Etude House Drawing Show Creamy Liner Review & Tutorial

I've been using gel liner for years now. It's quick, easy, pigmented, and doesn't smudge. And today I'll be reviewing this amazing Drawing Show Creamy Liner from Etude House. I've been meaning to review this product since ages ago but I kept getting distracted by other things. But I got some emails asking for eyeliner tutorial which motivated me to consider making one. And especially this certain girl who wouldn't stop bugging and asking me when I'd post this eyeliner review so I couldn't help but rush to post this product review and tutorial. Haha thank you for reminding me every single time about this neglected draft, Marxie <3 Anyway, I've been using this product for months now and I must say it's better than Faceshop gel liner I used before that I end up getting another one for my mom cause it's just too good. I'm a bit picky when choosing the right eyeliner cause some eyeliner stings after some hours for me. But this hasn't disappointed me so far. I really love its staying power and this one is waterproof! 

Keep reading if you're interested :)

Packaging is cute ala Etude House. It's like a simple gift wrap which you can carry around easily. I know I put it in my bag for months so everytime I need to apply eyeliner, I can just unwrap the package and get out the jar and brush and put them back in again once I'm done, and wrap it. It's pretty neat :) It comes in a mini jar with a nice black cap.

It comes with a brush as well. And I must say I love the brush! I remember I had to abandon the brush I got from Faceshop gel liner cause it was just too... not good enough to use. But this one, I'm keeping it close to the eyeliner jar as it's small and fits in your hand, and the bristles is soft. It's really good to apply the eyeliner with it. It's pretty thin too, so the brush is really nice if you want to make thin outline. I can't even describe well how easy it is to apply the eyeliner. But if you don't clean it after few uses, the brush turns really hard and it wouldn't be nice to use it on your eyelid. So always remember to clean it thoroughly after 2-3 uses with warm water or brush cleaner.

What I like from this eyeliner is it's creamy and very pigmented. I love how I don't have to reapply few times to get the desired thickness. I just have to dab the brush on the eyeliner jar and dab and draw a line on my eyelid softly, the it makes a great pigmented black line without any pressure. The great thing is it doesn't smudge. But I notice if I only apply BB cream on my face and then I apply eyeliner, after a few hours the lower line would smudge a bit. But if I put on loose or pressed powder, no matter how long hours it's been, the eyeliner wouldn't smudge.


As you can see on the pictures, it's pigmented and I just apply it in one stroke. Once applied, it stays on for long hours, no need to reapply for me. But I do like thick and black outline on my eyes, and this eyeliner makes it so easy for me to make a thick cat eyes line.

- Pigmented
- Nice packaging
- Doesn't smudge
- Affordable

- None


It's creamy and easy to use. And it very pigmented, no need to reapply few times. And on top of that, it's long lasting as well. I give 5 hearts cause I really love it and this eyeliner makes my daily make up routine easier and quicker. I got this for around $11 from KoreaBuys, but you can also get it for $13.65 (free shipping) from W2Beauty.

Moving on.

Some requested for a cat eyes tutorial. I actually wear my eyeliner thicker and bolder, but Lyn, Tiffany and Amanda emailed me since ages ago asking for easy eyeliner tutorial (sorry for being so late ><) and lately Marxie wouldn't forget to remind me about this tutorial either so here it is :D Tips: Using compact mirror while drawing eyeliner might be easier than wall mirror.

Always put on your base makeup (bb cream/foundation/powder etc) and eye primer/eye shadow if you like, before you put on eyeliner. In this tutorial, I only applied some gray eyeshadow.

If you're not used to drawing eyeliner, if you're scared the brush will poke your eye and whatnot, start from  the safest part of your upper lid: the middle and outer part.

Then you can draw a line as seen on the picture above. Draw a thin line first (you can always bold it later) from inner to outer (left to right for your right eye and right to left for your left eye).

Once you're done with the outer line, begin lining your inner part slowly and carefully. You can just dab the brush on your lid to be more precise. Be careful not to poke your eye.

You're done lining your upper eye line, the important part in getting cat eye look is the wing. So you can start aiming what kind of line and how long the wing line would be from the corner of your eye.

Draw a wing line. If you're unsure, you can also draw a straight line, from your lower line and connect it to your upper line. 

Now leave the wing alone and start lining on your lower line, including your water line. you can make it as thin or bold as you like.

Get your cat eye by connecting the line from your lower line to the wing. Make it beautiful by joining the lines into one firm line.

And done! I hope this simple tutorial helps. I was thinking of making a tutorial video instead but it would take longer time as I'm not a pro in video editing and such and would delay this post even more so I really hope this simple picture tutorial is not too bad lol. You can always ask me more if you have difficulty with this.There's always different cat eye style you can try once you get the hang of it.

What's your favorite eyeliner? Do you use liquid, pencil or gel liner? Share your thoughts in the comment below ^^

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