Geo Holicat Barbie Cat Hazel Review

I know some people don't really like or can't really wear flashy colorful circle lens cause of work or school or other reasons. So today I'll be reviewing a brown lens from Geo Lens which is Holicat Barbie Cat, sponsored by Eye Candy's as review purpose. Eye Candy's is one of the largest online circle lens store. It carries varieties of circle lens brands, Instax, cosmetics, wigs and accessories. 

This Holicat series was one of the latest Geo circle lens. It's available in 5 natural but pretty colors: Barbie Cat Hazel, Cutie Cat Brown, Funky Cat Blue, Lovely Cat Choco, and Sexy Cat Gray.

Each colors have different designs, that's what make this series unique. I know some people prefer natural circle lens they can wear everyday. I must say the colors Holicat offers are different from some other Geo Lens series, and this series is especially meant for people who wants to have natural color eye that pops out. There are 3 shades of brown colors in this series: hazel, brown and chocolate. I pick the hazel one cause I've always wanted hazel eye color (my eye color is dark brown) and I've never tried wearing hazel circle lens before. Well, or I must say the hazel circle lens I had before didn't give me hazel color on my eyes. Moreover, this series seem to be inspired by cat, or cat eyes at least. You know how I love cat eye makeup right? So I was excited to try this Holicat lens. Read more to find out about this circle lens.

It comes in a cute bright yellow box which super adorable kitty girl illustration on the cover. I don't know since when I like yellow, but nowadays I keep buying yellow and orange things without me noticing. So I was happy when I got this yellow slim box somehow lol.

The circle lenses weren't packaged in a vial bottle like most circle lenses, but in blisters. I read somewhere that it's much more safer if your circle lens is packaged in blisters cause nowadays the vial bottles may (or may not) be recycled and reused again which in my opinion might not be hygienic, while blisters are one time only. It's also easier to open the blister cover instead of that hard sharp metal thingy in vial bottle. I always had a hard time opening it lol. But blisters, you only need to tear the cover (which is really easy) to open it.

As an addition, Eye Candy's also included this useful wear and care guide which may come in handy for first timers. 

Origin: South Korea
Water content: 42%
Diameter: 14.5 mm
Base Curve: 8.7
Centre thickness: 0.07 mm
Duration: 1 month disposable

Design ❤❤❤❤❤

With the brown rim (instead of black) and hazel color, this circle lens gives natural look. The design also makes it look like real eyes with the dark stripes. I personally love the design of this Barbie Cat so much I give it 5 hearts. Under natural lighting it looks hazel, and it looks more defined and a bit caramel with flash on. But under good lighting, the lenses may look more light hazel. This color makes your eyes pop out more. 

Enlargement ❤❤❤❤❤

With 14.5 mm diameter, this circle lens isn't the biggest circle lens around. It enlarges a bit if you have small iris or eyes, and you still get that dolly eyes with this circle lens on. However, this average diameter allows you to wear it for daily activities such as school or work cause 14.5mm circle lens doesn't give you that big creepy alien look. 

Comfort ❤❤❤❤

This circle lens is comfortable, though I must admit not as comfortable as the other Geo lens I tried before. In room with air conditioner, I always find myself drop a couple of eye drops to water my eyes, but it's nothing major. 

Overall  ❤❤❤❤

I received many compliments when wearing this circle lenses cause while it's hazel and lean towards the natural side, but the design and color still make my eyes stand out, with or without eye makeup. With 14.5 mm diameter, this circle lens can be worn daily for a month. Cause unlike many other circle lenses, this circle lens expires in 1 month after opening. Overall I'm really happy with this circle lens and it's probably one of the few brown/hazel circle lenses I really love. I can still be pretty and stand out even with natural looking circle lens like this one. I highly recommend this circle lens if you like brown lens and if you want to have natural eye color that still pops.

Currently, Eye Candy's is having 40% off express shipping for order over $68 only until October 20! Or you can also use my coupon code MISARAISU to get free gift on your purchase now ^^ Have you tried Geo Holicat series? If you haven't, which color would you like to try? :D

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