Etude House Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips Review

Hello guys! Today I'll be reviewing Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips. All of you must have seen and heard about the now infamous Etoinette line from Etude House. One of the products they launch for this line is no other than this gorgeous looking lipstick. I got this from the gift box my friend, Fio, gave me on her birthday last month as mentioned on my previous post. One of the greatest selling factors of Etoinette products is their cute princessy packaging which is to die for. I know most of us have  always loved and adored Etude House packaging, but I'd never expected that they can go for even more cute packaging. I got the lipstick in PPK004, a red cherry ish shade. I don't really know if I should use it or not cause normally I don't wear bright colored lipstick, if you notice I always wear nude lipstick cause... well my lips look like frog's with bright colors haha. Anyway, it comes in 8 colors as seen on the picture below.

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Now let's see this cute lipstick closer.

 I love the E logo on the front and also the silver prints which makes the box cuter.

 The back cover


 I'm deeply in love with the silver prints and pretty deco

Basically this is the Korean version of the back cover

Packaging. I obviously love the packaging. From the silver prints and deco to the E emblem/logo. Though of course Etude House lies about "all your romantic princess dream will come true" after using the lipstick cause mine didn't come true at all lol jk XD But seriously, even if I barely use this lipstick, I still like staring at it sometimes (when I'm really bored and have nothing better to do) cause it's just too pretty! Do I even need to repeat it again and again? Haha. The size is kind of small and light so it's travel friendly too.


I also love the engraved Etoinette logo on the lipstick. This is PPK004 shade. It looks so red and you can see some glitters. And trust me it smells good.


My bad I think I didn't apply it enough on my skin so it looks less pigmented and thin but it's actually very pigmented as seen on my lips picture below. Hope I didn't freak you out with this picture cause I know I freaked out as I saw my red lips in the mirror D:

- Cute packaging
- Very pigmented
- Moisturizing
- Fills the crack on your lips properly
- Not sticky
- Lasts around 3-4 hours or more
- Doesn't look much glittery but it's slightly shimmering

- ......Other than this shade I don't really fond of, I don't find any cons.


Even though the color is definitely not my favorite and not the color I usually wear, I give this lipstick 4/5 because of the quality. It's pigmented and moisturizing. I have issues with some lipsticks that make my lips really dry and chapped at the end of the day. This lipstick doesn't do that. I might purchase another color cause I really like this moisturizing lipstick.

 Sorry I look bleh I really wanted to mosaic my face but I didn't have time to edit my pics >_<

You can get this pretty lipstick for $17.11 on W2Beauty with free shipping. Have you used Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips? What's your favorite color? Share your thoughts! ^^

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