Geo Magic Color Nine Choco Brown Review

Hi beauties, my holiday has just started (yay!!) so I'm back again with another circle lens review. Today I'll be reviewing Geo Color Nine lens that's been everyone's new favorite lately. This circle lens is sent to me by Love Shoppingholics for review purpose, however all opinions belong to me. I got the parcel within 1-2 weeks with tracking number included. Love Shoppingholics is an online store that sells many brands of circle lenses, makeup, eyelashes, fashion accessories, hair and beauty products. They carry variety of brands and products, so do check them out :) 

You probably know by now that purple is my favorite color. Purple, polkadot, ribbon, yes I'm in love with the packaging. When I first opened the plastic and unwrapped the bubble wrap, I didn't know how long I stared at this pretty looking box before finally opening it. It's just so pretty. And as a plus, every lens purchase comes with a cute animal lens case as you can see in the picture. Read more about this circle lens under the jump.

GEO Magic Color Nine 

Manufacturer: Geo Medical
Color: Choco Brown
Origin: Korea
Water Content: 38%
Diameter: 14.2 mm
Base Curve: 8.6 mm
Weight: 100 gr
Expiry: 1 year

This circle lens comes in 9 colors: choco brown, deep blue, violet, kiwi green, moon gray, pure hazel, light red, deep red, and aqua blue, hence the Color Nine name. All the colors look so beautiful. At first glance, I thought this choco brown is pretty similar with Geo Starmish brown (which I will review soon), cause it looks orange-y hazel, and not so brown to me. At the first glance, I found the design/patterns and colors really pretty. While the 14.2 mm diameter doesn't sound enlarging at all, in fact it's the smallest (in diameter) lens I ever have, but the dots in the patterns and the mixed of dark brown and orange-y brown looks cute to me. And I know for sure, this lens would be comfortable cause it's Geo Medical, I always have a soft spot for their lenses cause none of them disappointed me so far. 


I love how it doesn't look like the normal chocolate or brownish. It's more like ash brown which I really love. It's not too extravagant and flashy, it's definitely suitable for everyday wear. The design makes it look natural. Under natural lighting and flash, they look really nice and pretty. Under poor lighting, the lenses would make you look like you don't wear circle lenses if you have dark eye color. It would be more visible and bright if you have light eye color. But either way, the color and design are gorgeous, with or without flash.


With 14.2 diameter, it's not enlarging at all. The diameter is about my original iris size, so for me it doesn't enlarge anything, but it defines my eyes more with the dark brown rim, so worry not while it's not purely enlarging but the lenses still give your eyes more definition. 


It's Geo lens. I never had any problems with geo lens before, unless if it's fake or defective. And wearing these lenses, I sometimes I forget that I have them on my eyes. Unless there's huge blowing wind or air conditioner which dries my eyes out, these lenses never hurt me. There's still eye drops if you need to moisture your eyes a bit. I usually wear them around 8-9 hours everyday and it's very comfortable. 


If you want to look natural but still striking, this is the perfect circle lens for you. It's really perfect for your everyday look to school or work. With natural or heavy makeup, these lenses still look great. It's not meant to enlarge your eyes, but the lenses still define your eyes naturally. It's very comfortable to wear up to 12 hours. I wear these lenses when I have to be outside and want my eyes to be comfy all day. And people barely notice I wear circle lenses cause of how natural looking they are. 

There, I especially apply my cherry lipstick because someone asks me not to wear nude lipstick on my next review lol. And that's all for my review today. You can get Geo Magic Color Nine lens on Love Shoppingholics for $21.9 and they also offer free shipping for purchase over $50 and yes they ship worldwide! Their customer service is really friendly and helpful so don't hesitate to contact them if you have problems regarding your order or if you can't find what you're looking for :D

So what do you think of these lenses? 

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