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Hi guys! I'm sure most of us enjoy taking selca everyday. Well maybe not everyday (like me) but often. And sometimes we're not satisfied with the camera results cause of the poor lighting or you're having bad skin day. Now before you upload your daily selca to Facebook or Instagram, let me introduce you to this amazing photo editing app, BeautyPlus. It's free to download on iTunes AppStore. For Android users, the app will be released in at the end of July according to the BeautyPlus team :D This is currently my super favorite photo editing app on my phone. I often use it to take pictures too as the camera feature automatically "beautifies" the photo you snap.

I just love the cute app icon. 

The layout is super cute with soft pink and purple colors. There are to functions: camera and photo editing. I'm pretty sure the camera function is self explanatory and everyone knows how to take pictures, so I'm going to tell you about the beautify tool. But to explain if briefly, the self portrait camera function is really magical! Take a picture and if you set it to auto-lift, the picture you just took magically turns so beautiful and you don't even have to do anything! Now onto the beautify tool~~

Let's start with this photo of mine I took with front camera in a room with poor lighting. You can see the photo is a bit dark. There are many tools you can use to beautify your picture: 

- Edit (Crop & Rotate)
- Filters 
- Skin (Smoothing, Whitening, Tone)
- Acne (Removing blemishes)
- Slimming 
- Dark Circles (Whitening Dark Circle)
- Enlarger (Enlarging Eyes)
- Brighten (Brightening Eyes)

You can crop your photo and there's a ruler/sizer that lets you know the height and width pixels.

The rotate tab also allows you to rotate the photo and flip it vertically or horizontally.

Wanna have slimmer face? This is the perfect tool. Some other photo editing apps have this kind of slimming tool as well, but usually after dragging here and there, the picture tends to be a bit blurry. But you won't have that problem with this app and I'm so amazed with the high quality result. 

There are 5 types of brush size you can choose. When you hold and drag, a box will appear on the top left of the screen, zooming in the place you're slimming. 

The slimming result. How I wish my cheeks are like this in real life lol. You can also tap the compare button on the top right of the screen to compare the result and the original photo.

Blemishes apparently still appear on pictures if you use good quality 5+ MP phone camera like Samsung, iPhone, HTC etc so the best way is to make them completely disappear using this acne tool.

Pick a brush size and tap on the acne you want to remove. A box pops up on the top left screen and zooms in the acne you're trying to remove so you can remove it accurately.

There are 3 tabs you can choose and adjust to correct the dark picture. Smoother to smooth and soften your photo. It smoothes visible big pores (like mine) too. You can adjust the bar as well.

Whitening to have brighter color. You can also adjust the bar to your liking.

Tone to adjust the color of your photo. Warm if you want the photo to be more orangey yellowish and cold of you want it to be white blue ish.

Dark Circle
Now this is my favorite tool as this is the first time I see in a photo editing app. It's easy to erase or brighten your dark circles with this. Just swipe the area of dark circles to get brighter under eye.

Again, you can pick the brush size and draw/swipe the area you want to whiten. If you have panda eyes like me you may need to swipe 2-3 times per eye to get better result.

See the difference? No more dark circle.

Some people were born with uneven eye (like me) or there are days when you wake up and see one of your eyelids are heavier than the other one. Now this is the perfect tool.

How? Just hold and drag the round brush on your eyeball and you can see the box zooms in so you get better view and just release it, then you'll see your eye is slightly bigger. You can always repeat this process until you get the desired enlargement.

I don't really know what this is for because honestly I don't see any changes even after I use this tool. But it's actually to brighten your eyes, maybe it works for clearer eye picture.

This app also has some photo filters you can choose.

One of the things I love about this app is, I can adjust the percentage of the filters, just like Camera360.

Tap save once you're finished editing your photo. You can also directly share the edited photo to your social media.

The final result. Not only this app brightens the photo, but also slimming my puffy cheeks and erasing dark circle. It's also easy and quick to use. Before I had this app, I had to use Camera360 first then PhotoWonder now I only have to edit my photo with one app which is BeautyPlus, which is really nice :D So, Carmen, now you know why my skin looks flawless on my pictures? This is the secret ^^ So download now from the appstore or you can also use it online, visit their official website now (if the app isn't available on your phones) to make beautiful photos. But the android version will be available to download very soon (2 weeks from now).

I hope this post isn't too confusing and can be helpful ^^ Do you use photo editing apps before uploading your pictures? What's your favorite photo apps? 

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