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As some of you can see, I recently got a new blog design/layout. Do you like it? ^^ I got some positive comments and emails regarding my new blog design. I actually requested Zy from ZyWorks to design me a new blog layout around 2 months ago? Haha it's been a while ago and she is super busy with other design orders, so I had to wait. But we talked and discussed right away what kind of design I'd like to have in details. Zy is a really friendly and helpful designer, and she would listen to my rambling and made the design based on what I requested. I swear I've been so fussy, whiny, naggy, perfectionist about the new design, from the header, colors, buttons, navigation etc but thankfully she was kind and patient enough handling someone like me haha. Thank you, Zy ^^

And around few days ago, this blog layout was finished and I could only gasp and clap my hands in delight cause I really love it. It has purple (my top favorite color) and pink and hearts, roses, and ribbons & lace. Haha everything that I love is in one page. Since I really love the cute bouncing purple ballerina back to top button (wow such a long name lol), she keeps it there :D I really like how attentive she was to all my wants and needs. So if you're looking for new blog layout, don't hesitate to contact her on her facebook page or blog. You can also view some of her previous works on her blog. She charges fairly cheap price, based on what you need in your layout. Before contacting Zy, I found some other web/blog designers who gave me professional quotation and I had to widen my eyes seeing the estimated price lol I couldn't afford them! But once Zy replied my email and gave me the estimated price, I didn't have to think twice and ordered. She also accepts payment via paypal, so all is good :D

Through this post I just wanna say, thank you again for this beautiful design, Zyzy ^^

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