June Hauls

Hello guys! It's nearly the middle of June already, and almost my birthday too soon, but wow time surely flies so fast. I remember I waited for this month to come since months ago (not because of my birthday I swear I hate getting 1 year older lol) and now that it's finally June, next thing I know it's only couple weeks away to July already. What have I been doing? Nothing. Haha I do notice I haven't posted in few days, or has it been a week already? I think so, yeah. Thanks to certain someone who reminded me to hurry and write a quick post last night. I've been going out, eating, watching movies, doing nothing, well working too, but still eating, catching up with my bf, slacking off and the list goes on lol basically I've been busy taking him around restaurants and malls after work and on my off days so I barely have time to sit in front of my laptop and blog. But here I am, back with my first haul post lol. 

I ordered a lot of stuff last month, and shipped some of them to my boyfriend's home in California since I know he'd be coming here on June. So yes, basically I've been waiting for June, partly because of my beauty babies haha. At this point, you guys must know that I love eyeluvme lashes right? Cause yes I posted their lashes review before and also included them in my first giveaway, and I also ordered more of them. But silly me forgot to put the Revlon lashes glue in my shopping cart and I ended up making my bf to run around to get me those lashes one day before he left. And he got me 3 eyelashes glues which would last a long while, so I'm planning to donate one of them to someone in need haha XD I also got some sephora samples and nail polish I have yet to try. More about my latest haul after the jump :D

So I also made my poor bf to get me things like hair protectant spray, hairspray and also facial wax a day before he officially left for 2 days flight haha >_< I had a long list of beauty products I wanted him to bring but since I'm not that heartless, I left it at that and stopped torturing him by asking him to run around town finding the things in my list. And here they are.

This amazing nail polish was on sale for around $3 ish when I was checking out sephora website, and I couldn't leave it like that, so I put this one into my cart. It should have cracked effect but I still haven't tried it out. Anyone have this seem-to-be-gorgeous nail polish too?

These 2 bottles are probably my most loved things among all the stuffs my bf got me here. First, I need new hairspray that doesn't make my hair looks like a hard rock helmet, and second I need heat tamer so bad so I won't feel guilty everytime I curl my hair using curling tong. I know I personally told him to get me the Tresemme heat tamer spray, but I let him pick any kind of hairspray for me since it was past midnight when he was asking me which brand I'd want. I asked him to get Chi hairspray at first but the one I wanted wasn't available in the store he was at, and I told him to get any other good hairspray. Turns out, he googled before he decided to purchase this Paul Mitchell hairspray. He told me it comes in 4th place in the hair website he googled. I tried it and I really love the smell and how it doesn't make my hair all hard and stiff. So I'm grateful for this :D

I also got some samples and a mini set from sephora. They are Chloe eau de parfum, Juicy Couture eau de parfum spray, NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer, Becca Radiant Skin Satin Finish Foundation. I got Benefit mini set (They're Real Mascara and Watts Up Highlighter) as my birthday gift. I still haven't tried and used any of them. 

We got this iPhone couple case from Amazon. The box is really cute and adorable I love it much! While the characters on the back cover of the case surely don't look like both of us, but I just love how they have headphones and listening to music haha. I've been looking for cute couple case that doesn't look too childishly cute or sickening with disgusting quotes. Okay, I'm not hating on cute couple cases I do love them to bits but guys... well he doesn't really like sickening cute stuffs haha. This one is the only case close to normal we can find XD 

No, this one wasn't from my boyfriend. But it came around the same time as the stuffs I got from him so I put it here. Haha it's O.S.T serum sent by WISHTREND which I will review pretty soon. It's really amazing and I love it much.

Last but not least, this is the latest skirt I purchased from Tokyo Fashion Co. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it so I had to get it of course. I'm a sucker for cute ruffles lacy kind of mini skirt. Actually I'm not even sure when and where I will wear this skirt, since my thighs are like mammoth's haha >_< but hopefully I will soon :D 

And that concludes my haul for this month. Actually I have other things, but I'm too lazy to take pics of the things I just got today. And I will review most of them soon too, one at a time cause I seriously don't have much time now haha. I'm sure I will post and blog more once my bf comes back to the states XD And probably birthday post too soon ^^ But just a friendly reminder, my mini giveaway will end in 2 days so join if you haven't here cause most likely I will add one more winner so I'll have 4 winners for the giveaway this time :)

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