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Have you ever felt like you want to go shopping but you're too lazy to get dressed and go outside cause you're too comfy hibernating at the comfort of your home? It happens... I feel it too sometimes. I enjoy walking in the mall and looking at eye catchy things in the store display, but sometimes the store assistants would stare and watch over me as if I would shoplift lol. That's not nice, is it? But, with technology nowadays, we can easily do our weekly or monthly shopping online. The question is where can we find an online store with so many variety of items like we see in the shopping malls? Online stores tend to have only several of items on their website. You don't want to waste your time to browse 3-4 online stores cause you're craving some new dresses, makeup, perfume, and shoes but no decent online store has all that in one store. Not to mention, the shipping fee would be doubled or tripled if you decided to purchase the things online from different online stores. So, today I'm going to introduce the biggest online store in Indonesia, Zalora. But Zalora is available in Asia countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

You must have seen Zalora ads at least once while browsing some blogs or websites. If you don't know already, Zalora is a reliable and trusted online shopping mall. I say online shopping mall cause they do sell everything, from clothing to shoes, purses, accessories, beauty, sports for women, men, and kids. They carry variety of brands from drugstore, average, to high end brands like (X) S.M.L, Barbie, Guess, L'Oreal, Moschino, Sanrio, Reebok, Versace, Wet n Wild, GAP, and many more. The great thing about this online store is they offer free shipping all over Indonesia and normally shipping takes 2-6 days depends on your location. You also get IDR 75,000 voucher if you're new member and subscribe to their newsletter. They have promotions and discounts pretty often. Among their so many collections I have several that I really love.

Keep reading if you're interested and I have a 20% voucher code I will share for you :)

But before that, let's see some of the collections you can find on Zalora Indonesia.


These are some of my picks from the top section. I really love the polkadot blouse and cropped top from typoerror so much. Typoerror has some cute and quirky designs and quotes on their shirts. This "It's weird not to be weird" shirt catches my eyes the most. The floral jacket from Tolliver is also a must get!


I absolutely love the green Dolly flare skirt, O2M bandage skirt, and Miss Me high waist jeans. Can I have them all? lol

I adore all these dresses to bits. I can't really choose but after staring into them, I guess I could finally decide the yellow dress from Chic Simple as my favorite :D

Koumi Koumi is my favorite shoes brand in Zalora. They have such cute shoes designs and style. I am in love with the high top sneakers. But the red ankle shoes from Kristien Blanko comes close in second place for me. It looks so lovely and bold at the same time. For flats I choose Crocs Adriana. I actually have that exact shoes in mint green for years now haha it's so comfortable and light, perfect for long hours walking or running around at work.

So many fabulous bags, from satchel to sling to bagpack to handbags. Love them all, but especially Embellish black studded sling bag. I love anything studded lol. And I can't pick between Tolliver and Nine West handbags both are gorgeous <3

They also have men clothing and shoes. But since I don't know much about men fashion so I just compile all the clothing and not doing detailed per article collections. I pick randomly, the ones I think would look good on my boyfriend and the ones he usually wears. Zalora have less brands for men clothing, but there are still a lot of brands and these are the brands I recognize. I think they all look good, and I mean the clothes, not the models cause obviously the models look great though I wonder how can they be slimmer than some of us girls haha.

I spend a lot of time choosing these accessories, cause everything look so cute and they're so affordable I can't really pick. I've never heard what Dazzle by Qmomo was before but they do have some cute and adorable accessories set. Buy my favorite item gotta be the ice cream ring from Tucked In. The studded leather bracelet by Tutu is a definitely must have for me as well.

I would be extremely happy if I could get all this as one set :D The Balm moisturizer, L'Oreal foundation, ORLY nail polish, Bourjois blush, Kanebo lip gloss, Skinfood lipstick, Astalift lotion, and Dolly Wink mascara. There are so much more beauty brands like Faceshop, Maybelline, Wet n Wild, Paula's Choice, ROC, VOV, etc. I must say the beauty section is pretty packed with the brands I know and would like to try.

Overall, I find Zalora as an online shopping mall that provides all the things women (and men) need. Aside of the full house products, their payment method is also really nice. They allow VISA/MASTER card payment, as well as bank transfer, but also cash on delivery, which is really neat. So if you're looking for things you can't even find in your nearby malls, let's say Lolita Lempicka perfume or Paula's Choice cleanser, just simply go to Zalora and order the things you need within minutes and get your things shipped in few days. For my readers located in Indonesia, I have a Zalora 20% voucher I can share to you (which I got from beauty box subscription) since I'm not using it at the moment. But it'll expire in the end of July 2013, so if you'd like to have it, you can email me :)

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Thank you for reading ^^ Is there anything you like or would like to have from the products/brands I mention above?

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