Birthday Date

If you remember / read my post about my previous gyaru date, you know this is the exactly same food I ordered that day. I just love this baked macaroni so much. So the day after my birthday, me and my boyfriend met with Fio since we wanted to celebrate my birthday with her. My boyfriend wanted to celebrate my birthday with my other friends too (since he doesn't know anyone here) but we were running out of time, and my other close friends were overseas around that time for work so his mission to celebrate my birthday with so many people possible as if I was a 5 year old kid, failed haha. Anyway, if you read my previous birthday post, you see that I got a new phone which is iPhone 5. And during this mall trip, I was trying out the camera since some people keep saying iPhone 5 camera is not good. I've been using iPhone 4S before and I love the back camera, though I must admit its front camera is not good enough. But I was surprised (yes I never really googled iPhone 5 and its features) how great iPhone 5's front camera is! I love the clean result, no more pixel dusts (that's what I call it cause I don't know the real terms lol) and I just love the camera so much. So warning: picture heavy post right here lol 

This was one of the few last dates I had with my boyfriend before he went back to US, we wanted to watch Man of Steel after we separated from my friend, because she had to go to another party. Busy girl is busy. So we could only had late lunch and went karaoke for a short while with her. The moment I met her, I gave her the gift I got her, and she gave me a birthday gift too, in a big shopping bag. I'll reveal the gifts in the end of this post. 

my cute friend Fio

I really want her skin, like seriously. Her face looked so firm, smooth and glowy in real life. She wore Laneige BB cream and Jill Stuart powder (which I'll hunt soon). 

While waiting for our foods, we took pictures, most of the time my boyfriend helped us with the picture taking. Oh gosh I look so bloated lol. Me and Fio ordered the same baked macaroni and lychee tea. Then after we finished our food, we talked nonstop about girl things, you know, makeup, dresses, celebrities, makeup, skincare, hauls, makeup..... which made my boyfriend froze haha. And to top it all, he doesn't understand our language lol. But I gave him just-bear-with-it-for-couple-more-hours look and smile cause soon enough I would spend time and watch movie with him after all. And I continued talking to Fio haha. I feel bad now XD

Yep. I need to stop eating so much and lose some weight lol.

And I was such a camwhore I wouldn't stop taking pictures especially with my new phone haha. I don't know but I guess I like the pictures from my phone more than my camera, for the outside pictures. 

Taken using iPhone 5 front camera without any filters/editing, you can see my pores and bumpy skin lol


Then after we got tired (and finally got embarrassed being such camwhores in public place) we went to karaoke, and after a while Fio had to go. Me and my boyfriend ended up singing for 2 hours lol but too bad we couldn't get tickets for Man in Steel so we went home.

Once I got home, I was so tired I looked like a dirt bum lol. Then I read the birthday card Fio gave me, it was so cute and colorful. Thanks a lot ^^ This is what she gave me as birthday gifts.

I gasped when I unwrapped the gift cause it was such a cute Liz Lisa dress that I really love!

This dress is full lacey lace which I absolutely love <3 

And also an Urban Decay set: Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion, All Nighter Setting Spray, Eye Shadow, Mascara, and Naked Skin Foundation. I'll review these later. Thanks again, Fio I'll try and use them well ^^

Annnnd this concludes my birthday posts. Now that the long posts are done, I can reply to emails and comments :D And I also will post some reviews soon. Thank you for reading, have a great day/night ^^

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