Etude House Aloha V-Line Slim Maker Review

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Who wants less chubby face and more V shape face? There are a lot of highlighter & shading products, and I'm always eyeing and trying for more. After reading one of Chermaine's tutorial, I saw she used this product and decided to try it too cause it looked good. I know Dara used to endorse this too when she was still a Etude House model. I purchased this from W2Beauty for $19.23. I love how I got this product in exactly 2 weeks and got free samples as well, which I included to my first giveaway. First thing I noticed was the cute packaging. It is really cute, and the metallic pink-purplish compact and floral designs remind me of HP netbook I saw years ago with similar color and design lol.

Now let's see closer how it looks like.

I got the parcel in safe condition because it was wrapped neatly using thick bubble wrap inside the carton. The box reminds me of summer beach festival. Well, obviously it's Aloha line lol. And I really like the decorative prints on the box. Alice from W2Beauty also included 2 free samples and a thank you lacy note, you don't know how much I love lace haha ^^

Description and directions. On the back of the box, there's this cute drawing that makes me laugh. It's a girl with square shape face which turns into V shape face after using this. Though it's so not very true, but it's still pretty cute lol.

This product comes in 2 shades, I picked the Sun Gold, Wood Brown one cause I'm not really into pink highlighter. 

The packaging is cute and looks like compact powder. At first it was really hard for me to open the compact, but apparently it was me who didn't know how to open it properly lol. It's closed tightly and Etude House does a good job on the sturdy lock department. 

It comes with the applicator brush and soft plastic brush case as well. I didn't know it would come with the brush so I was content.

There are the highlighter and shading. I love the floral embossed. Can you see the sparkles? Haha maybe the light is a bit bright in this picture, but the sparkles on the highlighter is very noticeable. And the first thing I notice when I open the compact is the smell. Yes, ladies, it has slight fragrance. Not sure if it's a good or bad thing, but I like it. It has nice flowery scents.

What's even greater is there's a clear mirror inside the compact too, so no need to worry to find an extra mirror. The mirror is even nicer than my usual compact mirror I have in my makeup pouch lol. 

The swatch on my fingers. The highlighter is very pigmented and makes a really nice light gold on the skin, but unfortunately the shading isn't pigmented. No matter how many times I apply the brush, it won't be so noticeable, which can be a good thing actually. At least I won't scare kids away if I accidentally apply too much brown shading on my face lol. I'm really impressed with the highlighter though.


- Pigmented highlighter
- Good lasting power
- Comes in a nice compact with mirror and brush
- Has nice flowery scent

- Shading is NOT pigmented, barely noticeable 
- Can only be found online

This highligher & shading compact is really decent and it's also travel friendly. I always take it with me in my purse (cause my makeup pouch is too small for this). While the highlighter is really pigmented, it also creates nice pearly shine on your skin which is really good for highlighting. The shading isn't so noticeable, but doesn't mean it's not visible at all. I still can see it after few application and it shades my face and nose pretty nicely. This product gives matte finish, and doesn't make me oily. No breakouts either. So this is pretty good highlighter and I would recommend this to you guys who want to highlight and shade your face to have more slimmer but defined face.

You can get this highlighter from W2Beauty. You can get $5 voucher after registration which can be used right away for $30 minimum purchase.They ship worldwide, and also they offer free standard shipping. The owner, Alice, is really kind and helpful so don't hesitate to contact her if you have any questions about the services or products. I really like how she can even help me a lot this month with my surprised birthday gifts to my dongsaeng Marxie from Aegyo Princess. Alice even helped me pick a really nice gift box with cards and everything and it really surprised Marxie. This is a really unexpected customer service I didn't find anywhere else, so thank you again Alice ^_^

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