Rachel K CC Pressed Powder Review

Rachel K has been popular around Asia with its CC creams. Rachel K is one of the first companies that released CC cream products. This cosmetic company is founded by Rachel Kum, Miss Singapore Universe 2009, who's also an entrepreneur. She devoted 2 years to research, test, and refine mineral makeup. While Rachel K CC cream is like one of their signature products, I can't not try their raved CC pressed powder. I'm sure most of you have heard and tried CC creams by now. I tried using CC creams and we all know and agree that while CC creams are much refined compared to BB creams, but its coverage isn't the best, unless you have natural fair and flawless skin that doesn't need much coverage. So once I heard about Rachel K CC powder, I had to get my hands on the product and I was so hyper once I found it on sale on Luxola, since it was more affordable than the ones on Rachel K official website. I got the items I ordered in less than a week (3-4 days to be exact), shipped from Singapore with tracking number included, so I was satisfied with how fast the shipping was and I received the parcel in good condition. 
Rachel K Mineral Color Control blemish balm pressed powder is a 4 in 1 makeup foundation, a natural mineral makeup concealer, powder and SPF protection all in one. The pigment rich powder protects skin with antioxidants and bound with Organic Shea Butter and Vitamin . It is designed to glide on smoothly to blend with and allow the natural skin tone to show through and provides excellent coverage for flawless finish that lasts all day.
So this is like CC cream but in compact powder form, and more complete as it's like a cc cream, foundation, concealer, powder in one compact, which means it might offer more coverage and staying power. Read more if you're interested.

Beauty & Fashion Bloggers' Blog Hop

Hi guys! Do you know what a blog hop is? Blog hop is like a gathering where bloggers visit, talk, meet, and follow each other blogs. It's always fun and exciting to meet fellow bloggers who share the same interests and passions for blogging, beauty, and fashion. This blog is hosted by Laila from Townhouse Palette every Saturday. Yes, this is definitely not the first and last. In fact this is the third blog hop Laila hosted. And I am one of the co-hosts this week along with these gorgeous ladies <3 check them out and follow via the link on the bottom of this post~ :)

It's easy to join. Just follow the rules below.

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All Beauty and Fashion Bloggers' Bloghop start at US Eastern Time of 12 am on Saturday. Add your link and start visiting/following other bloggers after you follow rules 1-3 ^^

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Summer Discount in Mignon Mignon Store

Hey beauties! Summer is made for parties and long evenings with friends. If you go from work right to the party, then you should wear jumpsuit. Jumpsuits are ideal way how to be stylish and well dressed for any occasion.

Shop now eye catching JUMPSUITS, twinsets and rompers in mignon mignon store, with super discount 25% off.
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Which one do you like? I personally like the black jumpsuit :D

Channel Your Passion For Fashion at Zalora Indonesia


Have you ever felt like you want to go shopping but you're too lazy to get dressed and go outside cause you're too comfy hibernating at the comfort of your home? It happens... I feel it too sometimes. I enjoy walking in the mall and looking at eye catchy things in the store display, but sometimes the store assistants would stare and watch over me as if I would shoplift lol. That's not nice, is it? But, with technology nowadays, we can easily do our weekly or monthly shopping online. The question is where can we find an online store with so many variety of items like we see in the shopping malls? Online stores tend to have only several of items on their website. You don't want to waste your time to browse 3-4 online stores cause you're craving some new dresses, makeup, perfume, and shoes but no decent online store has all that in one store. Not to mention, the shipping fee would be doubled or tripled if you decided to purchase the things online from different online stores. So, today I'm going to introduce the biggest online store in Indonesia, Zalora. But Zalora is available in Asia countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

You must have seen Zalora ads at least once while browsing some blogs or websites. If you don't know already, Zalora is a reliable and trusted online shopping mall. I say online shopping mall cause they do sell everything, from clothing to shoes, purses, accessories, beauty, sports for women, men, and kids. They carry variety of brands from drugstore, average, to high end brands like (X) S.M.L, Barbie, Guess, L'Oreal, Moschino, Sanrio, Reebok, Versace, Wet n Wild, GAP, and many more. The great thing about this online store is they offer free shipping all over Indonesia and normally shipping takes 2-6 days depends on your location. You also get IDR 75,000 voucher if you're new member and subscribe to their newsletter. They have promotions and discounts pretty often. Among their so many collections I have several that I really love.

