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Last week I was invited by Fashionese Daily to attend an event called Dove White Beauty Bar SOAPaholic Day on Saturday, hosted by Dove. I think some of you had seen my selca and other pictures I took at the event on my facebook, twitter and instagram. It was a pretty fun and exciting day I just couldn't resist to not take some pictures. It was held at Otel Lobby and I got there around 9 AM. After signing the guest book, I entered the restaurant and met Anggi from Fashionese Daily. She was so cute and friendly. She led me to meet other beauty bloggers who'd arrived earlier.

Everyone was wearing white, cause the dress code was white. It was still an hour away before the event started so I chitchatted and got to know these four girls I sat with, Yuri, Aullia, Sely, and Desy. It was the first time I met them but our table was pretty noisy, we just talked and talked, and taking pictures obviously. And after a while, we walked to the refreshment table and got us some snacks and a cup of tea and Lily came before the event finally started. 

The pretty Amy Zein was the MC that day. She was fabulous. Little side note: I love her pink pumps lol. So, the event was started with a little introduction about the Dove bar soap. Honestly, I've never tried this soap before cause I'm pretty sloppy with bar soap and my previous experiences with other bar soaps weren't lovely, so I always resort to liquid soap with pump dispenser. I've also read slightly about this product and was quite curious if it lives up to the hype. 

There are two contests at the end of this post so keep reading! 

They claimed that Dove is different, Dove is not a soap. And this Dove White Beauty Bar isn't only for body, but also face. Now they caught my attention. I could also read a bit from the banners and display on the stage about how Dove is not just a soap, but also cleanser and moisturizer at the same time. After the introduction they had a presentation about Dove White Beauty Bar, giving us deeper knowledge about skin and its dehydration issues and that not all soaps and cleansers provide enough moisture that our skin needs. 

The first speaker was Dr. Lilik Norawati. As a dermatologist, she knew how daily activities, pollution and even air conditioner could easily cause skin problems which later might damage our skin if it's not treated properly. Some of the problems might be caused by unhealthy lifestyle, consumed food, sleep deprived, tight work schedule, stress, and even excessive diet! Some of them were the things I've never thought of before this presentation. Some cleansers were just doing its job in cleansing and some tend to dry out our skin. Using the wrong skincare products also could irritate the skin as some of you already know. So it's really important to know which products are your skin's best friend. 

Dr. Nora explained how the skin can change depends on some factors. It's important to know your skin type so you know which products are great for your skin. Normal skin, basically it's less problematic. Oily skin has oily shiny areas on the face. Dry skin, it's usually dull, scale-like, and peeling in some areas. Lacking water on the skin surface could also cause dry skin. Water is really important to our skin and body. We need 1-4 liters of mineral water daily, so don't forget to drink enough liters everyday.

The fact I didn't know before was the most basic skincare and beauty treatment were started when we're taking shower or bath. But taking shower for more than 15 minutes isn't recommended. I gasped at this. Normally I take shower for almost an hour and can be up to two hours when I'm washing my hair. And showering with hot water is also not recommended. She advised when choosing soap, you have to see if it contains moisturizer because the skin absorbs moisturizer in the soap when we're taking shower or bath. She then revealed that applying moisturizer 1 hour after taking shower and washing face wouldn't do anything to the skin. The ideal time to moisturize is right after shower and cleansing face, once it's towel wiped of course. 

But anyway, Dr. Nora also explained that her patients tend to have misconception about cleansing soap. They think soap is supposed to make their skin dry without any moist after cleansing. The good soap is one that cleanses and moisturizes, not drying out the skin and making it tight. 

Rika Sandi, then explained more thoroughly about the Dove white beauty bar. Dove was formulated with non soap based that's created by unique technology which cleanses skin without losing its natural moisture. It's formulated with DEFI (Directly Esterified Fatty Isethionate), mild synthetic surfactant which is Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate that can cleanse the skin softer than normal soaps. Dove white beauty bar is specifically created to preserve the skin natural lipid and protein which builds the top layer of stratum corneum. The natural cleanser material from the DEFI isn't just cleansing skin dirt but also minimizing the damage of skin natural protein and lipid when taking a shower. 

It contains 1/4 moisturizing ingredients that refills skin natural lipid that's lost when taking a shower, so not only it cleanses the skin, but also maintain its moisture, soften the skin and treat it at the same time. Dove White Beauty Bar is safe for sensitive skin (like me), it's hypoallergenic and non comedogenic. 

After the presentation, the Dove team also conducted a little test to show us that Dove soap has balanced or neutral pH, which is 7. On the tray, they put Dove soap bar and two other soap bars from other brands. Soaps with pH greater than 7 or called alkali (base) usually dries the skin. To test if the soaps have balanced pH (potential Hydrogen), they used pH strips or Litmus paper. The pH strips were put on top of the soap bars and they diluted a liquid sample with some distilled water. Once rubbed into the diluted liquid, the color of the pH strips might or might not changed, that's the way to define the soap pH.

As you can see in the picture above, the pH strips on 2 other brands soap bars changed color, from pink to purple while the one on Dove soap bar stayed the same. That means Dove is pH balanced and the other 2 soap bars aren't. 

After the test, they have Q&A session and then announced some of the lucky winners of the quick contests. I didn't take all the photos of the winners cause I was zoning out haha, but my friend Aullia is one of the winners. 

These are some of the pictures I took with my friends there. 

Back to Dove White Beauty Bar, even after the pH balance test, me being me is still curious and I think the best way to test if the soap is actually moisturizing or drying is to try on my own. I got hampers of Dove products to try. Got soaps, headband, towel and cute hand mirror. 

Some of you know how I always whine about my combination skin on my face, but I actually have dry body skin. The back of my ear is scaly, my shin is dry, my knee is dull and dry. So I took the challenge myself and tried. After years, I finally used a soap bar and this time it wasn't that bad. Usually I always have jumping soap bar while rubbing my skin, but it seems Dove soap bar is designed to fit in our hand perfectly so it stays still and doesn't drop on the floor. It doesn't have tons of foam but while using it I could smell the fragrance, it might be a little perfume ish for me but it definitely smells sweet. One thing I notice as I rinse my skin with water is it does what it says, the soap is really moisturizing and it doesn't leave my skin even after I wiped it dry. I find myself touching my skin a lot after shower cause it feels soft and moisturized. I also used it as facial cleanser, be careful though cause you don't want to get the foam in your eye like I did. But on my face, it also gives the same moisturizing feel. Since it's hypoallergenic I don't get itchy or breakout either, which totally is a big plus. 

Now here are the challenge contests to win some prizes from Dove.

For you Indonesian readers, Dove Indonesia is currently having a Dove 7 Days Challenge on Facebook. You can also join! This is the mechanism:

1. Enter facebook and like Dove's facebook page here.
2. Click Facebook App Dove 7-Days Challenge.
3. Hover the cursor to the picture to show your dry area, find the information your skin needs, and then click join the challenge.
4. Fill the registration form.
5. Upload a photo of your face and your experience using Dove White Beauty Bar.
6. The first 1,000 participants will get Dove White Beauty Bar sample products for free. 

Beside Dove Indonesia, Female Daily is also having a Dove 7 Days Challenge! The mechanism is:

1. Register as a member on Female Daily Network Forum on
2. Click the Dove White Beauty Bar thread or click the link directly here
3. Write a post and share your experience after using Dove White Beauty Bar for 7 days. 
4. The 5 chosen members with the most interesting and unique stories will win a shopping voucher prize, IDR 500,000 each. 

Please visit Dove Indonesia website, twitter, and facebook page for more info. 

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