TN Zero Blemish BB Cream Review

Hello, pretty people! Today I'm going to share another review of my current favorite all in one korean BB cream, TN Zero Blemish BB cream. If you guys saw my latest haul post, you'd know that I won this BB cream from Marxie ft. ibuybeauti giveaway a while ago. I've never heard this brand before as it's not as familiar as other korean brands we know, so I didn't expect anything when I joined the giveaway. I was thrilled though when I saw the announcement that I won. It's been a long time since I last used BB cream. I have been using foundation everyday since I thought BB cream didn't really stay in place all day like I wanted. And having oily T-zone makes me have to experiment which BB creams are right for me skin type. But again, experimenting face products can endanger my face as well cause I have acne prone skin so I break out quite easily, which indicates which product isn't the one for me. What I'm always looking for in BB/CC creams and foundations is its oil control and coverage, and this BB cream frankly promises 3 in 1 total solution: whitening, wrinkle care, and sun screening. Plus blemish covering and oil control if I may add, so that's 5 in 1 for you. I'm not even kidding. 

taken from ibuybeauti
TN stands for Teen's Nature. So this BB cream fits teenagers skin well, as well as people like me who's clearly not a teen anymore lol. There are two types: Natural or Bright. Bright is meant for people with fairer skin I think, so I chose the Natural one. And I wasn't disappointed cause it matches really well on my yellow undertone skin. 

Halloween and Party Costumes on I Love Sexy

halloween ilovesexy

Hi again everyone! Sorry I didn't post in a while. I just came back home from Bali today, and feeling sick due to the weather. But today I'm back to blogging, and this time I'm going to introduce you to one of the best fashion costumes and accessories stores. You guys don't know how long I stare at the pictures everytime I visit their website. Everything is just cute, pretty, edgy, and just what I need. Well, Halloween is coming and some of these costumes would be ideal for upcoming Halloween day. I Love Sexy is a fashion apparel store that has huge selection of costumes, but they also sell clubwear, lingerie, ravewear, shoes, and accessories like wigs, hats, hairbands, even petticoats, tights, and many more. They carry many brands like Leg Avenue, Dreamgirl, Elegant Moments, Ellie Shoes, and many more. At first, what fascinated me was their costumes. Seriously, everything is there! From colorful circus like costumes, disney characters, fairytale princesses to villains, until furry monster and zombie costumes. They always put several photos of the costumes on the models from different angles as well which is really helpful. I love how they don't only offer all size costumes, but also various sizes, including plus size costumes! How awesome is that? 

Geo Circle Lens Giveaway!

Hello again! Before I fly to Bali for weekend getaway and my best friend's wedding, I have a giveaway to share with you my dear readers and followers. I reviewed Geo Angel Violet circle lens few days ago which you can read here, and now Angel Contacts kindly want to sponsor a circle lens giveaway for one of my lucky readers. Isn't it great? This giveaway opens internationally. Angel Contacts carry several types of Geo circle lenses, all is authentic. The ones they have are some of the most comfortable Geo lenses.  

It's easy to join. All you have to do is do the easy tasks on rafflecopter and you get to participate this giveaway. One lucky winner will be picked randomly by Rafflecopter and the winner will get to choose a pair of Geo circle lens she/he wants. There are several available types and colors to choose, with prescription and no prescription. 

This is me wearing my new favorite Geo Angel Violet. If you follow me on my social media, you'd know that I wear this pair of circle lens everyday. Yes, everyday. So what are you waiting for? You're just few clicks away to possibly win a pair of your free authentic Geo circle lens. 

This is the banner. Copy and paste the HTML code below and put it on your blog sidebar if you like :)

This giveaway will end on October 18th, so be sure to join and earn entry points before the due date~

Please don't cheat! Couple people cheated during my previous giveaways. I delete cheated entries cause I always check. And please don't follow if you're going to unfollow once the giveaway ends cause this is specially for my followers and readers and it's just rude and unfair to them. Thank you.

I will contact the lucky winner via email and they must respond within 48 hours or a new winner will be picked :) Thank you and good luck!

f(x) Victoria Rum Pum Pum Makeup Tutorial

Hi ladies! Bye guys~ (LOL listening to Block B) I'm late but today I'll be sharing another KPOP inspired makeup tutorial, collaborating with other beauty bloggers friends. Today's is inspired by f(x)'s Rum Pum Pum MV. To be honest, I'm not a big fan of f(x) I didn't listen to their songs though I favor some of the members thanks to variety shows haha. My favorites are Victoria, Amber, and Luna. This all started when Chan Seul who I talk to regularly, told me that she was going to color her hair red like Krystal and wanted to make Krystal inspired tutorial. So I was like hey why don't we all collaborate and make a tutorial post? So I asked some friends and it all works out :D These are the other fabulous beauty bloggers who participated this time around: 

Victoria - Misa 
Krystal - Park Chan Seul
Luna - Rini

Everyone did a great job! Follow them~

In this joint tutorial, I got to do Victoria's makeup. I personally like her a lot, personality and style. Too bad she wasn't blonde anymore, loved her blonde hair. Anyway, Vic's makeup is pretty simple but the highlight is her eye makeup.

I'm gonna show you the easy way to create this look.

