostly just wear dolly wink and diamond lashes. haha and i reuse them until infinity. no joke.

    xoxo Sarah

  11. Great post! I would like to try wearing falsies one day. (:

    I really like your blog. Would you like to follow each other? (:


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