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Hi dolls, I'm back again with another review. It's a circle lens review today. KPOP2 sent this pretty circle lens for review purpose. In case you don't know, KPOP2 is an online store based in South Korea that carries many authentic korean circle lens brands (such as Dueba, Madonna, Neo Vision etc), many of them are as cheap as $9-10 a pair. They also offer free international shipping with tracking number included, how great is that? Don't you always want to try different circle lens brands that fit your eyes the most but sometimes the ~$20-30 price might stop you from ordering some pairs cause maybe you think you don't really need that much pairs and brands. I know in some other stores, circle lens might get as high as $40-50 a pair, so I'm so relieved to find an affordable and reliable circle lens store like KPOP2. But don't get tricked, the cheap price doesn't make the quality less great, as the circle lenses are as comfortable as other circle lens brands, if not, better. They are also approved by the KFDA (Korea Food and Drug Administration), so no need to worry about the authenticity and quality. They have many designs and brands you can find on their website. However, the diameter listed on their description isn't the actual diameter as KPOP2 put the diameter of the design instead of the whole lens. So don't be surprised to see 13 mm circle lenses and think that it's too small or not enlarging, cause actually it's just the design and the actual diameter is around 14mm. Also, every purchase comes with a free lens case. I chose this Sherbet Star in grey color because of the pretty patterns.

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kpop2 circle lens

I received the parcel safely in less than 2 weeks since I got the email.

When I opened the parcel, I saw the circle lens vials were bubble wrapped, and a free lens case included.


Name: Sherbet Star 
Origin: South Korea
Design Diameter:  13.8 mm
Overall Diameter: 14.5 mm
Base Curve: 8.6 mm 
Frequency Range: 0.00 - 6.00
Water Content: 38%
Expiry: Max 1 year (recommended duration 6 months)
Price: $13.99


The design is pretty cute which makes your eyes starry. It's available in 2 colors, brown and grey. Both colors, especially grey, looks very natural on your eyes and great for your everyday wear without looking too artificial. Under poor to natural lighting, it looks medium to dark grey depends on your natural eye color. With flash on, the color looks more define and brighter. It looks a bit grey-blue ish in some lighting.


The lenses have 14.5 mm so its enlargement is quite subtle, nothing extravagant but still enlarge your eyes if you have small iris like mine.


I must say my eyes are so picky and can get so dry wearing some lenses brands but I barely feel anything wearing these on. It's really comfortable once worn. I don't need to use eye drops often so I give it 5 hearts. I can wear these lenses on for 8 hours (that's my working hours) without eye drops. But if I go to places with full blown air conditioner, I still get red drying eyes occasionally, which is pretty normal. So, always have your eye drops ready.


This is a perfect pair of circle lenses you can wear everyday that gives casual look. With or without makeup, these lenses still make your eyes pop out. It enlarges your eyes a bit thanks to the firm black rim, but not too much. It's very comfortable so you can wear it for long hours without dry eyes problem, but keep your eye drops ready just in case :) I personally love this lenses and wear these pretty often like 3-4 days a week (I switch with my brown circle lenses) and around 10 hours a day. People compliment me when I'm wearing these circle lenses on cause it looks naturally pretty, and under poorer lighting, some people think it's my natural eye color. Overall, I'm content and loving these circle lenses. 

You can get this lenses from KPOP2 for only $13.99 or you can also try the other color or brands. I believe you can pick from 100 unique brands that they have.

What do you think of this circle lens? ^^

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