Be Pretty Kit Giveaway Winner!

I promised to reveal the winner of my giveaway yesterday but only tonight I have the time to pick the winner as I'm currently busy with other stuffs. Thank you for everyone who participated. I didn't expect many people would join this giveaway. Almost 400 people participated. Thank you for all the blog ideas and input, I've noted what you want to see and read from my blog. So without further ado, the lucky winner is.... *drumrolls*

Shayne! Congratulations! You get a package of makeup and skincare kit which will be sent once you claim the prize. I've sent an email so please reply within 48 hours so I can start processing the package and stuff.

For the others, there's still another chance to win my other giveaways. I'm still running a surprise goody bag giveaway for another 11 days so don't forget to participate (if you haven't) and win the prize. And I'll be having another giveaway you can join pretty soon, you can even choose the prize from the available collections, so be sure to anticipate it and join once it goes live! That's all I can reveal for now. Thank you again for everyone who participated my second giveaway. Until next time~

Pink Coco Blonde Wig Review

Hello everyone! If you follow me on instagram, you must have saw my latest photos with platinum blonde hair. That wasn't my real hair, guys, it's this hair wig. Haha as currently I have black roots and it's still not the time to touch up, so I resort to wig. I've been looking for curly long wig with similar hair color as mine so I can just put it on whenever I'm having bad hair day or when my yucky black roots show up like right now. But it's been an adventure to get the good quality real looking wig with the right color I wanted. I found some Japanese wig that costs a fortune and just doesn't worth it for me on Rakuten and Taobao (with all the extra fees and shipping fee). So I was glad when I found Princess Butik on instagram that carries a lot of Taiwan brands wigs like Pink Coco and Kinkee, with tons of hairstyles and colors. After eyeing the wigs, observing the colors and hairstyles almost everyday for like weeks, I finally contacted the owner and asked few stuffs (which probably annoyed her with the same questions over and over again lol) and it was national holiday as well, but she replied and explained to me kindly. And after debating with myself, I decided to try and order the Pink Coco golden ish ashy blonde wig. There were two options, the front bangs or side fringe, I chose the front bangs. 

When I got the package, the first thing I checked was the real wig color. As sometimes the color in the pictures can be different with the real product. And I had a bad experience buying wig online cause the last time, I got dark brown wig instead of the ash blonde wig I ordered which was a bummer cause I couldn't return it. But I was amazed. I didn't expect the color would be light blonde with a hint of ashy which I really like! Then the second, I felt the hair quality, as expected it was so soft and silky. I like brushing my fingers on the hair cause it feels sooo soft and lovely, way silkier than my own hair obviously lol. 

Read more if you're interested and to see more pictures. (picture heavy)

July & August Lolabox

Lolabox is a beauty subscription box I subscribed since last July. They have only 1 kind of box, so there won't be cheap box with so-so products or expensive box with better products. I actually first started subscribing another beauty box around May-June, Beauty Treats, which honestly disappointed me big time with the extra long wait, un-professionalism, and not so pleasant products. So I switched to Lolabox simply because of its better quality products and how they always sent all their boxes on time at the 15th of every month. Like every other box, Lolabox will ask you to fill their beauty survey when you first join. The beauty survey will determine what kind of products you'll get. So far I didn't see too much difference from my box with other people's. But so far I'm quite content with what I got from Lolabox. 

I should've blogged about July box last month, obviously, but many things came up and I eventually forgot about it though I've transferred the pictures long time ago. So I will have double reviews of these July and August boxes today and show you what I received. 

A'Pieu Nature Flower Lipstick Review

How is everyone doing? :D It's been a while since my last post, and today I'm back with a lipstick review. Alice from W2Beauty was kind enough to send this cute lipstick to me, and the second I saw it, I fell in love with the packaging and color. As some of you know, I love and worship nude almost colorless lipsticks. I'm not a huge fan of bright color pop lip products cause I find my lips shape is quite weird with shocking colors, so I resort to nude lipsticks more. Well, that's one of the reasons but I do love nude lipstick shades, so I tend getting them, even though I own similar colors already lol. Anywho, some people told me to wear bright red and pink pop lip colors more and since then for the first time in my life, I've been looking for pretty pink colors. I've been eyeing A'Pieu for quite a while since I found their cute lip gloss line but I never really tried to purchase them. But then I got this lipstick, and I knew it was a good start. 

taken from

This lipstick is in CR01 Spice, it looks like the love child of orange and coral to me. I like both orange and coral (mostly coral) so I was happy when I swatched it on my hand cause it looks pretty. There are 20 shades you can choose. I personally like PK09 and CR01. There are even purple and icy blue, not sure if color changes when worn. 

