1st Giveaway Winners + Surprisingly Sweet Birthday

I know it's been more than a week since I last updated, I believe. I've been busy with work (which I did halfheartedly around this time) and going places and running out of time ever since my boyfriend came here 2 weeks ago. He was such a distraction!! Haha jk and I hope he's not reading this lol. But yes he made me way chubbier too!! Haha I need to watch what I eat from now on, or my bridesmaid dress wouldn't fit :/ And now that he is on the way back to the states, I have some time to get back to real life and update my blog. So, first thing first, thank you everyone for participating my very first giveaway. I didn't promote my giveaway other than on my blog, so I sincerely thank you for your interests and supports for this mini giveaway. The winners for this giveaways are:

2. Sarah
3. Rossy
4. Susan

I emailed all winners and am preparing the items to be shipped as soon as I'm done with the postal thingy. They're supposed to be shipped in few days :D Once again I wanna thank you all of you who've been very supportive to me and my blog, I always love the comments and emails you've sent me and as of now my blog is still growing but I'm really content with 300 daily views and also I have so many upcoming review posts (Dolly Wink, Skin79,  Etude House etc) which will be published soon (as soon as I'm done editing the pictures lol). I'll host another giveaway too pretty soon :3

As the giveaway ended on June 14th, it was also my birthday. Since my boyfriend was here with me this year, we planned to celebrate my birthday with my family and some friends. So the day before, I took him shopping. 

Took a quick picture before I went to the car. You can see how chubby I look like now, starting from this picture lol.

These photos are the same as the ones I posted on my instagram lol. The shopping bags I was holding in the pictures weren't mine xD I was being my boyfriend's stylist for the day so I had to carry some of his shopping bags too haha (but he carried most of the shopping bags so it's ok). While he was trying out the clothes, I didn't miss my chance to take some pictures of course lol. Then before we left, I asked him to take pics of me.

And then on my birthday, my coworker surprised me with birthday gift and cake at work. It was a cute dolphin necklace which I really love :D

However, this wasn't the most surprising. After eating the birthday cake from my coworker, suddenly I got a call from the receptionist that I got a parcel. I thought it was something I ordered or from a sponsor, but then I knew I wasn't expecting anything. Once I was there to pick up the "parcel", I saw some suspicious things which I knew almost immediately who sent those. 

They were from my boyfriend. He often surprised me with flowers and cake, which actually shouldn't make me so surprised this time. But I was because I didn't see it coming at all since he was here breathing the same air as me lol. So yeah it surprised me. Cause I mean... why? We would meet up after work anyway haha but oh well I liked it. Though the balloon kind of embarrassed me to be honest. The cake looks burnt and unappealing somehow, but it's tiramisu cake (my favorite) and it was really really good! I shared the cake with my coworkers. But the roses? I was like -__- when I saw it cause I know this time around I would be too lazy to dry them. I always dry the flowers he sent me cause I don't wanna see them wither and die. But the drying process takes a while so I am rather lazy and just put the last 2 flowers bouquets he sent me on the corner somewhere. So seeing this brand new roses made me go uhhh not again XD cause I know I won't have the heart to throw it away. But for now the flowers still sit on my desk at work, along with the dried roses I had from his previous gifts.

 And I was ready to go. I had to go after work so I couldn't wear fancy dress like how I wanted to XD Time was running out as it was almost 7PM already so I rushed to call his driver to pick me up after he dropped my boyfriend to the mall. He said he wanted to look around the mall while waiting for me. I knew he must be looking for something to give me cause that day he had been going to 2 different malls while I was at work. Haha XD He mentioned couple rings and promise ring, so if my guts were right, he must be looking for a ring or... jewelry lol. He knows I'm a ring collector lol.

