Dolly Wink Baby Girl Lashes no. 13 Review & Tutorial

I've received some emails about making lower lash tutorial and finally here it is :D this is Koji Dolly Wink false lashes no. 13 and probably the first Dolly Wink lashes I purchased. I got them a while ago and I've been using it 4-5 times and just like its name, these lashes make me look dolly. As you may know, Dolly Wink is a collaboration between Koji and gyaru model Tsubasa Masukawa. This one is called Baby Girl. I've seen Tsu-chan with this lower lashes in some photo shoots and events several times and it might be one of her favorite lower lashes too! It's one of my favorites for sure. I put these on when I want to look dolly innocent. And unlike my original lower lashes, these lashes no. 13 always make me look good in pictures, they're noticeable in a good way. I'll be reviewing this product and giving a simple and easy tutorial how to put them on.

Now let's see what it looks like.

As usual, Dolly Wink packaging never fail to amaze me. It's really cute and girly. It's made of plastic but it's secure. I don't have eyelashes case so this packaging is quite helpful and neat to keep the eyelashes inside as long as you close the packaging properly.

This is the back of the packaging. It's in Japanese and there's a sample picture of how the lashes look like. In the picture, the lashes look so natural and pretty.

It comes with the eyelash glue. I tried the glue but I have to say it's not really sticky and I prefer my revlon or eye putti glues. But you can see it has transparent lash band. However, I find these lashes too delicate and I always have to be careful with them if I want the lashes stay on the band. The lashes feel so soft when I touch it with my finger. It is indeed high quality human hair so you don't have to worry it won't look fake when you put it on.

There are two pairs of eyelashes. One pair can be used around 5-6 times if you use it carefully and always clean the glue and debris after use. But be careful when you're removing the glue, you can't just pull the glue leftover roughly because one of two strands of lashes would also get pulled away. It happens to me.

- Gives natural and dolly look
- High quality hair
- Good packaging

- Pricey
- The elastic band is still visible
- Too delicate, have to be careful


Though I state the cons as much as the pros, but overall it's a really good pair of eyelashes. I find the lashes a bit long, still so I have to curl the hair a bit to make it more natural looking. But I'm satisfied with this false lashes because it does give me a cute dolly look and makes my eyes look bigger. 

Now, I believe we all have a hard time putting on lower lashes, especially for the first time. But once you get the hang of it, it's not as hard as it used to be. Here is a mini simple tutorial.

1. Apply your eyelash glue on the back of the lash band. Aim the spot you want to put it on.

2. Put the lash band a little bit lower from your lower eyeline to make your eye look bigger.

3. Make sure the lash stays firmly and comfortable enough that it wouldn't poke your eye. And done!

For me, the biggest ordeal while putting on lower lashes for the first time was my real lower lashes. They aren't visible in the pictures but I have some lower lashes especially around the middle. And if I'm not careful and don't put the lashes lower, it wouldn't stick because of my real lower lashes. So I always put the lash band a bit below my real lower lashes. I hope it makes sense haha. Besides, it feels so uncomfortable if the false lashes are too close to your lower eyeline. I tried and my eye got watery in no time. 

Final result

I hope this post helps you guys. I'm not good in making tutorial in fact this is my first time so I hope it's not too bad haha. I've used these Dolly Wink no. 13 lashes so many times and I'm not gonna stop, I will repurchase definitely even though new lashes are out I've seen them and I won't change my mind about no. 13 being my favorite lower lashes from Dolly Wink. 

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