Pink Coco Blonde Wig Review

Hello everyone! If you follow me on instagram, you must have saw my latest photos with platinum blonde hair. That wasn't my real hair, guys, it's this hair wig. Haha as currently I have black roots and it's still not the time to touch up, so I resort to wig. I've been looking for curly long wig with similar hair color as mine so I can just put it on whenever I'm having bad hair day or when my yucky black roots show up like right now. But it's been an adventure to get the good quality real looking wig with the right color I wanted. I found some Japanese wig that costs a fortune and just doesn't worth it for me on Rakuten and Taobao (with all the extra fees and shipping fee). So I was glad when I found Princess Butik on instagram that carries a lot of Taiwan brands wigs like Pink Coco and Kinkee, with tons of hairstyles and colors. After eyeing the wigs, observing the colors and hairstyles almost everyday for like weeks, I finally contacted the owner and asked few stuffs (which probably annoyed her with the same questions over and over again lol) and it was national holiday as well, but she replied and explained to me kindly. And after debating with myself, I decided to try and order the Pink Coco golden ish ashy blonde wig. There were two options, the front bangs or side fringe, I chose the front bangs. 

When I got the package, the first thing I checked was the real wig color. As sometimes the color in the pictures can be different with the real product. And I had a bad experience buying wig online cause the last time, I got dark brown wig instead of the ash blonde wig I ordered which was a bummer cause I couldn't return it. But I was amazed. I didn't expect the color would be light blonde with a hint of ashy which I really like! Then the second, I felt the hair quality, as expected it was so soft and silky. I like brushing my fingers on the hair cause it feels sooo soft and lovely, way silkier than my own hair obviously lol. 

Read more if you're interested and to see more pictures. (picture heavy)

Pink Coco is a Taiwan wig brand that sells hair wig, hair extension clips, and highlight clips in. It's been a rave in Korea, Taiwan, and Japan. The wig is made of kanekalon fiber so the hair strands are so soft like real human hair. It's not synthetic hair, so no tangling. It also can be styled using hair straightener or curler with low temperature and also can be washed and conditioned. 

The inside of the wig, it's adjustable and I must say it's pretty comfortable. It comes with a black hair net as well.

The only downside is this wig is pretty thin! The owner have warned me about the quantity of hair of this wig before I ordered and me being me of course wouldn't care that much I thought it wasn't that big of a deal haha but now I see. When I wore it at home, I didn't see clearly, but when I ran my fingers on my head which was wrapped by this wig, I could feel the net of this wig. So if ever I go on a date wearing this wig and my boyfriend caresses my head, he would think I'm balding lol. Well of course it wouldn't show my bald, but the net inside the wig is pretty visible unless I cover them with some of the strands. But probably it's because of its light color. I know my dark color wig is way thinner (and tangled) and I never notice the net as it's dark brown so not really noticeable. So it's probably cause of this wig color. 

I absolutely love the color and the curls. They look so pretty, although can be messy but really natural. And the best thing about this wig is I haven't seen any falling strands on the floor even though I brush the hair really often. And the second best thing is, it doesn't tangle although it's so wavy curly, which makes me love this more! 

This one was taken with flash, it looks slightly shiny but not too much so it doesn't bother me. I even love the natural shine.

I have an unused blonde ponytail clip that didn't match my real hair and it perfectly matches this Pink Coco wig so I just clip it on and make it as side ponytail. 

Okay wow sorry for all the pictures lol. I just can't pick which pictures I should show since there are too many pictures in my folder haha. I did remind you of the picture heavy before the jump though, right? /shameless lol

What I love about this Pink Coco blonde wig:

- Doesn't get tangled
- Big curls and soft silky hair
- Easy to put on
- Pretty hairstyle
- Affordable

What I don't love:

- A bit thin around the top 

As you can see, there are more love than don't love. So far I'm satisfied with this purchase and I would definitely try another hairstyle and color. But next, I'm going to order the other best seller wig brand, Kinkee Wig. You can visit Princess Butik facebook page to browse and select the wigs you like to buy. You can also contact them first before buying. Or, find them on instagram and twitter, they update daily. 

Hope my bajillion pictures didn't disgust you haha thank you for reading! Are you interested in wearing a wig? Or maybe can you leave your home without wearing a wig? 

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