Neo Cosmo Blue Lens Review

I'm always in search for more circle lens brands and colors. And so far I haven't found the right blue circle lens that I want. I only have one pair of blue lens which is from EOS and I have to be honest, it's not comfortable and it dries out my eyes in few hours. So when KLENSPOP contacted me, I was thrilled to try one of the blue lenses in their collection. I picked Neo Cosmo in blue color. KLENSPOP is a Korean based store that sells various circle lens brands with affordable price. They only sell authentic circle lenses, so no need to worry when you see their cheap prices on the website.

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Their website is easy to navigate with the categories based on colors, types, brands, and diameters. Some brands available in the store are Neo Vision, Dueba, G&G, Geo, Freshlook, Acuvue, Bausch&Lomb, and others. Aside from the normal 1 year circle lenses, there are also 1 day and 7 days circle lenses available in case you're first timers and you'd like to try which brands and types suit you more. They also sell auto contact lens cleaner! If you can't find anything you want, or if you have any questions you can simply contact their customer service to ask for more details. KPOPLENS also offers worldwide shipping via registered airmail or EMS. 

Now for the circle lens, it comes in a pretty box that I super love! I mean, it's purple. And I don't know how long I stare at the high quality box before finally unboxing the vials. Haha it's just too cute it looks like lipstick box. Now let's see what it looks like. 

They kindly sent me the travel lens case and lens cleanser along with the circle lenses. Look at how cute the lens case is. It's an elephant! 

I love how the lens compact comes with a mirror and plastic tweezers. It's perfect for everyday use and travel friendly. I know I'm going to bring this one to Bali so I won't lose my lens case in my piles of messy folded clothes. 

I have to take picture of the gorgeous purple box from every angle cause it's just too pretty :D 


The design is natural and simple, but still pretty. With the black lines inside the subtle rim, it is similar to real eyes. Under natural light, depending on the base eye color, it can be dark blue on brown eyes or lighter blue (closer to the real lens color) on light color eyes. In low lighting, the lenses look dark almost dark grey. But with flash, the color is leaning toward emerald blue. There are many kinds of blue circle lenses, and some even make the eye color looks unnatural and not good. But Neo Cosmo blue is closer to the blue color I like for eyes, so I give it 4 hearts. 


With 14 mm diameter, this circle lens isn't meant to enlarge eyes. However, the size is just right for daily wear. It's also perfect for people who can't wear big size circle lenses. 


I wear this lens to work for around 7-8 hours a day and this Neo Cosmo is categorized as comfortable. It doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes. But one time I forgot to wet my eyes all day cause I left my eye drops, and by the time I was taking off the lenses, I saw my eyes get a little bit red so don't forget to use eye drops every now and then. 


This is the circle lens I wear when I'm lazy wearing big size lens that I can wear long hours but still can make my eyes pop out. The color is natural enough for work/school cause it doesn't look bright and fake. Since it's comfortable enough, I can wear it all day long from morning until evening. But when wearing heavy eye makeup, sometimes it can be a bit slightly not comfortable. Since it's not so enlarging, so it's more perfect for daily wear. But all in all, Neo Cosmo is circle lens I can count on when I have to go outside for several hours and want my eyes to stand out a bit even without crazy eye makeup. 

Follow KLENSPOP on facebook for more updates and pictures. What circle lens color do you like or wear the most? ^^

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