Now, let's see more about this lipstick.

Sweet Braids Gyaru Hair Tutorial

Hi dolls! I've got some emails requesting me to post hair tutorial which I've wanted to do for the longest time. I know it's not too easy to follow the step by step just from the pictures but I assure you, this is easy to do, though it might be slightly tiny bit complicated at first glance. I've always liked playing with my hair since I was in school, I remember I did different hair to school everyday that a classmate (he's a guy) noticed and said I looked funny -__- not sure if it was in a good or bad way haha but yeah I have a lot of hair to play with and up until now I still do it when I'm home, though mostly I go out with normal straight hair. But lately I've been experimenting with my hair again so I can share how to have cute unusual going out hair with some of you. But as my first attempt, I'd just try the easy and simple looking but pretty hairdo. 

As I mentioned before, I have a lot of hair and my hair is now waist length, and that's what makes me too lazy to curl my hair cause usually I'd need 2-3 hours to properly curl all my hair even though I use curling tong with the highest heat, and that would be a pain for me (and my arms). Do you have the same problem? Now, this tutorial will show you how to do it in 30 minutes or less if you have shorter hair. 

Dolly Wink Eyebrow Pencil + Gyaru Eyebrows Tutorial

It's not easy to have dark eyebrows when your hair is bleached or colored. The best way to solve it is with coloring or bleaching your eyebrows, which can be not convenient and can even turn out bad for some. But most gyaru always have light colored eyebrows, even when their hair is brown some would still have lighter eyebrow color. So having blonde hair, black eyebrows is a definite no no for me. It's just plain weird, for me. Although some people tell me to just use dark brown eyebrow pencil, I'm not content with that. So for the past 2 years I've been using Dolly Wink Eyebrow Mascara in Milk Tea #1, which I thought was enough but apparently not cause it can get messy with only the mascara. So I finally got the Dolly Wink Eyebrow Pencil in Honey Brown from Kay Collection, also #1 which matches the eyebrow mascara really well. And I know they're perfect match that give me thin but defined eyebrows I always like.

Keep reading if you're interested in lightening your eyebrows naturally and temporarily using Dolly Wink eyebrow products. 

VIVI Clothes Goodybag Giveaway

Hi guys! Have you read my ViVi Clothes review I posted a while ago? Please do so if you haven't, cause today I'm going to host another giveaway sponsored by ViVi Clothes. I was ecstatic when I received an email from them couple weeks ago and couldn't wait to share the good news, but I was too busy with other things and could only post this today. 

This giveaway is open worldwide so anyone can join. There will be one lucky winner who'll get picked randomly by rafflecopter. The winner will get one awesome surprise goody bag full of accessories from ViVi Clothes! By surprise, I mean, even me I don't know what's they're gonna give you since it's a surprise after all :) But ViVi Clothes have so many cute and pretty accessories (as you can see on their website) so even though you have no clue what you'll get, no worries cause you'll definitely receive pretty things from them.

Read more to know more about the details and mechanics.

Geo Magic Color Nine Choco Brown Review

Hi beauties, my holiday has just started (yay!!) so I'm back again with another circle lens review. Today I'll be reviewing Geo Color Nine lens that's been everyone's new favorite lately. This circle lens is sent to me by Love Shoppingholics for review purpose, however all opinions belong to me. I got the parcel within 1-2 weeks with tracking number included. Love Shoppingholics is an online store that sells many brands of circle lenses, makeup, eyelashes, fashion accessories, hair and beauty products. They carry variety of brands and products, so do check them out :) 

You probably know by now that purple is my favorite color. Purple, polkadot, ribbon, yes I'm in love with the packaging. When I first opened the plastic and unwrapped the bubble wrap, I didn't know how long I stared at this pretty looking box before finally opening it. It's just so pretty. And as a plus, every lens purchase comes with a cute animal lens case as you can see in the picture. Read more about this circle lens under the jump.