Keep reading if you're interested and I have a 20% voucher code I will share for you :)

❤ SPONSORED ❤ Sherbet Star Grey Circle Lens Review

Hi dolls, I'm back again with another review. It's a circle lens review today. KPOP2 sent this pretty circle lens for review purpose. In case you don't know, KPOP2 is an online store based in South Korea that carries many authentic korean circle lens brands (such as Dueba, Madonna, Neo Vision etc), many of them are as cheap as $9-10 a pair. They also offer free international shipping with tracking number included, how great is that? Don't you always want to try different circle lens brands that fit your eyes the most but sometimes the ~$20-30 price might stop you from ordering some pairs cause maybe you think you don't really need that much pairs and brands. I know in some other stores, circle lens might get as high as $40-50 a pair, so I'm so relieved to find an affordable and reliable circle lens store like KPOP2. But don't get tricked, the cheap price doesn't make the quality less great, as the circle lenses are as comfortable as other circle lens brands, if not, better. They are also approved by the KFDA (Korea Food and Drug Administration), so no need to worry about the authenticity and quality. They have many designs and brands you can find on their website. However, the diameter listed on their description isn't the actual diameter as KPOP2 put the diameter of the design instead of the whole lens. So don't be surprised to see 13 mm circle lenses and think that it's too small or not enlarging, cause actually it's just the design and the actual diameter is around 14mm. Also, every purchase comes with a free lens case. I chose this Sherbet Star in grey color because of the pretty patterns.

Read more if you're interested.

Asian Apparels and Accessories on VIVI Clothes

It's been a while since I posted gyaru related. I was filtering my email and noticed I had an email asking me about gyaru coordinate and where to get them online since gyaru clothes aren't available locally in many countries. I was going to recommend a famous online gyaru store until I remember that my friend ordered from the store 2 months ago and still haven't received her parcel and she can't reach the store as well which sounds kinda shady now so after reading many good reviews about VIVI Clothes, I want to recommend this online store to you guys. You must have heard about VIVI Clothes by now. They are Europe based online store (Netherlands to be exact) that sells clothes, accessories, eyelashes, nail art, phone cases, shoes, etc from Japan, Korea. and Hong Kong. They carry more than 60 brands such as Liz Lisa, MARS, Rilakkuma, Candy Stripper, Rosebullet, EMODA, Merci Beaucoup, Hello Kitty etc. You can easily find gyaru, lolita, gothic, harajuku, cosplay, and even menswear in their collection. They offer worldwide shipping too, so that's definitely a plus ^^

This is the first time I see an online store with such complete collections. Usually I have to go to few online stores to see (stare and drool) some cute lolita dresses, and other online stores to find some gyaru clothes, and other stores to find cute couple clothes. So seeing this all-in-one store makes my shopping life easier. They're having 70% sale too right now for some of their collections. Look at their cute collections after the jump (pic heavy).

2nd Be Pretty Kit Giveaway!

Since my first giveaway winners have received their prizes (finally), I decided to host another giveaway to celebrate 150 blog followers and as my thank you for supporting me and my blog. This giveaway is also open internationally. I include some products that hopefully you'll like. It's an upgrade from my previous giveaway, but I know I should've put more items, but then I don't wanna delay this giveaway any longer and decided to name it Be Pretty Kit Giveaway. Few of the products are from beauty box, and I purchased the rest with my own money. 

For more pictures of full prizes and instructions, please read more.

New Blog Design

As some of you can see, I recently got a new blog design/layout. Do you like it? ^^ I got some positive comments and emails regarding my new blog design. I actually requested Zy from ZyWorks to design me a new blog layout around 2 months ago? Haha it's been a while ago and she is super busy with other design orders, so I had to wait. But we talked and discussed right away what kind of design I'd like to have in details. Zy is a really friendly and helpful designer, and she would listen to my rambling and made the design based on what I requested. I swear I've been so fussy, whiny, naggy, perfectionist about the new design, from the header, colors, buttons, navigation etc but thankfully she was kind and patient enough handling someone like me haha. Thank you, Zy ^^

And around few days ago, this blog layout was finished and I could only gasp and clap my hands in delight cause I really love it. It has purple (my top favorite color) and pink and hearts, roses, and ribbons & lace. Haha everything that I love is in one page. Since I really love the cute bouncing purple ballerina back to top button (wow such a long name lol), she keeps it there :D I really like how attentive she was to all my wants and needs. So if you're looking for new blog layout, don't hesitate to contact her on her facebook page or blog. You can also view some of her previous works on her blog. She charges fairly cheap price, based on what you need in your layout. Before contacting Zy, I found some other web/blog designers who gave me professional quotation and I had to widen my eyes seeing the estimated price lol I couldn't afford them! But once Zy replied my email and gave me the estimated price, I didn't have to think twice and ordered. She also accepts payment via paypal, so all is good :D

