Park Bom Falling In Love Makeup Tutorial

Hello ^^Around last week, 2NE1 released their long awaited new MV, Falling In Love. For those who didn't know, I'm a huge 2NE1 fangirl lol. I really love their new song, the tune, lyrics, and also fashion. The song is really perfect for this summer as it has summer-y concept with reggae feels. I don't know much about music but it sounds really relaxing and makes me hyper everytime I listen to it haha. For those who don't know or never heard about 2NE1 or their music before, here is the MV.

If you watched the video, you can see the girls sport few styles, from egypt goddesses, to beach/summer wear, to their usual edgy style. If you know me, you'd know how I adore Park Bom so much. I always love her makeup, hair, fashion, and also her unique personality and charms. I've always wanted to make some Park Bom makeup inspired tutorials cause her casual style is almost similar to what I usually wear and have. But then I was so overwhelmed as I didn't know where to start lol, but the moment I watched their latest MV I was so inspired, especially her egypt concept. It looks so simple yet elegant. And most importantly, fairly easy. I've always thought Park Bom as a korean gyaru lol her eye makeup especially lately is kinda gyaru ish, so it's not that hard to follow. While I don't have her gorgeous flawless body figure, I can still follow her makeup and hairstyles, and nail art. Honestly I wanted to make a video tutorial instead of pictures, but I'm still a noob in vlogging and it would take longer time to edit the videos etc so for now it's just a simple pictures tutorial~

So keep reading if you're interested and if you want to have her signature eye makeup.

The main point in her look this time is her blue circle lenses. She doesn't put colorful or bold shades other than her smokey eyes. So the main things you'd need is:

- Blue circle lenses
- Upper and lower eyelashes (can be any dramatic lashes)
- Eyeshadow palette (white/silver, grey, dark grey colors)
- Eyeliner
- Highlight and contour powder
- Earthy shade lipstick

The makeup and products I use in this tutorial:

  • EOS Fay blue circle lenses
  • Dolly Wink lower lashes no. 13 (review here)
  • Kai upper lashes
  • Shu Uemura POREraser Base (review here)
  • Almay TLC foundation (review here)
  • Make Up For Ever HD loose powder 
  • Urban Decay Mariposa Palette (review here)
  • Diamond Princess Nose Powder (review here)
  • NYX round lipsctick in Circe and Honey
  • Etude House Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips (review here)
  • Etude House Aloha V-Line Slim Maker (review here)
  • Etude House Creamy Liner (revew here)
  • Dolly Wink eyebrow pencil in Milk Tea (review coming soon)
  • Dolly Wink eyebrow mascara (review here)
  • It's Skin Tear Liner (review coming soon)

Before I start this tutorial, I already put basic makeup on my face: base, foundation, powder and face contour. Sorry if I have red eyes in this tutorial, cause I did it on sunday morning and I barely had enough sleep cause I watched Gu Family Book drama until 4am in the morning lol.

2ne1 falling in love

The eyeshadow I use is Urban Decay Mariposa shades, Skimp and Gunmetal. But you can use any dark grey, beige, and white eye shadow.

Read my cat eyes tutorial post if you're not clear on how to make winged eyeliner. It's quite easy :) 

Since I don't have earthy color lipstick, I have to make do. You can also use light brown lipstick. Done with the makeup and I wear my brown wig~

I'm trying to copy Bom's pose but apparently I look like I'm having toothache lol

Isn't it easy? And oh, my nails... I copy Bom's nail art too lol. I use Revlon white nail polish as the base and then decorate my nails using the glitters of Etude House Juicy Cocktail in Mary Jane. I really hope this tutorial isn't too confusing, and drop me any comments or emails if you're confused or if you find my step by step confusing. I swear sometimes doing it is way easier than explaining the steps haha. 

My brown wig is from Bliss Room, and circle lenses from Beureum Shop. See you on my next post (coughgiveawaycoughcough)~~

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