Geo Angel Violet Lens Review

Purple is my favorite color and I've been looking for a decent pair of purple circle lens since I don't know when. But whenever I see purple circle lenses on sale, I always get disappointed cause most of them are not prescribed. I want purple color lenses but don't want blurry vision (I'm kinda blind without contacts). Even when I find prescribed purple circle lenses (mostly those korean brands) I've never read reviews about them and I always want comfortable contacts that won't irritate my eyes, so I have my doubts. After years I already forgot my wish to have a pretty pair of purple circle lens until Angel Contacts contacted me to review one of their Geo circle lenses. After browsing through their circle lens selection, I finally found what I've been looking for, which is Geo Angel Violet. I was excited when I saw it's available from -0.00 to -7.00 so yay I finally get to wear purple circle lens! *happy face*

Angel Contacts is circle lens webstore based in US and Canada. They sell mainly Geo circle lenses and lens cleaner. Their website is so sky blue and really pretty. I love how the website is so interactive, like when I hover the cursor on a circle lens picture, the picture flips and shows me the model wearing that circle lens. Even on the home page, I love playing (hovering) with the picture that shows before and after circle lens like a scanner. Their customer service is also always easy to reach if you need any help. They reply almost immediately. What amazed me is aside that they ship worldwide, they also offer free shipping on orders over $50 and even normal shipping is as cheap as $5. 

I'm sure most of us who've liked and probably collected circle lenses know that Geo is one of the brands with the most comfortable circle lenses. So before anything, I would like to tell you that this Geo Angel lens is super comfortable and doesn't make my eyes red! I actually received this circle lens since last week (as you can see from my still blonde hair in the title picture) and only have some time to sit down in front of my laptop this week to write a detailed review about this amazing circle lens. 

The box is really cute. It's in sky blue just like their website. In the back of the box case, there's a guide how to open the vial safely. The box also comes with the manual guide on how to properly put on and remove the contacts without irritating your eyes. It's really useful for first timers. Remember to always drain the water that comes in the vial and soak the new circle lens with your lens solution in the lens case before you wear it.

When I first take out the circle lens and put it in the lens case, I was squealing cause the purple is really purple, almost pinkish under good lighting. But I know it wouldn't look like that on my eyes since I have brown iris. 

Geo Angel Violet
Manufacturer: Geo Medical
Base Curve: 8.6 mm
Water Content: 38%
Center Thickness: 0.04 mm
Diameter: 14.5 mm


The design is much like my other favorite Geo lens, Geo Princess Mimi, with the thick black rim and black lines inside that gives natural look. Although purple color doesn't look natural on the eyes, but in good lighting it doesn't make people cringe looking at me as it's barely noticeable. The true purple color is only visible on flash camera or very bright lighting. Under natural light, the color looks more pale purple and dark while it's more vibrant with flash. 


With 14.5 mm the size is perfect for me. It's not small and not too big, letting the eyes breathe as some big size contacts may irritate eyes. Though it's not that big, it is still enlarging and perfect for people with small iris. I can still don dolly eye look with this lens too. 


Like what I mention above, this lens is very comfortable! It's more comfortable than my other Geo lenses somehow. Sleepy or not, this lens doesn't make my eyes red. It never irritates my eyes. Only around 10 hours or more, right when my eyes are really tired that it's starting to get redder. So I always have my Rohto eye drops ready. I wear this lens almost everyday now and usually around 10-12 hours and it doesn't dry my eyes. Very comfortable.


Probably this is because I'm biased to purple, but seriously I'm in love with this Geo Angel lens. The size is just right, and it's very comfortable. The design is rather simple and not so decorative but it gives natural and innocent dolly look. Though it's purple, it looks realistic my friends don't even ask what color I'm wearing unless they really look into my eyes.

That's all for my review today. I hope you like it. Follow Angel Contacts on twitter, facebook, pinterest, google plus and instagram for more updates and product reviews. Don't hesitate to contact them if you have any questions ^^

Do you like Geo lens too? Which one is your favorite?

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