Cute & Dark Alice Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Hello girlies! Halloween is coming soon and though it might be a little early, I am going to share another makeup tutorial today. People usually dress as creepy as possible and putting creepier face painting or makeup, but for me, I would love to still have the cute doll look in any occasion. This time I was so thankful lovely people from I Love Sexy sponsored me a Halloween costume, in which I picked cute Alice in Wonderland costume. Read my I Love Sexy introduction post if you haven't cause I shared some of the cutest and fiercest Halloween & party costumes they carry. 

Anyway, there are soooo many Alice in Wonderland costumes in the store, but I think the one I picked is the cutest (and less revealing) lol. And if you're a loyal reader of Sakuranko's cute blog, you must have seen her latest post of the Alice Halloween costume she wore. Coincidentally, both of us picked the same costume to our surprise haha. It was kind of cute XD And we decided to collaborate and make an Alice makeup tutorial, in different style of course. She goes for innocent cute Alice while I go for dark Alice. Now, before I share the Alice in Wonderland costume, I'll show you how to do the makeup. 

I use all these products to do my dark Alice makeup.

There are couple of products I forgot to include in the picture but here's the list of products I use for this tutorial:

Pond's White Beauty Day Cream
Lioele Dollish Veil Vita BB cream
Revlon Photoready Eyeshadow
Revlon Naturally Glamorous Blush on in Wine
It's Skin Tear Liner
Etude House Bling in The Sea Eye Stick in aqua
Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Sin
Holika Holika Heartful Silky Lipstick in Babydoll

The main point of this dark Alice look is the eye makeup. I spent like an hour for eye makeup alone haha, and I hope this tutorial and pics will be easy to follow ^^

First prep and prime your face. 

I already apply moisturizer, primer, base, bb cream and setting powder. Now let's work on eyebrows. 

Shape your eyebrow using eyebrow pencil. I have blonde hair so I use brown gold eyebrow pencil and brush it with eyebrow mascara. Shape it symmetrical (not arch brows) like shown in the picture so that the eyelid will have more space later.  

I use Urban Decay Sin as base eye shadow all over the eyelids and around the eyes, but you can use any base shadow color as long as it's shimmery.

Now apply white eyeshadow on your upper eyelids and under eyes as well. 

Highlight and contour your nose and nose bridge. 

Apply aqua or blue eye shadow on the upper lid and blend it with the white shadow applied before.

Apply grey eye shadow around the circled dots and shape it like winged eye. Make the shadow longer.

With gel liner, draw firm black line on the upper eyelid, framing your eyes. You can draw it smaller than this if you want. But I prefer big winged eyes. Once you draw the wing, fill it with gel liner cause it's more pigmented and stay longer. Fill it roughly and then blend it using eyeshadow brush to make gradient colors of the blue, grey and black colors.

Once you're done filling and partially blending, draw black lines on the white dots using eyeliner brush. And use eyeshadow brush and grey or black shadow to draw another line on the grey dots.

Draw a line with aqua eyeliner crayon or eye stick (I use Etude House Bling in The Sea eye stick) on the blue dots right on the tear line. And connect the lower line with gel liner. Then use your eyeshadow brush to blend the black line under your eye.

halloween makeup tutorial

Put on dramatic eyelashes if you like, this is optional. But I prefer eyelashes that make my eyes pop, so I put them on, only on upper lashes.

Use white tear liner and apply it from the under corner of the eye and connect it to the blue lower line. Apply blush and do small circular motion near under your eye makeup.

Apply nude lipstick and use the white liner to draw 7 dots under the black lower liner. It doesn't have to be 7, just draw any dots you like. I pick 7 cause it's my favorite number, and on both eyes it's all 14 which is my birth date, haha totally random. And the last part, also optional, use toothpick (my new favorite tool lol) to draw a small heart on the cheek. It can be red lipstick or eyeliner if you want but I like the aqua color so much I use that color to draw the heart.

blonde gyaru alice wonderlandblonde gyaru alice wonderland

blonde gyaru alice wonderlandblonde gyaru alice wonderland

blonde gyaru alice wonderlandblonde gyaru lolita alice wonderland

blonde gyaru alice wonderlandblonde gyaru alice wonderland

And done~ Hope you like the tutorial :) I went crazy taking selca cause I think this is the first time I post pictures of my new hair on my blog? IF you follow me on my social media, you must have been sick seeing my new hair haha. Oh well, I colored my hair grey with red ombre around 2 weeks ago but the color fades, of course, and now my hair turns ash blonde and the red turns pale red pinkish. The dress is Charming Alice Costume from I Love Sexy. The costume consists of the one piece dress and black hair bow. At first I didn't expect anything cause I'm used to getting things that look different from its pictures, but to my surprise it just looks the same as in the picture. The only difference is the model is tall while I'm super short so the skirt is longer on me haha. But the dress is really comfortable I really love it :D

blonde gyaru alice wonderland

Android Misalice has just been activated.

blonde gyaru alice wonderland

After the information is entered, she's ready to do your commands. 

blonde gyaru alice wonderland

But this is the only pose she can do.

blonde gyaru alice wonderland

Now she learns how to serve.

blonde gyaru alice wonderland

But she's bored, there's nothing she can do all by herself.

blonde gyaru alice wonderland

She can only look at her reflection.

She's still all alone, and depressed. 

blonde gyaru alice wonderland

She hates being trapped. She's looking her way out. 

blonde gyaru alice wonderland

And finally she finds it.

blonde gyaru alice

Walking into a deep forest,

blonde gyaru alice wonderland

Struggling along the way,

blonde gyaru alice wonderland

But finally she finds what she's looking for. 

blonde gyaru alice wonderland

And she's lonely no more. She lives happily ever after......

....with a prince from another kingdom. Haha just kidding. I was just babbling cause it's nearly 2 AM right now and I just type anything, wishing for a happy ending lol. I now realize this post has been too long, sorry for dragging. Thank you for reading this Halloween post, hope you enjoy it and might find the the makeup tutorial useful ^^ Also, check out Sakuranko's blog to see her cute Alice makeup tutorial~

Visit I Love Sexy website to find Halloween costumes for affordable price. 

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