TN Zero Blemish BB Cream Review

Hello, pretty people! Today I'm going to share another review of my current favorite all in one korean BB cream, TN Zero Blemish BB cream. If you guys saw my latest haul post, you'd know that I won this BB cream from Marxie ft. ibuybeauti giveaway a while ago. I've never heard this brand before as it's not as familiar as other korean brands we know, so I didn't expect anything when I joined the giveaway. I was thrilled though when I saw the announcement that I won. It's been a long time since I last used BB cream. I have been using foundation everyday since I thought BB cream didn't really stay in place all day like I wanted. And having oily T-zone makes me have to experiment which BB creams are right for me skin type. But again, experimenting face products can endanger my face as well cause I have acne prone skin so I break out quite easily, which indicates which product isn't the one for me. What I'm always looking for in BB/CC creams and foundations is its oil control and coverage, and this BB cream frankly promises 3 in 1 total solution: whitening, wrinkle care, and sun screening. Plus blemish covering and oil control if I may add, so that's 5 in 1 for you. I'm not even kidding. 

taken from ibuybeauti
TN stands for Teen's Nature. So this BB cream fits teenagers skin well, as well as people like me who's clearly not a teen anymore lol. There are two types: Natural or Bright. Bright is meant for people with fairer skin I think, so I chose the Natural one. And I wasn't disappointed cause it matches really well on my yellow undertone skin. 

I got the BB cream in 2 weeks. It was neatly bubble wrapped so it came in one piece in the box. Also, ibuybeauti kindly sent a facial mask along with the BB cream. 

The BB cream comes with a box. The box looks super cute with the flower deco. There's informative description about the product on the back if you can read hangeul. The box helps keeping the tube in place, I always put the BB cream back in the box after I use it.

The BB cream tube is medium size, but too big to be put in my daily makeup pouch so unless necessary, I always leave it home after application. 

The packaging is especially pretty. The surface of the tube is really soft and smooth, makes me want to touch it over and over again haha. The cap is made of plastic. But what I love about the cap is, it is specially built with some kind of circle wall to hold BB cream excess. 

The tube is pretty full with the BB cream, especially when it's new. So the cap helps a lot. You know how annoying it is when you just applied the BB cream on your face and about to close the cap when you accidentally make it squirt more cream/liquid and you end up having some unused cream. I do have that issue with this BB cream cause it's just too easy to get the cream out since it's in a tube. But thank god for the cap, it stores the cream when I accidentally squeeze the tube or when I put the tube upside down. And the next time I open the cap, I can just put a finger and get some of the BB cream from the cap to dab some areas, acting as a concealer. 

The texture of this BB cream is rather liquidy. There's slight floral scent but it's not disturbing. I quite like it. The texture makes it easy to apply and blend on the skin quickly. It gives semi dewy finish on my face. This BB cream contains SPF but it'd better to apply sunscreen if necessary.

One thing I notice right away when applying the BB cream is its coverage. It's just what I need. It easily covers my redness and blemishes. Usually when I apply BB cream on my pimples and acne scars, the red is still visible, but this TN Zero Blemish BB cream doesn't give me that. Instead, it covers imperfections and I love how the color blends on my skin. I get some comments with this BB cream on, like my coworkers think I don't wear makeup cause it just looks so natural. I don't know how many people I recommend this BB cream to cause honestly this is my new HG BB cream. I also tried to apply this BB cream on my friend's face. She has the same oily skin as mine and some scars, and she liked it. 

Swatch on my hand. There's some discoloration on my hand and I dab and blend pea size of the BB cream there, and it covers pretty well. I'm sorry my hand is really dry around that area and the room lighting is a bit dim. 

This picture is not edited, click to enlarge. When applied on my face, I guess you can see it better. Some small pimples are still visible but the BB cream covers and makes it less red. There's redness around my cheek and nose, but again this BB cream completely covers it. You can also see that this BB cream does not really conceal my dark circle under my eye. It helps, but not much, so you'd need concealer to cover dark circle if needed. 

Another thing I like from this BB cream is the oil control. For me, the important thing in BB cream is its ability to control shine throughout the day. Many BB creams promise great oil control but not all of them able to keep oil at bay after few hours. But this, I'm amazed. Even without setting my face with loose powder, this BB cream alone is able to avoid any shine from coming out of my humongous pores for at least 6 hours which is really great comparing to Skinfood Peach Pore Sake BB cream (one of my favorite BB creams) that's meant to be oil free. But with oil free setting powder, my face stays matte longer. So I don't know what to say, I'm in love with this BB cream, period. 

- Great (and I mean superb) oil control
- Medium to full coverage
- A little goes a long way
- Doesn't dry out
- Gives subtle glow
- Affordable 
- Available in 2 shades

- Not many stores carry this product 

Like I mentioned above, this is my HG BB cream. When I go out for long hours, this is the BB cream I need to keep my face shine free and cover blemishes as well. It lives up to its name: Zero Blemish. So far I only find this BB cream available only on ibuybeauti for $16.99. 

Miss A's Suzy approves! This is one of the TN products she used in this video tutorial. Can I have perfect looking skin like hers? lol

This is me wearing the TN Zero Blemish BB cream + loose powder before going out with Rini. My T-zone wasn't oily until I went home at night I saw some shine on my nose but that's it.

That concludes this post today. Thank you for reading this review hope it can help ^^

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