Through this post I just wanna say, thank you again for this beautiful design, Zyzy ^^

Park Bom Falling In Love Makeup Tutorial

Hello ^^Around last week, 2NE1 released their long awaited new MV, Falling In Love. For those who didn't know, I'm a huge 2NE1 fangirl lol. I really love their new song, the tune, lyrics, and also fashion. The song is really perfect for this summer as it has summer-y concept with reggae feels. I don't know much about music but it sounds really relaxing and makes me hyper everytime I listen to it haha. For those who don't know or never heard about 2NE1 or their music before, here is the MV.

If you watched the video, you can see the girls sport few styles, from egypt goddesses, to beach/summer wear, to their usual edgy style. If you know me, you'd know how I adore Park Bom so much. I always love her makeup, hair, fashion, and also her unique personality and charms. I've always wanted to make some Park Bom makeup inspired tutorials cause her casual style is almost similar to what I usually wear and have. But then I was so overwhelmed as I didn't know where to start lol, but the moment I watched their latest MV I was so inspired, especially her egypt concept. It looks so simple yet elegant. And most importantly, fairly easy. I've always thought Park Bom as a korean gyaru lol her eye makeup especially lately is kinda gyaru ish, so it's not that hard to follow. While I don't have her gorgeous flawless body figure, I can still follow her makeup and hairstyles, and nail art. Honestly I wanted to make a video tutorial instead of pictures, but I'm still a noob in vlogging and it would take longer time to edit the videos etc so for now it's just a simple pictures tutorial~

So keep reading if you're interested and if you want to have her signature eye makeup.

Etude House Bling Eye Stick Review

etude house bling in the sea

People were raving about Etude House's Bling In The Sea line a little while ago. All the products from that line look so pretty and celestial to me with their mint colored designs, that I wish I could get my hands on some of them. I was lucky my lovely sponsor, Chrystelle Belle, sent this bling eye stick from the Bling in the Sea line, to try for review purposes. I got this Proof 10 Bling Eye Stick in Bling Pearl no. 2 / PK001.

It comes in 5 shades that looks glittery bling blingy. It's like a crayon with magical colors. When I unwrapped mine, I thought I got the pink one as there is a pink label on top of the cap and when I swatched it on the back of my hand, it looked pink. But apparently no 2 is actually purple with a hint of pink. I still can't get over the fact that the stick is white, similar to paper glue stick, but once applied on the skin, you can see the color, just like in the above pictures.

Aren't you curious? Now let's see more about this product.

Beautify Your Photos With BeautyPlus!

Hi guys! I'm sure most of us enjoy taking selca everyday. Well maybe not everyday (like me) but often. And sometimes we're not satisfied with the camera results cause of the poor lighting or you're having bad skin day. Now before you upload your daily selca to Facebook or Instagram, let me introduce you to this amazing photo editing app, BeautyPlus. It's free to download on iTunes AppStore. For Android users, the app will be released in at the end of July according to the BeautyPlus team :D This is currently my super favorite photo editing app on my phone. I often use it to take pictures too as the camera feature automatically "beautifies" the photo you snap.

❤ SPONSORED ❤ O.S.T Vitamin C20 Serum Review


Hello again guys! It's July already, and it's time for another review. I'm pretty sure by now some of you have already heard good things about this product I'm going to review. It's O.S.T Vitamin C20 Serum, sent to me by Wishtrend for review purposes. If you read my previous post about Wishtrend and my wishlist, you knew that they carry many beauty and skincare products, and they offer worldwide shipping directly from South Korea.

Friendly note, although this product is sponsored, however all opinions and review are based on my experience and thoughts after using this product for 3 weeks, and they are solely mine as I wasn't paid or anything to write positive words about this serum. Now, onto the product. This serum is the best selling item in Singapore and the fastest effect with Vitamin C. If you follow my blog posts, you know that I have sensitive and acne prone skin. I break out every now and then. Since last month, my skin condition worsened, from bad to worse. I don't know why and how cause it was never this bad before, probably from stressing out (lol) or some food I ate recently. So by the time I received this serum, I was nearly dancing like a silly woman but then I was in the apartment elevator and I refused to behave so ridiculous in public haha. I've been using this serum for 3 weeks. I always use this product at night, after washing and cleaning my face.