Etude House CC Cream Review

Step aside BB creams, it's now CC creams era! Okay, not really haha. But seriously, CC creams are everywhere now that I had to get it and try it out the moment I saw it available in store. I was hesitating which CC creams I should try as my first. Almost all of my favorite Korean brands to the brands I've never had before launched CC creams: Innisfree, Faceshop, Tony Moly, Hera, Skinfood, Etude House, Elishacoy, Nature Republic, Banila Co, Saem etc. So couple weeks ago, I decided to pick Etude House CC cream cause it's Etude House, the most affordable one lol I was pretty broke back then. Etude House CC cream has two types, Glow and Silky. I got mine in Glow, but I also got a sample size of this CC cream in Silky. I got them from Chrystelle Belle.

Anyway, in case you don't know what CC cream is and what's the difference between BB creams, well basically CC cream is a lighter version of BB cream with much more functions but with less coverage. CC stands for Correct and Care as this cream is meant to not only beautify your face but also fix the imperfections with caring and correcting your skin. What's interesting about CC cream is, they usually come in one shade but they can blend and match your skintone, so CC creams are suitable for any skintones. Sounds too good to be true? Now let's see if it's actually that good.

SPF 30/PA++

- Moisturizing
- UV Protection
- Anti-acid
- Whitening
- Wrinkle care
- Primer, makeup base, volumer all at once
- Correct complexion
- Anti Aging
- Stress Relief
- Hydration
- Tone up
- Smooth texture
- Luminosity

"Multitasking 8 in 1 formula, hydrates, primes, conceals, treats, and protects skin at an easy single step for a healthier complexion, inside and outside. It glides on with a glowing finish."

It comes with a box with similar white (with a hint of pink) box. The box itself is also glowy and soft, representing the luminous CC Cream. It has the princess design Etude House always has. The product comes in a slim tube that looks sleek and cute. It's definitely easy to bring around as it doesn't take much space. 

Once you take off the white plastic cap, you can see it comes with a pump dispenser. Push a bit and it dispenses a pea size of the cream. It's hygienic. I personally like the pump. One full pump gives me too much cream so usually I only pump a bit. 

Apply liberally and blend evenly with your fingertips for natural, sheer coverage. Use it alone or layered under your favorite foundation for more coverage.

1. Use only as directed.
2. Avoid storing in high and low temperatures and areas exposed to direct sunlight.
3. Cease use if problems arise.


First off, I love the smell. It has a soft girly (?) floral ish kind of scent. I can't even describe what it smells like but I guarantee it's good smell haha. I can sniff it all day. Okay, not really. But the smell isn't annoyingly strong and it doesn't last that long cause I don't smell the scent anymore after a while. If you see the pictures above, one small size can spread well evenly on your skin. It looks so white, yes, I was kinda surprised at first. But if you can see, it has some blue micro beads or what they call capsules in the cream that pop as you rub and spread the cream with your fingertips. The capsules make the white cream blends on your skin and changes color, matching your natural skintone. So don't worry you won't have ghost face after applying this CC cream. 

This CC Cream gives subtle glow finish, that's not so visible on my hand but on my face, it looks more glowy. I actually like the glowy effect, especially around my cheeks and cheekbones. I think this CC cream is meant for people with fair skin or already good skin as it doesn't give much coverage. It does cover some of my redness but I must say coverage is light. It doesn't really cover my blemishes. So if you want more coverage, you should mix it with your favorite BB cream or foundation, or you can also put CC cream as your base and then apply BB cream or foundation on top.

My experience wearing this CC cream, honestly I like the glowy dewy effect after application, but after few hours (without powder) my face becomes a bit oily, more than usual, probably because this CC cream moisturizes. My skin feels hydrated with this CC cream on my face, but I have to admit it feels greasy after like 4-5 hours. So to make my face looks less oily, I put on loose powder. My face looks less glowy afterwards, but surely no more oily and greasiness. And I love how it brightens my face and fixes my uneven skintone.

with foundation and powder on top of the CC cream
- Hydrates and moisturizes
- Matches all skin tones
- Easy to apply
- Brightens and fixes uneven skin 
- Conceals redness a bit
- Gives glowing finish

- Not recommended for oily skin
- Light coverage


It's a really simple and easy makeup you may need if you have fair and less troubled skin. You just have to rub, spread, and done. But if you have more troubled skin (like mine) you can simply add a layer of BB cream or foundation and maybe powder to get the glowy semi matte finish. It brightens and fixes your imperfections, and on those days you don't have much time or energy to do your long daily makeup routine, this CC cream may be perfect for you. 

You can get this CC cream from Chrystelle Belle for $19 (IDR 190.000 & they ship worldwide) or W2Beauty for $19.73 (including free worldwide shipping). I purchased the CC cream from both stores. Yes I bought mine from Chrystelle Belle and then I ordered another from W2Beauty for my friend as she lives in another country and it's more convenient to order from the store and let them ship it to her address, than me buying it and sending a parcel to her address lol. 

That's all for today. I hope this review is not too crappy as I write this in a rush haha (I gotta finalize some booking and stuff then get ready for tomorrow cause my bf is coming yay). Hope this helps your curiosity about this CC cream too! Until next time... :D

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