Geo Angel Violet Lens Review

Purple is my favorite color and I've been looking for a decent pair of purple circle lens since I don't know when. But whenever I see purple circle lenses on sale, I always get disappointed cause most of them are not prescribed. I want purple color lenses but don't want blurry vision (I'm kinda blind without contacts). Even when I find prescribed purple circle lenses (mostly those korean brands) I've never read reviews about them and I always want comfortable contacts that won't irritate my eyes, so I have my doubts. After years I already forgot my wish to have a pretty pair of purple circle lens until Angel Contacts contacted me to review one of their Geo circle lenses. After browsing through their circle lens selection, I finally found what I've been looking for, which is Geo Angel Violet. I was excited when I saw it's available from -0.00 to -7.00 so yay I finally get to wear purple circle lens! *happy face*

Angel Contacts is circle lens webstore based in US and Canada. They sell mainly Geo circle lenses and lens cleaner. Their website is so sky blue and really pretty. I love how the website is so interactive, like when I hover the cursor on a circle lens picture, the picture flips and shows me the model wearing that circle lens. Even on the home page, I love playing (hovering) with the picture that shows before and after circle lens like a scanner. Their customer service is also always easy to reach if you need any help. They reply almost immediately. What amazed me is aside that they ship worldwide, they also offer free shipping on orders over $50 and even normal shipping is as cheap as $5. 

I'm sure most of us who've liked and probably collected circle lenses know that Geo is one of the brands with the most comfortable circle lenses. So before anything, I would like to tell you that this Geo Angel lens is super comfortable and doesn't make my eyes red! I actually received this circle lens since last week (as you can see from my still blonde hair in the title picture) and only have some time to sit down in front of my laptop this week to write a detailed review about this amazing circle lens. 

Neo Cosmo Blue Lens Review

I'm always in search for more circle lens brands and colors. And so far I haven't found the right blue circle lens that I want. I only have one pair of blue lens which is from EOS and I have to be honest, it's not comfortable and it dries out my eyes in few hours. So when KLENSPOP contacted me, I was thrilled to try one of the blue lenses in their collection. I picked Neo Cosmo in blue color. KLENSPOP is a Korean based store that sells various circle lens brands with affordable price. They only sell authentic circle lenses, so no need to worry when you see their cheap prices on the website.

circle lens

Their website is easy to navigate with the categories based on colors, types, brands, and diameters. Some brands available in the store are Neo Vision, Dueba, G&G, Geo, Freshlook, Acuvue, Bausch&Lomb, and others. Aside from the normal 1 year circle lenses, there are also 1 day and 7 days circle lenses available in case you're first timers and you'd like to try which brands and types suit you more. They also sell auto contact lens cleaner! If you can't find anything you want, or if you have any questions you can simply contact their customer service to ask for more details. KPOPLENS also offers worldwide shipping via registered airmail or EMS. 

Now for the circle lens, it comes in a pretty box that I super love! I mean, it's purple. And I don't know how long I stare at the high quality box before finally unboxing the vials. Haha it's just too cute it looks like lipstick box. Now let's see what it looks like. 

Dove White Beauty Bar SOAPaholic Day + Contests

Last week I was invited by Fashionese Daily to attend an event called Dove White Beauty Bar SOAPaholic Day on Saturday, hosted by Dove. I think some of you had seen my selca and other pictures I took at the event on my facebook, twitter and instagram. It was a pretty fun and exciting day I just couldn't resist to not take some pictures. It was held at Otel Lobby and I got there around 9 AM. After signing the guest book, I entered the restaurant and met Anggi from Fashionese Daily. She was so cute and friendly. She led me to meet other beauty bloggers who'd arrived earlier.

Everyone was wearing white, cause the dress code was white. It was still an hour away before the event started so I chitchatted and got to know these four girls I sat with, Yuri, Aullia, Sely, and Desy. It was the first time I met them but our table was pretty noisy, we just talked and talked, and taking pictures obviously. And after a while, we walked to the refreshment table and got us some snacks and a cup of tea and Lily came before the event finally started. 

The pretty Amy Zein was the MC that day. She was fabulous. Little side note: I love her pink pumps lol. So, the event was started with a little introduction about the Dove bar soap. Honestly, I've never tried this soap before cause I'm pretty sloppy with bar soap and my previous experiences with other bar soaps weren't lovely, so I always resort to liquid soap with pump dispenser. I've also read slightly about this product and was quite curious if it lives up to the hype. 

There are two contests at the end of this post so keep reading! 

It's Skin Color Play Platinum Lipstick Review

Hello again! This time I'll be reviewing the lipstick I got from my latest haul. It's from It's Skin. Some of you maybe find this brand sound familiar? While it's not over the top popular yet internationally like some other brands we all know and love but it's also a Korean brand and if I'm not mistaken, currently 2PM Nichkhun endorses It's Skin. I was looking for pink lipstick again, thanks to Marxie who constantly reminds me of pink lipsticks. I found this on Tester Korea and decided to add it to my cart during the last minute cause it's having discount from 10,500 won to 8,400 won (around $8). Though I've never read any reviews about this product I was like okay whatever it wouldn't hurt to try. 

There are 7 colors to choose. All the colors look fabulous I had a hard time picking which pink I'd like the most. And in the end I chose the Pink Blossom PPK01. From the picture, the lipstick looks shiny shimmery and pigmented. But, is it true to its color? Keep reading to find out. 

September Haul + VIVI Clothes Giveaway Winner!

Hi everyone! It's been a long time (at least for me) since I last posted a decent post/review/anything. I've been quite busy with other things, and life. The amount of posts I'm supposed to do are piling up, yet I still haven't had the time to work on them. I'm going to show you guys my recent hauls. Well, not really recent. I actually ordered some of them around early August but because of Raya long holiday, some packages got delayed in the customs and only got delivered around the end of August. But either way, I'm still excited when they arrived. Some, I won them as giveaway prizes, and I purchased the rest. I will also announce the winner of my VIVI Clothes goody bag giveaway at the end of this post, so keep reading.