Shu Uemura POREraser UV Under Base Mousse Review

Hello! I'm back again with Shu Uemura POREraser. For a while now I've been trying various face primers and pore fillers products to see which one suits my skin better and helps minimizing my humongous pores and after months searching and trying out, I've finally found the right one for me. I don't know about you, but I do have big pores I want to get rid of. But cutie Marxie told me that you can't make pores disappear. Well, that's true. But then I learn that this POREraser under base mousse can minimize my pores for several good hours, and that's what I need. I heard about this product from my friend Fio on our latest date when I asked her what she applied on her face cause she has the same combination oily skin as mine but her face looks so smooth, not greasy and sparkly. Then she told me she's been using Shu Uemura products and spilled her beauty secrets haha. I immediately hunted down those Shu Uemura products and got some of them. Well, I can't get them all since it's way more pricey than most of the makeup products I've purchased before. Well, it's Shu Uemura after all. 

For you who's not familiar with Shu Uemura yet, well, it is named after the "legendary" japanese makeup artist and beauty pioneer, Shu Uemura. It was established in 1965. He has a philosophy beautiful make-up starts with beautiful skin, believing that the quality of skincare is essential in creating beautiful makeup. They use natural gentle ingredients, many Shu Uemura products are formulated with depsea water, a mineral-rich deep seawater, and asian phyto-ingredients that are known for their beneficial properties in improving the metabolism of the skin. 

UV under base has been labeled as no.1 makeup base in China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, and Hong Kong. And this POREraser under base comes in 2 shades, beige and pink. I got mine in beige. Read more if you're interested in this amazing product :)

Liebster Award #2

Hello again! I know I posted Liebster Award nomination a while ago, but the lovely Tina from Be Bold Be Beautiful and Fraulein from Berries In The Snow nominated me again, check out their pretty blogs~ Liebster award (as I previously stated) is meant for bloggers with less than 200 followers (like mine sob lol).

Here are the rules:
1. Each blogger should answer the questions the tagger has set for you.
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Almay Truly Lasting Color Foundation in Naked Review

Do you have problems with short lasting foundation that tends to get cakey at the end of the day? Are you also not completely sure if you'd like to try out several foundations to see which one would fit your skin cause you have sensitive and acne prone skin? Well, then we have the same issues. I've used bb cream for the longest time because it's really practical and easy to apply. But I noticed that some bb creams break me out and can't handle my oiliness during the most humid day. I decided to give foundation a try after what feels like years. Honestly I don't really like having foundation on my face cause the last foundation I had (Revlon and Kose) made my face so tight and dry that I stopped using them. Then I heard about Almay. This may sound funny but the one who introduced me to Almay is actually my boyfriend. You must have this o_O expression I know haha. But he's like my bestie who I tend to whine and nag and vent about anything with, including my makeup and skin issues, yes. Then his female coworkers recommend this product for me (through him). Okay moving on.

Almay is a cosmetic brand you can find in your local drugstores but it is well known for its hypoallergenic products. It claims to be "16 hour makeup". Who doesn't love drugstore makeup that actually works, right? But too bad it's not available yet in Asia yet (from what I know) so I had to order from cause I refused to wait until my boyfriend visits me next month to get this foundation. I was so happy when I got this after two weeks of waiting. Okay enough babbling and let's see what it does and looks like.

Etude House Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips Review

Hello guys! Today I'll be reviewing Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips. All of you must have seen and heard about the now infamous Etoinette line from Etude House. One of the products they launch for this line is no other than this gorgeous looking lipstick. I got this from the gift box my friend, Fio, gave me on her birthday last month as mentioned on my previous post. One of the greatest selling factors of Etoinette products is their cute princessy packaging which is to die for. I know most of us have  always loved and adored Etude House packaging, but I'd never expected that they can go for even more cute packaging. I got the lipstick in PPK004, a red cherry ish shade. I don't really know if I should use it or not cause normally I don't wear bright colored lipstick, if you notice I always wear nude lipstick cause... well my lips look like frog's with bright colors haha. Anyway, it comes in 8 colors as seen on the picture below.

Click to view larger

Now let's see this cute lipstick closer.

Introducing WISHTREND, The Hub of Korean Beauty Secrets

I've heard nothing but good things about WISHTREND from my friends that I decided to check it out myself. And I was quite amazed the moment the webpage was opened. Within few seconds, my eyes were entertained by the cool slider that displayed some of eye candy beauty products I've never seen before yet so convincing and promising. 

click to zoom in
WISHTREND is an online shopping mall that carries Korean makeup and skincare brands. They launched in September 2011 and the brands on WISHTREND might not be well known globally but they're popular among Korean women. Wishtrend is currently selling in 50 countries and has introduced 400 products from 30 brands. Their mission is "Help you to be more beautiful". Furthermore they believe that you will be beautiful as long as you WISH to be. 

"Those amazing stuff which we discover will be delivered to your front door." Okay, I'm bought. Looking at those skincare stuff on the website, I know I have to try some of them. They do provide worldwide shipping. Free standard shipping on orders over $70 and free EMS shipping on orders over $130. How neat is that?

Dolly Wink Baby Girl Lashes no. 13 Review & Tutorial

I've received some emails about making lower lash tutorial and finally here it is :D this is Koji Dolly Wink false lashes no. 13 and probably the first Dolly Wink lashes I purchased. I got them a while ago and I've been using it 4-5 times and just like its name, these lashes make me look dolly. As you may know, Dolly Wink is a collaboration between Koji and gyaru model Tsubasa Masukawa. This one is called Baby Girl. I've seen Tsu-chan with this lower lashes in some photo shoots and events several times and it might be one of her favorite lower lashes too! It's one of my favorites for sure. I put these on when I want to look dolly innocent. And unlike my original lower lashes, these lashes no. 13 always make me look good in pictures, they're noticeable in a good way. I'll be reviewing this product and giving a simple and easy tutorial how to put them on.

Now let's see what it looks like.

1st Mini Giveaway

First off, I've always wanted to host a simple giveaway to show appreciation for my readers and followers who've been supporting my blog. I remember I started this blog around last year but I got busy and distracted that I didn't update and run the blog until around the end of January 2013. It has been few months and I'm happy to see this blog grows. From 50 views a day to 180~200 views a day now. It's not big but I met other awesome bloggers and wonderful readers I can share with and be friends with in this past few months and I get some emails every week asking about beauty and gyaru tips & makeup review requests. Actually I wasn't sure if you guys would be interested in participating, that's why I host this mini giveaway as a first. This is an international giveaway so everyone can join and participate :) 

More info click~

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask Review

If you have pore problems like I do, then Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask is for you. I actually don't really know if this would work, but for me it does. Innisfree has been known for their pure ingredients from the nature since 13 years ago. This Korean brand promotes and practices eco friendly green design and life to preserve nature. This product is a clay mask with Jeju volcanic clusters that helps absorbing your sebum and minimizing your pores. 

According to their website, Jeju volcanic cluster was created by the lava that was hardened when there was a volcanic eruption in Jeju Island. It is a rare pure ingredient with the capacity to absorb sebum and impurities. Now what is Jeju volcanic cluster? It's a multi-porous structure with countless micro pores with powerful natural capacity to absorb and sterilize the charcoal of oak trees. They also say it is a miraculous material that offers powerful antibacterial, detoxifying, purifying, and moisturizing functions without any additives. Volcanic cluster is the only week base resource similar to human blood, which is only found in the Island of Jeju, Korea. Alright, wow, I feel smarter after reading this from their website lol. Okay, now let's see if the product actually works like it says in the description.