Be Pretty Kit Giveaway Winner!

I promised to reveal the winner of my giveaway yesterday but only tonight I have the time to pick the winner as I'm currently busy with other stuffs. Thank you for everyone who participated. I didn't expect many people would join this giveaway. Almost 400 people participated. Thank you for all the blog ideas and input, I've noted what you want to see and read from my blog. So without further ado, the lucky winner is.... *drumrolls*

Shayne! Congratulations! You get a package of makeup and skincare kit which will be sent once you claim the prize. I've sent an email so please reply within 48 hours so I can start processing the package and stuff.

For the others, there's still another chance to win my other giveaways. I'm still running a surprise goody bag giveaway for another 11 days so don't forget to participate (if you haven't) and win the prize. And I'll be having another giveaway you can join pretty soon, you can even choose the prize from the available collections, so be sure to anticipate it and join once it goes live! That's all I can reveal for now. Thank you again for everyone who participated my second giveaway. Until next time~

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