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Liebster Award #3

Hello again! This is my third Liebster Award post. This time I was nominated by these beautiful ladies, Krystal, Tiffany, Sennnaa, Phailee, Sam and June. Check out their lovely blogs! Liebster is a blog award nominated to bloggers with less than 200 followers. The purpose of this award is to recognize, discover, and embrace new and growing blogs and  bloggers.

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Etude House Aloha V-Line Slim Maker Review

Readers request.

Who wants less chubby face and more V shape face? There are a lot of highlighter & shading products, and I'm always eyeing and trying for more. After reading one of Chermaine's tutorial, I saw she used this product and decided to try it too cause it looked good. I know Dara used to endorse this too when she was still a Etude House model. I purchased this from W2Beauty for $19.23. I love how I got this product in exactly 2 weeks and got free samples as well, which I included to my first giveaway. First thing I noticed was the cute packaging. It is really cute, and the metallic pink-purplish compact and floral designs remind me of HP netbook I saw years ago with similar color and design lol.

Now let's see closer how it looks like.

Birthday Date

If you remember / read my post about my previous gyaru date, you know this is the exactly same food I ordered that day. I just love this baked macaroni so much. So the day after my birthday, me and my boyfriend met with Fio since we wanted to celebrate my birthday with her. My boyfriend wanted to celebrate my birthday with my other friends too (since he doesn't know anyone here) but we were running out of time, and my other close friends were overseas around that time for work so his mission to celebrate my birthday with so many people possible as if I was a 5 year old kid, failed haha. Anyway, if you read my previous birthday post, you see that I got a new phone which is iPhone 5. And during this mall trip, I was trying out the camera since some people keep saying iPhone 5 camera is not good. I've been using iPhone 4S before and I love the back camera, though I must admit its front camera is not good enough. But I was surprised (yes I never really googled iPhone 5 and its features) how great iPhone 5's front camera is! I love the clean result, no more pixel dusts (that's what I call it cause I don't know the real terms lol) and I just love the camera so much. So warning: picture heavy post right here lol 

This was one of the few last dates I had with my boyfriend before he went back to US, we wanted to watch Man of Steel after we separated from my friend, because she had to go to another party. Busy girl is busy. So we could only had late lunch and went karaoke for a short while with her. The moment I met her, I gave her the gift I got her, and she gave me a birthday gift too, in a big shopping bag. I'll reveal the gifts in the end of this post. 

1st Giveaway Winners + Surprisingly Sweet Birthday

I know it's been more than a week since I last updated, I believe. I've been busy with work (which I did halfheartedly around this time) and going places and running out of time ever since my boyfriend came here 2 weeks ago. He was such a distraction!! Haha jk and I hope he's not reading this lol. But yes he made me way chubbier too!! Haha I need to watch what I eat from now on, or my bridesmaid dress wouldn't fit :/ And now that he is on the way back to the states, I have some time to get back to real life and update my blog. So, first thing first, thank you everyone for participating my very first giveaway. I didn't promote my giveaway other than on my blog, so I sincerely thank you for your interests and supports for this mini giveaway. The winners for this giveaways are:

2. Sarah
3. Rossy
4. Susan

I emailed all winners and am preparing the items to be shipped as soon as I'm done with the postal thingy. They're supposed to be shipped in few days :D Once again I wanna thank you all of you who've been very supportive to me and my blog, I always love the comments and emails you've sent me and as of now my blog is still growing but I'm really content with 300 daily views and also I have so many upcoming review posts (Dolly Wink, Skin79,  Etude House etc) which will be published soon (as soon as I'm done editing the pictures lol). I'll host another giveaway too pretty soon :3

As the giveaway ended on June 14th, it was also my birthday. Since my boyfriend was here with me this year, we planned to celebrate my birthday with my family and some friends. So the day before, I took him shopping. 

June Hauls

Hello guys! It's nearly the middle of June already, and almost my birthday too soon, but wow time surely flies so fast. I remember I waited for this month to come since months ago (not because of my birthday I swear I hate getting 1 year older lol) and now that it's finally June, next thing I know it's only couple weeks away to July already. What have I been doing? Nothing. Haha I do notice I haven't posted in few days, or has it been a week already? I think so, yeah. Thanks to certain someone who reminded me to hurry and write a quick post last night. I've been going out, eating, watching movies, doing nothing, well working too, but still eating, catching up with my bf, slacking off and the list goes on lol basically I've been busy taking him around restaurants and malls after work and on my off days so I barely have time to sit in front of my laptop and blog. But here I am, back with my first haul post lol. 

I ordered a lot of stuff last month, and shipped some of them to my boyfriend's home in California since I know he'd be coming here on June. So yes, basically I've been waiting for June, partly because of my beauty babies haha. At this point, you guys must know that I love eyeluvme lashes right? Cause yes I posted their lashes review before and also included them in my first giveaway, and I also ordered more of them. But silly me forgot to put the Revlon lashes glue in my shopping cart and I ended up making my bf to run around to get me those lashes one day before he left. And he got me 3 eyelashes glues which would last a long while, so I'm planning to donate one of them to someone in need haha XD I also got some sephora samples and nail polish I have yet to try. More about my latest haul after the jump :D

Etude House CC Cream Review

Step aside BB creams, it's now CC creams era! Okay, not really haha. But seriously, CC creams are everywhere now that I had to get it and try it out the moment I saw it available in store. I was hesitating which CC creams I should try as my first. Almost all of my favorite Korean brands to the brands I've never had before launched CC creams: Innisfree, Faceshop, Tony Moly, Hera, Skinfood, Etude House, Elishacoy, Nature Republic, Banila Co, Saem etc. So couple weeks ago, I decided to pick Etude House CC cream cause it's Etude House, the most affordable one lol I was pretty broke back then. Etude House CC cream has two types, Glow and Silky. I got mine in Glow, but I also got a sample size of this CC cream in Silky. I got them from Chrystelle Belle.

Anyway, in case you don't know what CC cream is and what's the difference between BB creams, well basically CC cream is a lighter version of BB cream with much more functions but with less coverage. CC stands for Correct and Care as this cream is meant to not only beautify your face but also fix the imperfections with caring and correcting your skin. What's interesting about CC cream is, they usually come in one shade but they can blend and match your skintone, so CC creams are suitable for any skintones. Sounds too good to be true? Now let's see if it's actually that good.

Etude House Drawing Show Creamy Liner Review & Tutorial

I've been using gel liner for years now. It's quick, easy, pigmented, and doesn't smudge. And today I'll be reviewing this amazing Drawing Show Creamy Liner from Etude House. I've been meaning to review this product since ages ago but I kept getting distracted by other things. But I got some emails asking for eyeliner tutorial which motivated me to consider making one. And especially this certain girl who wouldn't stop bugging and asking me when I'd post this eyeliner review so I couldn't help but rush to post this product review and tutorial. Haha thank you for reminding me every single time about this neglected draft, Marxie <3 Anyway, I've been using this product for months now and I must say it's better than Faceshop gel liner I used before that I end up getting another one for my mom cause it's just too good. I'm a bit picky when choosing the right eyeliner cause some eyeliner stings after some hours for me. But this hasn't disappointed me so far. I really love its staying power and this one is waterproof! 

Keep reading if you're interested :)