It's Skin Color Play Platinum Lipstick Review

Hello again! This time I'll be reviewing the lipstick I got from my latest haul. It's from It's Skin. Some of you maybe find this brand sound familiar? While it's not over the top popular yet internationally like some other brands we all know and love but it's also a Korean brand and if I'm not mistaken, currently 2PM Nichkhun endorses It's Skin. I was looking for pink lipstick again, thanks to Marxie who constantly reminds me of pink lipsticks. I found this on Tester Korea and decided to add it to my cart during the last minute cause it's having discount from 10,500 won to 8,400 won (around $8). Though I've never read any reviews about this product I was like okay whatever it wouldn't hurt to try. 

There are 7 colors to choose. All the colors look fabulous I had a hard time picking which pink I'd like the most. And in the end I chose the Pink Blossom PPK01. From the picture, the lipstick looks shiny shimmery and pigmented. But, is it true to its color? Keep reading to find out. 

It doesn't come with a box from Tester Korea, but it's tightly sealed with plastic wrap. The packaging is simple with the platinum like plastic (?) metal. The design is also pretty. I honestly love the packaging cause it looks classic. 

This is what the bullet looks like. I'm really excited when I see the pink color is just like what I expected. When I twist it, I can smell the scent already. So yes it has smell, it's not unpleasant at this point. But once worn on my lips, I can feel the smell and I'm not loving it. It feels and tastes super weird like licking on scented perfume. Not that I know what it feels like, but I believe I know now through this lipstick. It doesn't contain shea butter and from my experience, I can tell that it's not suitable for dry chapped lips like mine. I feel like it's drying my already dry lips but it fills the cracks on the lips.

The color is pretty and soft looking pink, which I like. I'm sorry it is kinda dark and my skin is as pale as a ghost in these swatch pictures. You can see the faint shimmers on my hand. And on the lips, it's more shimmery but still gives natural look. I apply 2 soft swipes on my lips because it's quite pigmented and I don't want it to be vibrant pink. I can't even handle the scent, so applying more means more scent on my lips and I refuse that. 

- Quite pigmented
- Fills the cracks on the lips
- Cheap

- Accentuates dry parts of the lips
- Strong scent 
- Can be too shimmery if applied several times


I've never rated any lip products this low before but I have to be honest cause I really don't like the fact that it accentuates dry parts of my lips and making it looks more dry, and also the scent... I just can't. I have other lipsticks with flowery, rosy, fruity scents and smells and they never bother me. And for some unexplained reasons I just can't like the scent of this lipstick. It might be just me, cause after I ordered this lipstick and while waiting for it to get here, I read one review about this lipstick and the person didn't have the same strong scent issue like me. I know the scent disappears after a while, but even if I overlook the scent part, the lipstick still bugs me cause it accentuates my dry lips. Negative things aside, I do like the color and packaging. 

I don't put my usual full pictures with the product applied cause I removed the lipstick on my lips right after I took the swatch pictures. This makes this brand sounds bad but maybe it's just the lipstick? I don't know, I have another It's Skin product and I like it. But I hope you find this review helpful. Have you tried It's Skin products before? 

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