I was wearing eyeluvme lashes Krystle. They were really long and made my eyes stand out :D

Then I found his car and we headed to the mall where he had been waiting for me. Once we met, the first thing I noticed was... the small shopping bag in his hand. But since I kinda figured it must be my birthday present, I didn't really ask haha. Then we had to wait for my family to come since my brother was picking up his girlfriend first before coming to my birthday dinner. So me and my boyfriend went into a coffee shop and waited there as we had lychee tea. We love lychees :D Then he put the shopping bag on the table, now I couldn't help but to be sooooo curious. He wasn't that secretive either lol, and he revealed it was my birthday gift. I had to ask him what it was, just a hint actually but then he was being stingy and didn't want to let me know. After I pleaded, he finally let me open the gift haha >< Cause I'm a very curious person and he knows that and he shouldn't have told me it was my birthday gift lol I wouldn't satisfy until he answered my curiosity. And I seriously was expecting bracelet, or ring, or necklace, so after I unwrapped the box my eyes popped out.

I was wrong. Totally wrong. Yes, it was a brand new iPhone 5 -___- I was like... why? I mean, I have iPhone 4S and ever since Apple launched iPhone 5 I always told him how I don't like it cause it's less classy and no glassy mirror back cover like 4S lol. And there aren't much differences between those 2 phones. And yet, he still got me iPhone 5? And my second why was because I knew he purchased it in local apple store, which obviously cost more. We don't have plan systems when buying phones like most countries, so all the phones are unlocked and cost way more expensive. I had this -___- look instead of being thankful and said actual thank you to him. Wow now that I think about it, I was being a total jerk. lol sorry >< I was surprised though the moment he revealed his reason why. He said since iPhone 5S is coming out soon and he wants to upgrade his phone to 5S, he wants us to have couple phone again so he got me iPhone 5 instead. Maybe so we can use couple phone cases again lol but I think it was kind of sweet so I let it slide and accepted reality lol.

But what about my cute iPhone 4S cases?

Yes those are my most loved cases I often use and switch. I still have some more but those are the ones I use the most. Yes, what about them??? Well, I still keep them and I use both phones now -_- haha not complaining but it's kinda not convenient using 2 phones, but since I still have 3,100 ish pictures and some videos and so many apps and its data, and also lots of contacts, I'm too lazy to delete and import the data cause I don't even use iCloud and the pictures... okay I'm always lazy connecting to iTunes etc so being the lazy me, I still keep things as they are now and using 2 phones instead lol. Though I was complaining, but I love love love iPhone 5's front camera especially (it even shows my pores lol not that I'm proud of it but I love how even the front camera is so good) and also its lightweight, at least now my pinky finger won't feel sore after long hours of texting now cause it's so light.

Okay, back to my birthday dinner lol. Me and my family (plus my brother's gf, Jessica, and my bf) had a dinner in chinese restaurant. Seriously my mom loves chinese food too much though we had chinese food our entire lives lol. But since my boyfriend doesn't eat and enjoy chinese food everyday, so it's okay to let him taste new foods :D and he liked it.

After we had dinner, the kids (me, my brother and his girl) were so full and hyper and we were kinda noisy as we had our own photo sessions in the restaurant lol. Seriously we were lucky they didn't kick us out. So after we were done taking photos, we headed out and my mom and brother went shopping. Yes, me, Jessica, and my boyfriend accompanied them while they were taking their sweet time shopping. After that we finally went home. It was one of the happiest birthdays I ever had cause I was having such a good time with everyone and it was really nice having him around this time :D

Once home, I unwrapped the gift from Jessica.

I got these adorable Rilakkuma hand sanitizer and cute travel lenses kit. I love the mirror! Haha just what I needed. Thank you, Jessica ^_^

And the next day I planned to meet my friend Fio and as always we would exchange gifts somehow haha and it was kind of unplanned so I had to rush and buy anything cute I could find for her.

Those are what I got for her, cute powder puff with cute pink ribbon, and also Sho-Bi upper and bottom lashes. I wasn't sure what I should buy for her so I decided to get the simple ones, I know she doesn't like putting on too flashy lashes like I do XD

Okay I think that's all for today. I should end this post and continue my birthday date with Fio on the next post cause this post is getting longer and confusing lol. Thank you for reading, and thank you for the birthday wishes ^^

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