Lioele Dollish Veil Vita BB Cream Review

Everyone surely wants to have that smooth texturized flawless doll like skin. I sure do. But there are times especially when I just wake up in the morning and I barely have time to put much makeup to get that flawless skin without visible humongous pores and acne scars. During that crucial hour ( 7.30 am for me) I don't really want to open my eyes and have time to apply all my face products. But I was so excited to find this miraculous BB cream that has all I need, especially to shorten my daily morning routine.  Lioele is a Korean brand that's been everyone's favorites in terms of cute princessy packaging, after Etude House I guess? But they also carry a lot of really good cosmetic and skincare products. Actually this is the first time for me to try Lioele product even though I heard good things about their products. I saw mixed reviews about this BB cream, but I wasn't disappointed when I tried it. If you notice, I've been using this in most of my recent makeup tutorials. 

Read more to find out about this dolly BB cream.

I got this BB cream in #1 Gorgeous Purple. It's available in 2 shades, purple and green. Purple suits yellow under skin tone while green suits pink under skin tone. I'm absolutely in love with the box. I squealed when I unwrapped it. The box is prettier in real life and these pictures don't do justice. It's just so pink, and cute and shimmery like.

lioele dollish vita veil bb cream ingredients

The packaging is elegant and gorgeous. 

It comes with a pump so it's pretty hygienic. The texture reminds of CC cream cause it's rather liquid-y, not as thick as other BB creams I've tried. And the cream is in light lilac rather white ish color, I was surprised at first cause it looks too white on the skin. But it has color changing system like some CC creams, so once rubbed and blended it changes color to match our skin. While coverage isn't that great, but it is buildable. There's nice fresh floral scent which only lasts a short while. 

This BB cream offers SPF 25 which is pretty good. I use this as my daily BB cream (especially when I'm on a rush) cause it doesn't feel heavy at all on my face all day. And fortunately my face is in decent condition at the moment and only have few acne scars and redness so I don't need full coverage. This BB cream brightens my face and reduces the appearance of redness and acne scars, but it doesn't clog my pores. But if you need more coverage, I advise you to dab some amount of concealer or another BB cream on your blemishes. This is really perfect as make up base. 

I have acne prone skin so it's really easy for me to break out whenever I try new face product. But I'm really glad this BB cream doesn't break me out. Oil control is quite good. With this BB cream alone, my face stays shine free for around 4 hours, without primer and setting powder. What I really like is, this BB cream gives matte finish instead of semi dewy finish like other BB creams. If you have combination or oily skin I really suggest you to try this out. 

I usually apply this Lioele Dollish BB cream as base, after my primer and then dab TN Zero Blemish BB cream on my imperfections, and I'm ready to go. 

A little side story. Last weekend my brother's girlfriend, Jessica, visited when I just woke up and looked like a wreck, with oily T zones, some leftover AC clinic pink powder on my scars I applied the night before, on my face. And we wanted to go out to buy some drinks, so I hurriedly washed my face and I really couldn't go out without at least BB cream on my face, so I told her to wait a bit and immediately grabbed this Lioele BB cream and dabbed all over my face and blended it. I showed Jessica, and she said it made huge difference, my face looked so smooth and clear afterwards. The acne scars weren't so visible anymore. And I told her to try the BB cream too of course haha. I told her it's my quick fix BB cream and she was amazed at the result though it's so light and doesn't seem to provide much coverage. 

Sorry bad lighting it's kinda dark. But here is the swatch.

- Good oil control
- Color changing
- Doesn't clog pores
- Brightening
- Light to medium coverage

- Can't tell if it's almost empty 
- Doesn't fully cover dark under eyes


This BB cream gives SPF 25, good oil control and feels so light like I don't wear anything on my face. On top of that, the oil control is pretty good for combination skin. Oily skin might need to set it with setting powder. The fact that it changes color after few seconds is a plus, considering the BB cream is only available in 2 shades. Once worn, it brightens skin and also covers some pimples, redness and acne scars. This is the product I use when I have to be in rush, cause setting and blending this BB cream is fast and easy. Its matte finish is also a great thing, and my face feels smooth and silky after application. I would totally recommend this BB cream for people with normal to combination and oily skin.

This product was sent to me by Cosmetic Love as review purpose. But unfortunately now they don't carry this product anymore :( So you can get it from other online stores, I believe there are others that still have this in stock. But do check them out as they also have a lot of other Korean cosmetic products on their store. I will also purchase this BB cream on another store before mine runs out :) Hope you like this review ^^ Thanks for reading~

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