Rachel K CC Pressed Powder Review

Rachel K has been popular around Asia with its CC creams. Rachel K is one of the first companies that released CC cream products. This cosmetic company is founded by Rachel Kum, Miss Singapore Universe 2009, who's also an entrepreneur. She devoted 2 years to research, test, and refine mineral makeup. While Rachel K CC cream is like one of their signature products, I can't not try their raved CC pressed powder. I'm sure most of you have heard and tried CC creams by now. I tried using CC creams and we all know and agree that while CC creams are much refined compared to BB creams, but its coverage isn't the best, unless you have natural fair and flawless skin that doesn't need much coverage. So once I heard about Rachel K CC powder, I had to get my hands on the product and I was so hyper once I found it on sale on Luxola, since it was more affordable than the ones on Rachel K official website. I got the items I ordered in less than a week (3-4 days to be exact), shipped from Singapore with tracking number included, so I was satisfied with how fast the shipping was and I received the parcel in good condition. 
Rachel K Mineral Color Control blemish balm pressed powder is a 4 in 1 makeup foundation, a natural mineral makeup concealer, powder and SPF protection all in one. The pigment rich powder protects skin with antioxidants and bound with Organic Shea Butter and Vitamin . It is designed to glide on smoothly to blend with and allow the natural skin tone to show through and provides excellent coverage for flawless finish that lasts all day.
So this is like CC cream but in compact powder form, and more complete as it's like a cc cream, foundation, concealer, powder in one compact, which means it might offer more coverage and staying power. Read more if you're interested.

Rachel K Mineral Color Control Blemish Balm Pressed Powder
Weight: 10 g
Color: Fair
Expiry: 3 years
Made in Korea
For all skin types


  • The pigment rich powder protects skin with antioxidants and bound with Organic Shea Butter and Vitamin E. 
  • Provides excellent sun protection and coverage 100% hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, non-acnegenic, preservative-free, fragrance-free and chemically-free 
  • Appropriate for all skin types, even those with hyper sensitive skin Anti-flammatory properties and reduces the appearance of aging. 
  • Zinc Oxide helps to calm and soothe irritated skin 
  • Won’t crease or smear during the day

The box design is really pretty with the Rachel K logo and the tiara and CC in a pretty rainbow hologram material. The box is seriously pretty I can stare it all day lol. But too bad when I got it, the box has some scratches here and there, not really visible and bothering, but I always like pretty and smooth flawless box and packaging, so yeah can't help but notice. 

It comes in a pretty glossy compact I can use as a camouflage and backup mirror at work when I have to quick check my makeup and shine during the day lol.

Once you open the compact, you'll see it comes with a thin powder sponge and mirror, allowing you to apply and retouch anywhere. The fairly small size makes it travel friendly too.

As you can see, it has a plastic separator to place the sponge, which I like. Rachel K logo is engraved on the pressed powder. The powder itself seems to be pretty thin, unlike its thick packaging. So now I know the thickness is from the mirror and powder case. I don't really use pressed powder before so this is my first in a while, but I must say this will last pretty long. 

The moment I read the description from their official websites, and reading reviews and comments from other people who used this powder, I was sold. In one of the reviews I read, they say that they apply this CC powder in the morning, and it lasts all day and that person has combination skin like me. I thought I'd try a better oil control powder now that my favorite loose powder (Dodo Palgantong theatrical powder) is emptied. But I was greatly disappointed. At first, after I apply this Rachel K CC powder after my foundation, I'm so excited cause it provides light to medium coverage and it lives up to its 4 in 1 claim. I got the powder in fair shade, and though the website mentions it's for people with pink undertone, this shade matches my skin tone really well. I constantly check my face on the mirror while wearing this powder to see the oil control. But I am disappointed to see some shine on my nose after only 3 hours. And I normally see some shine on my T-zone after 6-7 hours, not this fast. And by lunch time, I can see my face turns into oil tank that people can use it to see their reflection. Or not. Lol I am exaggerating, but yes, I'm quite disappointed. It's almost like I don't apply oil control setting powder at all. It says it doesn't crease or smear in the description, but it definitely will once the shine appears and stays for few hours without blotted, especially around the corners of the nose. 

Then after I blot the shine, I try to reapply the powder on my oily spot using the sponge, and it worsens. It doesn't look good at all,my face looks heavy and a bit flaky after my re-application attempt. I haven't try using the powder blush to apply this powder before but I might, I think it would give better result. 

It looks orange-y on the sponge, but once applied on the skin it looks fair and matches the skin if you have fair complexion. This powder comes in 3 shades, fair, medium, and deep. 

This is how it looks like on my face. You can see my humongous pores lol gross. But it totally covers my redness and blemishes, although I don't apply concealer and my foundation gives me sheer coverage. But the powder doesn't really cover my dark circles. 

- Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic
- Travel friendly
- Gives medium buildable coverage

- Not for oily skin
- Bad oil control

This CC powder does some of what it says. It's hypoallergenic and non comedogenic it doesn't break you out. The coverage is pretty good, light to medium, and very buildable. However with its poor oil control, I don't think people with oily skin would like it. But it stays okay for around 4 hours on combination skin like me. It seems to be more suitable for people with dry and normal skin.

You can get this on Watsons, or online on Rachel K official website for $42 or on Luxola for $36.50~ 


Though I don't quite like the oil control, I actually like its coverage and it seems this powder works well with Rachel K CC cream so I'll try to get the CC cream next :D

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