A'Pieu Nature Flower Lipstick Review

How is everyone doing? :D It's been a while since my last post, and today I'm back with a lipstick review. Alice from W2Beauty was kind enough to send this cute lipstick to me, and the second I saw it, I fell in love with the packaging and color. As some of you know, I love and worship nude almost colorless lipsticks. I'm not a huge fan of bright color pop lip products cause I find my lips shape is quite weird with shocking colors, so I resort to nude lipsticks more. Well, that's one of the reasons but I do love nude lipstick shades, so I tend getting them, even though I own similar colors already lol. Anywho, some people told me to wear bright red and pink pop lip colors more and since then for the first time in my life, I've been looking for pretty pink colors. I've been eyeing A'Pieu for quite a while since I found their cute lip gloss line but I never really tried to purchase them. But then I got this lipstick, and I knew it was a good start. 

taken from w2beauty.com

This lipstick is in CR01 Spice, it looks like the love child of orange and coral to me. I like both orange and coral (mostly coral) so I was happy when I swatched it on my hand cause it looks pretty. There are 20 shades you can choose. I personally like PK09 and CR01. There are even purple and icy blue, not sure if color changes when worn. 

Now, let's see more about this lipstick.

The packaging is simple, white plastic with floral prints in soft colors. It doesn't come with a lipstick box.

When you twist the lipstick, you can see the bullet in unique shape. There are some glitters which kind of surprised me at first cause I don't want glittery lips. There's nice fruity scent which makes your lips taste delicious for a little while. Honestly, I like the scent and I try to keep my tongue off my lips. The texture is rather creamy, but I like how it moisturizes my chapped lips. The lipstick doesn't fade away until 6 hours or more for me. It lasts pretty long, compared to my other lipsticks.

- Cheap
- Pigmented
- Moisturizes
- Buildable
- Great color selections
- Fruity scent

-....none so far


You can say, this is my new favorite lipstick. It moisturizes my lips. It lasts for long hours if you don't lick it often. Even after I drink or eat, the lipstick is still there, though it fades a bit. The glitters help my lips shine, but not too much which I love about this lipstick. The color is buildable, so I can make it as thin or pigmented as I want. With $7.21, it's totally worth the price as it has really good quality.

You can buy it from W2Beauty for only $7.21 with free international shipping (no tracking number) or plus $2.35 with tracking number.

Have you tried this lipstick? Which color did you try? Or if you haven't, which color would you like?

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