Geo Princess Mimi Lens Review

Some people asked me via email and comments about the circle lenses I'm wearing, where to get them, and other details, so I decided to make a review post about these Geo Princess Mimi Lens (Bambi series). I've been using Princess Mimi lenses since around two years ago. At first I had the chocolate pair and after a while I got the sesame grey and I loved it and after half a year or so I decided to try out the apple green as well, and until now I'm still wearing this apple green color. I fell in love with these lenses ever since the first time I saw the ads of Tsubasa Masukawa wearing these lenses. And I thought this is it. I've tried many circle lenses brands and designs with different diameters and colors, and I gotta be honest Geo Princess Mimi is definitely my favorite. Well, I haven't changed to other brands and designs ever since I wore this, that's gotta count for something. Now, let's look what it's like.


Manufacturer : Geo Medical
Diameter : 15 mm
Water Content : 38% - 42%
Base Curve : 8.7 mm
Life Span : 1 year


I really love the design of these lenses. It has black ring / frame which makes the two tone patterns stand out, especially when you're under good lighting. Even under low or normal lighting, the design makes your eyes look very natural.


These lenses have 15 mm diameter, which is still quite normal. I know some circle lenses have 18-19 mm diameter which gives you dolly eyes effect, but even with 15 mm you'll notice the difference. What I like about 15 mm lenses is you can have cute doe eyes but still look natural.


I'm really picky about uncomfortable contacts. Once I find them not comfy or make my eyes really dry and red, I doubt I will ever use them again, no matter how pretty my eyes look like with them on. But fortunately for me, Geo Princess Mimi is pretty comfortable. I can't say it's very comfortable because there are times when these lenses make my eyes really dry, but it's only occasionally so I'm not complaining. Besides, whenever I feel dry, I just need to drop some solution and it'll be fine.


This is a really great pair of circle lenses, for me. I wear this everyday for more than 10 hours for more than 2 years and I'm loving it. It makes your eyes look cuter and bigger, obviously, and it also has great comfort level. It looks natural and can be your everyday use. I highly recommend this Bambi series if you're looking for natural cute dolly looking lenses.

This is what the Apple Green looks like.

With flash:

Without flash:

And this is the Sesame Grey.

This one is Chocolate it's quite an old picture from 2011, hence the bad quality picture.

You can get Geo Princess Mimi Lens online from:

Pinky Paradise  for $23.90
Eye Candy's for $26.88
Lens Village for $21.50
Candy Lens for $21.90

What do you think? Which color do you like more?


  1. Very nicely reviewd :)
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    Wish you could join my celebration :)

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  2. I just love that eye color on you!!!! :)

  3. wow the enlargement is pretty good and the color is so pretty without flash.

    1. Yes it is one of the best lenses they have ^^ I personally love the color without flash too~

  4. They make your eyes look gorgeous <3

  5. The colour looks amazing without the flash. The brown one is really nice too :D

    1. I agree :D all 3 colors look natural & pretty you should try it out ^^

  6. You're so pretty^^ and your blog is beautiful:) I'm looking forward to your next blogpost:)

    1. Thank you, Eunji <3 I will post pretty soon~~

    Would you like to follow each other?! Let me know!! :)

  8. This lens looks really lovely and cute on you sweetie!
    When I put this same model I looks like an anime character!
    I prefer the green Apple Bambi Green!
    Your looks like a lovely doll.

    1. Aww thanks a lot, Sa-chan <3 these lenses are really pretty on your eyes ^^ and we do feel like anime characters with these on haha

  9. Love love love these lens! They are my favorite green lens ever! And they perfectly complement your ash blonde hair <3

    1. Thank you, Tiff ^^ I love these lens too <3 They're really the best I ever have :D

  10. Nice review! Thanks for sharing :)
    I ordered the same lenses two days ago and I'm reslly excited how it will look like :))


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